Yummy VR, Partnerships and business ventures! Blend Media and Intech!

Yummy VR has made some big strides recently as we partnered with Blend Media. They are a VR licensing company that works out of London England and New York USA. I was first approached by them on Yummy VR’s Facebook page, they contacted me and were interested in a partnership and distribution of our content on their website… www.blend.media

You can find a portion of our content on their website that is for sale, the prices range anywhere from $199 to $1900. Depending on the length of the term for branding and licensing you require.


Here is one of our videos that was featured on Blend Media’s Facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/360vidz/videos/695590930648190/?hc_ref=ARS_WbcxnOvPFfDBgbCRMMBxSgRApdAchf3SR2_pNc6KMLmsLkUApOylwQvqelxN1Vc

As well as a partnership with Blend Media, we are currently working out another partnership with a Russian company called Intech. You can find their range of services at this website… http://intech-global.com 

We look forward to using Intech to distribute our content to the Russian market. We are still in talks with them about a partnership and we are waiting on the contracts to be sent to us before we agree to anything with them. Thank you to the Intech team for contacting us via Facebook and proposing a partnership, we look forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started.

This has been a message from Yummy VR. If you haven’t seen any of our videos please click on the links I’ve posted to find them…

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