The Daryl and Ted Show is coming back in 360 VR!

Well it’s official folks The Daryl and Ted Show is making it’s comeback, welcome to the world of Daryl and Ted as they try to live with one another with out killing each other. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. After living together for years and Daryl making the transition from teenager to adult, Ted is still trying

to become a world famous movie maker. He has recently gone into hiding after the popularity of his documentary “The Most Misunderstood”…    

Living the secluded life while trying to build his name as a film maker. Daryl for years has been an adult Film star, you can see some of his masterpieces on the dirty channels or by searching “The Gentle Giant” on the internet. Daryl hasn’t changed much in spirit but he is a physical mess and doesn’t clean himself much. Here is a flashback to the original show we produced while we attended TISS.

As time has passed over the years Daryl has always been a big part of our lives, and we’ve all wondered what happened to him? Well this week you will get the chance to see him back in action when Daryl’s Blog is released. In DARYL VISION! Here is the third episode, unfortunately the second episode is lost and we can’t seem to find it anywhere?

We even reimagined the show as an animated series a couple years back but ran in to production issues before we could produce the season. That being said a special is coming out called “Daryl does Bootcamp” It is an adult cartoon. Here is the pilot to the show that has been in production for years.

We had so many ideas back in the day but limited time, and limited resources. Well not anymore this time we won’t be holding anything back, here’s a quick sketch from one of the episodes that never got made. Featuring more Daryl.

Here are the teasers to the show that is coming out in the next couple weeks enjoy…

and number 2 trailer…

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