Ryan’s Tail: Chapter 2

I remember being a star and looking down on my father morning star. He was so large that he had worlds circle him. His eyes were yellow and green, and his hair was white. He saw life on the bridge of his nose and his tears became the oceans and the sea. A turtle floated on the blue and when it said goodbye a star called Pangea was left in its sted. I loved the clouds most of all, white like fathers hair. They laughed a lot and when father became angry they turned black and bolts of light came from him. Pangea broke and the earth star turned into continents named by Kings. Father became angry and men no longer feared him, cloud no longer laughed and struck down evil men, turning them to ash. Father wept at what his creations had become, sick of heart body and mind. Fighting over bits of land that no one truly owned. Then a UFO introduced itself;

“See-n-ha Glaskabe.”

I opened my eyes the morning star was smiling on my face. Light and warmth from dead trees was now in the sky. White native was growling from his nose. I say see-n-ha…

Ryan: woof!

Then I gave to him lick and bit his ear.

The white native: I’m up! I’m up!

Then thunder came but dark clouds were dreaming.

The white native: oh no, more hunters!

He pointed at Pezo’s and they ran to the trees. Then he made bird talk with his mouth and spoke.

The white native: Come on boy…

The thunder was coming closer.

The white native: Ryan come on.

I followed. The white native crowed as we walked through the tree. Pezo and her little tricksters stepped behind closely. Brown turned to green, the more we walked.

The white native: Berries!

He got close to the place where we walk and fed.

The white native: Want some Pezo?

Pezo fed. He offered me some but it did not smell good. The milk of Pezo was better.

The white native: Not interested eh? Eh, well at least I think we are in Canada. Hahahaha

The white native rolled around and held his belly.

The white native: Wow that felt good. Know any Jokes Pezo?

Pezo stood on hind legs and began to act as the one with thunder in their hands.

The white native: I don’t really think that’s funny.

They both made water from their eyes. I gave lick to the white natives face. My belly then growled.

The white native: what’s that smell?

Pezo waved her hand in front of her face. I smelled it to. I followed the smell with my nose. It led me to Keosobe. His body smelled good, the hunger in me had grown I drank some of Keosobes life, Pezo used her claw to open Keosobe and handed me his life drum. I brought it to the white native and he spoke.

The white native: No, Ryan it’s not my kill. I am starving though.

The white natives hunger made growl.

Ryan: ruff!

The white native: boy, I sure am hungry though. Maybe I’ll try it wouldn’t want it going to waste.

He bit off a piece it was red in the light, it did not run like the red from him.

the white native: aha almost forgot about you little guy. Here try some.

It was good. The best my tongue had ever tasted. My tail wagged.