A Test Document For What I Would Do If We Were The PC’s!

6 Focuses For The Future:
Our Countries Place in the Global Community Is In Jeopardy, Our Everything Is “Third World!”

With the recent scored by the USA Army Corp Of Engineers being grim, Canada scoring less than brazilian Favelas(SLUMS) in 5 of the 16 areas measured, and tied in another 2, with our country no longer being the second best textile producer in the world, no longer in the top 10 either, and formally the sixth best science producer in the world, with canada no longer being in the top 15, for comparison, let us take a country we hate, NORTH KOREA! The country of North Korea is twice the scientific output of our nation. Of the world’s greatest scientific research sites, canadian facilities made up 1 of the top 10 and 4 of the top 20, and ~10 of the world top 100, now canada only has 2 of the top 100, both thirld world and ready to be bumped.


Something Trump and Canadians identify with, our prospects have not increased as a society while other nations have, some making canada look pathetic in comparison.
You may say “okay that is a rich middle eastern country, but how far are we really behind, if you say we are?”

We are glad you asked, here is north korea putting our country to shame.

With canada having 3 of the top 10 soap processing facilities on the planet pre 1990, canada is no longer in the top 100, the number 1 soap production facility in the world being in Ryongakson North Korea, sold into china as chinese product, making up 2.5% of world’s production from start material to end product, meaning North Korea has a factory 2.0 before Elon Musk’s battery factory which would have been the first, we are living in the third world, If we have already not made this clear.

Number of citations by international researchers, weighted both on number but also importance of scientific contribution to the progress of the species as a whole. – Does Not Include Military applicable research.

North Korea 2007 when above chart was dated: 780,000
North Korea Today: ~12,900,000
Canada Today: ~6,500,000(Decline “%13 decline” from ‘08 to 16’)
USA, ~105,000,000 USA#1!

The North korean / Russian navy is 310 american ships worth of combat potential spread over 630 Combat vessels, america is 275 Modernized american ships of potential, trump is calling for a 350 ship naval potential by 2020, and an immediate withdrawal of production of our military in poland, where North Korean workers are working on our military ships and sending the technology back home to their nation, no longer, canada must follow suit, instead current leadership is increasing investments all over the world for these sorts of projects, or worse, foreign job training for free with no repayment. The worst part is, canada is not even a hot spot for skilled labour, only lumberjacks.

North Korean Forced Labour In Poland:

Our party will immediately bring home military personnel from countries that do not pay for defence and send them to working on updating our THIRD WORLD NAVY and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. The other 3 government parties have colluded for countless wars and nation building overseas and have completely neglected the needs of canadians. This will immediately stop. The building of other people’s nations when they burn our flags and do not pay for defence is unacceptable.

The question is, were we blind for 30 years while we were led astray, blinded by the lights of our televisions?

We are not saying that north korea is the best country on the planet, scandinavian and germanic regions are doing much better than north korea, however, the U.S.A AND CANADA have slipped into a third world nation.

Mexico has completely ruined our industry here in canada, and we are going to look at reinstating a historic Can-Am free trade deal with some expansions and revisions, without mexico, and with our allies: India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK, and The Netherlands.) Any other nation who wants to sell goods into our market, will have to compete extra hard.
Good Business – Sustainable Prosperity — Government Accountability — Revitalization Of Complex Industry
The slow, gradual, and managed decline of the economy should be of absolute priority, without bringing in people canadians must make major efforts in scientific achievement in order to maintain a high standard of living, with a decline in overall services for canadians in the future world, canadians must make efforts in bringing back high level industry designed specifically for under 100 person business, all levels of textile production, and agriculture with a reduced population using the power of science.

North Korea may be using china to overtake canada in this industry, there must be some mismanagement, canada will make efforts to reviving this industry.

Economic growth is not the only measure of human achievement but the creation of wealth makes it possible for us to do many things. We seek to create a sustainable ageing economy with true competition and a level playing field with as much access to public science, patent sharing, and education as possible. If any one player has too much power, be they big business, big government or big unions – then the balance is lost. That is exactly why we support giving small businesses under 100 persons access to the resources that larger organizations do, like Japan, China, DPRK(North Korea,) South Korea, Israel, and “Kekistan”(Displaced.)

Here we see a video of an 80 year old and 5 young apprentices in japan made the largest space ship cone using only manual tools, to exact dimensions not achievable by machines at that scale, canada should be making similar advancements, with access to well trained people through apprenticeships and science that made the production of the materials easier to be plyed, their organization was able to make parts never before seen, giving their whole nation a massive technological advantage.

We support the “100 mile challenge” which encourages purchasing from local enterprises and major additions to that plan which includes distribution of science and automation resources. We will be including incentives for people to be starting and ending canadian. It’s environmentally sound because it uses far less resources. It’s economically sound because local businesses return far greater amounts to the economy. It fits with our belief that small business is the engine of our economy.

Reduction of all government assistance to businesses that don’t have 35-40% of all business in the country of canada, and whose 70% of the funds available for investment are not used in canada. The assistance of government is a PRIVILEGE and organizations who do not either bring money into the country, invest in the country, or export from the country, are not getting express government assistance.

We will restore income trust legislation to it’s previous state and work with all key stakeholders to develop legislation that makes sense for Canadians.

Our canadian textile industry has been completely decimated and needs to be revitalized, 8% of the costs for 2 years of all textiles made in canada will be covered by the government, and further a tariff of 3.5% will be placed
1% subsidy to canadian Style “canadian suits”

Long term and sustainable beaver industry with genetic engineering will be the the future of the canadian trade, we are able to produce litters of beaver faster and with more fur than ever before, with simple breeding regiments, canada could have a thriving beaver meat and beaver pelt industry.
Our party will offer incentives to all hunters who have killed a moose or other large animals, for export to china, to relieve their food shortage and relieve our coffers issue.
Government Accountability And THE COMPUTER!
Government accountability and transparency without revealing to the outside world our plans and aspirations is of the utmost importance, having a government system that is open to debate of a large variety to conclude the best plans of actions are crucial. The government decisions should come after debate and especially come after computer simulations proving the effects both Pro and Con of the plan being proposed, then further the final proposal should be ran through a computer for final evaluation of its overall impact to the canadian people, all canadians should have access to the impacts that the computer system. All government officials are elected by the people, but the bottom 15% every 3 years get fired by the computer, and the pools of people voting for each representative is based on X region around the person running for the position unless the office specifically has a requirement that states otherwise.

A Seven layer government with an:
The Computer – 100% legislative, 105% executive with a +/-205% accuracy. The computer’s functions are vast, but if we could offer a very brief description, whatever brief means in this case.
Resource Allocation Board – What do we do with our money where is it allocated and who does it?
Standards And Reviews Board – Who is meeting compliance standards and who is
Counsel Of The Peers Of The Nation – an internet website that will monitor the pleasure of the governance of the system from both canadians and kekians internationally
Polit Bureau – This organization will be run by the computer and will manage power and rankings within the government, who has access to what power and for what reasons
Projections And Scheduling – This is a different function then the resource allocation board, their systems will be expected to overlap, this computer system will monitor all information on the internet and in print media, it will work with all information purveyors, to attempt to provide projections of what resource should be spent at what sector as an overhead. Furthermore the primary function of a projections and scheduling will not be scheduling of resources and projecting them, but generating the projections themselves for government officials to use in their arguments of what should be done where. Though in 90% of literal and at least 50% of moral cases where an argument would arise in a room of “idiots” the computer would not be able to print two different arguments for the same issue and resources in those instances would be spared from political interests.
“Social Auditor” Bureau (Cutting The Fat Board) – It is this simple, cut excess, fire people, deliver notices of public execution for a large swath of the undesirables in our society. This will shrink the spending of government by a minimum of 65% this number also happens to be an increase in government spending in infrastructure and the military and buy back or recreate state enterprises by any means possible(like hydro one,) this will also allow us to increase greatly the amount of services we are able to offer to the “masses,” and allow us to rebuild our “third world” military and infrastructure.

http://www.infowars.com/trump-is-draining-the-pedophile-swamp-flooding-our-country/ – If it is an issue, the computer will find it.
The Proxy Populus Bureau – The proxy populus bureau will be representative for all third generation canadians and native peoples, the computer will manage their issues and allocation with priority in all other systems.
The Kek Bureau – The kek bureau will be responsible for adding randomness to all other systems primarily. The kek bureau will further be responsive to all needs of government and business within the government scape. The meme economy is the primary indicator for the real economy and must be utilized.
The Trade Board – Our competitor China, North Korea, and Russia have implemented computer systems to manage all aspects of the economy and have made great strides to bringing their countries up to date and increase scientific output, canada should be doing the same. The first and most pressing issue that needs fixing is the trade system and terrorism, the computer will decide not only to do with how we decide to bring people into our country but will deal with how we trade with everyone, we shall use the computer system to revamp our system until we are at minimum positive, other countries are ripping us off by using systems to figure out how to screw our nation, our government must be able to do at least the minimum required to combat it, if not completely counter it.
The Scientific Revolution Bureau – The other need of the state is the revitalization and distribution of scientific.
The Wheat Board – All canadian markets will have an agriculture board system made up of private people in the industry and the computer, the market and the computer will work with the government in finding the most optimal use of resources.
Integrity Of Contracts Board – With the lack of contract integrity, the computer system will have in its power as an executive function, to mediate contracts by force especially in international situations(within reason) but as well in domestic situations, this will improve over time our accountability as a nation, and entice investors into investing into canada.
“Keeping promises is essential to faith in democracy. We propose a Contract with Constituents – we will be clear on what we will promise versus what we will make up our minds on with the facts at some future date. To keep from keeping his promises, Mr. Harper has started a campaign of disinformation on all of these areas. We need to set the records straight.
Government needs accountability and an end to patronage. There are too many examples of senior officials and agency appointees who have been “fired” with colossal severance. We need to reward great performance but not poor or substandard performance. Ensuring that accountability is in place is the best way to restore pride in civil service and encourage those who work hard.
We need to start keeping our promises by honouring the Kelowna Accord with First Nations; we need to continue what we started by meeting Kyoto Commitments; we must keep our promises with Provincial governments.”

Outcome Enforcement Bureau – This computer routine will ensure that the people who are most disadvantaged will have every access to first world infrastructure, this system will look to guaranteed food free of charge, look to provide transportation, look to provide education, provide “luxury items,” and provide adequate polize services to their communities.

“We need to end some of the shames of aboriginal and child poverty in our country. If we cannot convince Canadians to do this because it’s the right thing to do, we have to make the economic and safety arguments. A dollar invested in crime prevention is equal to seven or more spent on criminal justice systems.” – Pc Party FMR Leader, RIP Stevin Sinclair and ASSOC.

Two And A Half Tribal Elders – The “Two And A Half Tribal Elders” system is a system of governance based on two groups of 8 members of our first nations and a single member of the Populus cabinet which will account for 3 votes, two from the two groups of natives and a tie breaking vote from a canadian of third generation decent.
MP – Elected from districts of the country, open election. 40% executive, 60% legislative. The existing government structure will be preserved and modified over time IN A SLOW GRADUAL AND CAUTIOUS MANNER!

Populus – Third generation canadian representatives. 100% executive.

Plebeian – Common folks parliamentary, will consist of a random selection of pre approved commoners accompanied by a scientist to come up with plans for commoner activities. 25% legislative, 70% executive, 5% advisory.

Kekian – Kekians are a dispossessed folk who are always available for commission and advisory roles and this invisible labour pool should be used to its fullest extent. 25% executive, 50% Advisory, 25% legislative. (This branch has no true authority and requires mediation from computer and judicial branches for effective operation.) Despite having no “real” authority it will function as a judicial system for any inter-kekistanian relations. The system’s entire purpose is to discover the true intricacies on internet law and mediate canada’s place in the not theoretical “meme economy,” as well as the implementation of “trump law” whatever this body of legislation will figure to be trump law, this is at the discretion of the board and at the ruling of a lawyer of canadian leaning as to not have the highest rate of “trumpiafacation.”

https://www.reddit.com/r/MemeEconomy/ If econemy is won off mindshare rather than market share, canada must be at the forefront and advisors from this domain is critical to the function of a first world nation, not only that, but real economy is now pre-inflected from the meme economy, and the country who controls the meme economy controls the direction of the real economy. Or worse, win an election, by telling the truth.


Judicial – 5% Advisory, 90% Mediatory/Enforcement/Abidement/Ruling-On-”legality/merit”, 5% executive/legislative.

In addition

Cyber War And The Money That Flights The Country
Not a single government worker will be allowed to travel with a computer that can connect to the internet or to other devices. The government workers will have dedicated lines to the internet to prevent communication interception, and to encourage government accountability as a computer is watching your computer. All computer systems are issued by the government and do not allow applications to be installed without specific permission, everything is monitored. All politicians will be trained in how to use

Our government will make efforts to preventing 75% or more of the money entering large monopolistic companies from leaving to the united states(telecom, walmart.) Government employees will have an option to either have their computer neutered and searched or put in a box until they are out of office. Government officials will be given computers from the 1970’s without any bells a whistles, and access to the central computer for complex anlysis.

We will work at offering free of charge internet to all citizens(cost to person for 1,000GB $0.00017 cost charges 2$/GB Over Plus $110 for default 400GB, or 5GB on phones for a similar price.)

We will work on offering people computer training free of charge to bring people into the modern age of computer science.

We will train people on “disinformation” and how other nations are using it in order to manipulate the perception of peoples on the internet, this will increase the ability of our nation to “internet” effectively.

Our country of its 1.8 Trillion USD, some 500-550 Billion USD is lost in cyber warfare operations by other nations, this must stop immediately, our party will implement a 250 million dollar package to attempt to bring 250 billion(1000X in return, easiest thing our nation could do to win, without affecting trade deals,) or more either back into the country or prevent it from being hacked. One of the primary hackers being North Korea, China, and Russia, all rogue states outside the integrated west.

Our party will immediately fill the gap of “internet users” deficit experienced by our country, we will immediately look to bring in on visa all members of the displaced peoples of “kekistan.”

We will work immediately to reduce the tax on people investing in canada or bringing money into the country who wish to work on internet and cyber services.

Under our leadership canada will work on spending 400 million of government money and “2.730” billion from bell canada and other organizations to build our infrastructure to a level where it meets the third world.

Navigable Waterway, Automation, Farming Excellence, Canada’s Return To The Role Of First World Food Producer, And Repayment Of National Debts.

First and most importantly, with the building of a navigable waterway and agri associated, canada will naturally have an increase to its nation to pay off its debt within 75 years without any citizens having to give up their bank accounts, unlike all 3 of our current government parties who believe the option is the ladder.


The data shows that albertans pay an average of, 15,993,

Some metadata analysis studies say that economic gains of the government from the using the resources causes an overall disposition OF OVER $35,000, with military(&/|| america) this is over 50,000 that this province does not see back, this value will increase over time if the navigable waterway is not created and the capital it creates printed by the government for investment.

The bank of canada will be a government institution and absorb all other banks, large investment funds will be started by the government to make business styled large scale investments in infrastructure to our nation at first, but then the exporting of our infrastructure for a dollar value that scales with growth repayable over time pending the system does not collapse, our government will manage and oversee development of french speaking nations for the long term economic gains society should expect and government purging initiatives managed by external powers, this will be the best thing we can do for both the long term 100 year coffers of this country but for the global community at large.

A navigable waterway from coast to coast will not only provide more than plentiful amounts of water for agriculture and manufacturing, but will cut shipping costs and labour input of all tasks attempting to be accomplished in this large and diverse land. The building of a navigable waterway increases greatly the productivity of all lands, increases the exchange of CO2 into O2 for expel and C for use, increases the resilience of the nation to weather a globally warmed planet, gives us the ability to send food aid abroad without expanding the agriculture base, gives a good platform for moving the navy of north america from one end to the other, and so many other benefits.

Offering all peoples of the nation incentive to automate all of their farms in order to free up labour capital to be used for expanding further along the navigable waterway the impact of our automated food production system, increasing greatly the food we can send to other nations.

Our government will offer incentives for people to move within 100 MI of a navigable waterway.

Create socialism inspired cooperation agreements with our number one allies india to relieve them of their first worlders, to come study and implement science in our country in exchange for food at cost and a preferential treatment for food in the long term.

Family farms and farming at the local commons is one of the most powerful drivers of our food export market, the less the people are needing to derive their minimum required food intake from the ROTE crop agriculture system, the more food we have for export, the government will work hard to ensure a variety of seeds are provided free of charge for growing local produce for consumption at the places it really matters!
Giving farmers access to scientific resources would go greatly towards greatly increasing their productivity and giving them the ability to automate their farming systems and free up their labour to do other things in the society. More importantly this would give the farmers access to knowledge and resources that would increase the overall productivity of the land they farm.

The midwest pluto have lost 14 inches of topsoil and that is significantly higher in the prairie region and it is significantly thinner in soil depth. Long term planning to mitigate this issue will have to be taken including: Crop rotation, Multi Layered Farming Techniques, Fungus and Bacteria in soil, live testing of soil quality, efficient irrigation management, desertification prevention, passive fertilizing, and non-invasive tilling techniques.
Support for Local Municipalities, Natives, And Cultural Homogeneity:

Cities, particularly our small cities are a key to our economic prosperity. Aging infrastructure and archaic funding formulas threaten the ability of our cities to compete on a world stage.

The cities of canada are over crowded and there has been no time for the people who have came to this nation to integrate, and the quality of peoples we have been bringing in is of lower quality then we would expect. In the future canada should have integration agreements with India and ignore immigration from the middle east, we are very sorry for your war, but 3 million people in india have died as a result of famine, and if we need skilled people, they come built for purpose coming from india, and even if we accept low quality indian labour, they come to our nation and learn french and try and integrate into our culture, others may not. For all other nations we will have a points system based off of the exact needs of the country, if you meet the points you fasttrack, if you don’t, canada is full.
The carrying capacity of our land is overburdened in large area’s of our country, we will make efforts to offer incentives from people to move from large cities back into abandoned towns to compensate, we will only allow immigration to small towns and cities and not places like vancouver or toronto in order to continue bringing in people we have promised to bring in, but only to rural areas. Most importantly we will emphasize science and computers to enable work from anywhere situations in the economy.

French Language Integration agreement with France and a variety of african nations, for long term preservation of our language and culture, even the Quebecois have not made any efforts towards preservation and improvements of french and french studies.
Investing in Education & Health Care:
All secondary institutions will offer first and second year university courses in grade 12 and university up to fourth year university courses in grade 13, out universities will specialize only in the hard sciences, further our funding platform will only include funding for hard sciences and manufacturing/automation for high schools at the federal level, and the mandate of the reduction of all non essential training to revitalizing the canadians standing in the world as a leading country, as necessary.

Our party will ensure any funds for guaranteed minimum income will go to students for every grade 11/12/13 / Uni-level hard science course taken before grade 6. North korean peoples by grade 8 are ready for military and know more physics than someone in second year studies in hard sciences. Canada must do better, or become a third world nation.

Implementation of a two day school week, dedicated teachers for teaching students and dedicated teachers for grading work, will free up the teacher to both teach larger classes but also to spend more time on each student. This also further builds responsibility in the student to plan their week and more importantly gives the student the personal time in order to become a “person,” this is the system done in Finland and it would be a great benefit to the system if we adopted it, especially with ever smaller numbers of students.

All janitors in the school will take courses and all students will be expected to clean the schools, statistically the number one increase in school grades came from the ritualistic cleaning of the environment they work. These janitors should be counselors or teachers themselves in addition to minimal important cleaning.
Decreasing traditional curriculum with hidden curriculum will be of utmost priority, not only in the above mentioned cleaning of the schools, but in hard sciences.

We believe in a One-Tier health care system – BUT – we believe that small business has a key role in the public system. Doctors are one type of small business that already supplies the public system. If it is more cost effective to utilize business in our health care system that is what we should do, providing that health care is still available to all at no cost and that payment will not put someone at the front of the line.
Through our education program we will have more trained medical staff staying in Canada to relieve the severe shortage.

We spend approximately 25% of our national tax revenues on social programs such as health and education, yet these programs are not federally audited to ensure that your tax dollars are being spent fairly and wisely. It is the duty of the Government of Canada to ensure that all tax dollars collected are spent in a manner that benefits every Canadian. We will institute a “Social Auditor” to track and measure spending in social programs, in the form of a computer system co-named “cutting the fat” “Social Auditor”

Production of in-house pharmaceuticals will be one of the biggest priorities of the state, the USA will not have free pharmaceuticals for export for-ever, and having any import lines with countries like china, and even our ally india, have a tendency to send unwanted chemicals over these networks, canada should for both long-term price control, but also for having an industry in the hard sciences that is guaranteed to every citizen is one of the best things our nation could do.

With the schools being retrofitted to meet the realities and demands of the 21st century way of operation, there could be whole schools that study biotechnology, and whole schools designed to study hard sciences in other areas, this if applied correctly, could restore over a 30 year period of time, canada’s standing in the world.

Higher contamination protocols for ALL people entering and leaving the country, everyone before exiting the plane will be given swabs and asked to wait in the plane up to 15 Min and the breakdown of the biome of the people will be examined before entering the country and potentially spreading contaminants, above terrorism, this is a more realistic threat to our nation. The CDC has a list of bacteria and viruses that MUST NOT be allowed to mix with certain biomes and in certain regions, we will use this as a guide and expand upon it to make sure that canada is doing its utmost in global contributions to pandemic reduction. We will partner with the USA and look to make this a standard for all peoples traveling in all airlines.


By Chase.

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