Trying to Raise Money for an Adult Cartoon Series!

Hey Everyone it’s Ryan, I’m writing today to talk about a project that I am currently working on. I produced a cartoon pilot a few years back, I was the director, I was the writer, and I even voiced one of the characters. I’m looking to raise money to produce another pilot for a show created by Kenny Hotz from Kenny vs. Spenny. I’m experienced in this type of thing because I have always wanted to make cartoons like Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. I am also a massive fan of South Park created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

matt growning, the simpons
Matt Groening

The cartoon series we are going to pitch to Networks all over is an adult cartoon. Geared towards a mature audience, along the lines of Family Guy or Archer. The idea we have for this show is something that hasn’t been done before, it’s very original and I truly believe it will be the next greatest cartoon series since Rick and Morty.

We have a portion of the production budget already we are simply looking for completion funds. To make a donation please visit my Indiegogo campaign.

Trey Stone, Matt Parker, South Park
Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Our goal is to complete a full 22 minute episode that is very well written and hilarious! The pilot script is written by Kenny Hotz and Derek Harvie. Who are both very talented comedy writers. Kenny worked as a writer for South Park and helped write some great episodes.

I’m an experienced director, to showcase my work please enjoy the pilot for The Daryl and Ted Show.

I worked with a small team to bring this cartoon to life and I’m asking for donations to bring this other series to life. We are currently interviewing many studios to work on the Storyboards and

kenny hotz, kenny vs spenny
Kenny Hotz from Kenny Vs Spenny

Animation for this pilot. We have a studio hired already to complete the concept art.

Here is Kenny’s Youtube channel, he has a lot of great content there so check it out.

Thanks for your time I hope that you can help us make this series come to life!

Yours truly,

Ryan John Patterson


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