Yummy VR 360 Entertainment, www.yummyvr.com!

Welcome to the technological innovation known as virtual reality. We at yummy vr our bringing you content on the forefront of this new way to watch videos and movies. 360 video is a market that only a few have taken the leap into and yummy vr is a place you can expect much more content. So far we have 2 videos I will link them at the bottom of this article. We plan to make more soon and hope that we can entertain you. Our website is under construction as of right now, but expect to see something soon. Make sure to leave a comment and like and share our videos.

since I first posted this I’ve added more videos and will continue to add more as we progress with yummy vr. Thanks everyone for all your support.

When it’s done construction you can find our website here… www.yummyvr.com

Check out the videos here…




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