Technology, War and the Modern World

Technology, and what has come to fruition in today’s world.

A remote controlled drone ready for deployment.
A remote controlled drone ready for deployment.

Many of the devices thought up and portrayed in films and comics are now actually real. Developed based on ideas from imaginative people. The interesting notion within history is that alien life has been prevalent throughout the ages. It has been scientifically proven already that alien life exists, there was bacteria discovered on mars. Therefore when someone says aliens do not exist, that is now a completely false statement. Take popular music and many films, they display interpretations of life existing beyond our atmosphere. Perhaps even our solar system. Technologies in these artistic pieces represent many forms of scientific exploration. For example holograms, which were brought to light in the Star Wars films. Within the next 2 years cell phones will be able to display holographic images. Many technologies are actually fully developed and withheld from the general public due to either insufficient scientific research or to push profit margins to the maximum benefit.

With the invention of the computer the modern world has been able to connect with one another across valleys and oceans. Beneficial for most in today’s growing market place, dangerous for others who use this connectivity to sell illegal products on what is known as the black market. As well as recruit mentally unstable and financially unfortunate persons for terrorist group activities. The world is growing and changing at a fast pace, and the natural environment is being affected due to this recourse. I’m going to get straight to the point; as in life balance is key to maintenance and preservation of the planet. These devices we have created to help us in our everyday ordinary activities carry electricity, therefore they carry power. Imagine it much like a humans brain. Electrical impulses carrying information to different parts of the body and much like circuit boards on a computer telling it what to do. Like we are in control of our actions because we have been given brains (CPUs), we are also in control of computers actions. Just because a computer carries out commands we have put into it doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible for the actions carried out. This subject and topic is especially important in today’s society with the presence of drones.

“As the use of drones becomes increasingly paramount, innovations will lead to more precise targeting identification and by extension, mission execution. Although the manner by which targets are presently marked for elimination is worth further review, drones represent the future in modern warfare. “Copyright 2015 INEGMA. All rights reserved.”

History is written by the winners, this has been the case for many centuries. We are writing the future of the world for the next 1000 years. Unless we face the fact that our computer advancements could be our demise, we will not be able to solve the problem of machines doing our bidding for profit. Young men around the world will continue to have their blood shed as a part of political campaigns and money-making tactics. War is a business to those who bark down orders to soldiers who have to put food on the table for their families, and pay mortgages on their homes. Young men and women who have to pay off their school debts, and in a collapsing economy turn to their government for a solution.

The resolution is simple, stop feeding the fire; what this means is better understand how your government is spending your money. Instead of investing in weapons and technology advancements: grow your own food. Think, what matters cable subscription or a bag of potatoes. These intangible items are truly useless to us, and our generation has become slaves to the machine. Can you blame the masses; we have been conditioned from a young age to buy products that match personality traits. A car is not sexy. Nor is Barbie.

Whether any of us like to admit it or not, we cannot run from a fight that has been brought to our soil. Terrorism is a global issue, and because we are all connected now via the world wide web; it’s all our issue.