Ryan’s Tail: Chapter 1

The wilderness of Canada, 1970.

When I was a young boy I had a dream I was a wolf. As a young pup my father took care of me and my brothers and sisters. I drank milk from my mothers teat. One of my brothers grew sick and was loosing his existence, so my father bit my ear and growled at me. He did this so my brother could feed himself. My father sat watched over my brothers and sisters and when the moon was fully awakened he taught us to howl. My brother gained his strength back and began to play with our other siblings, my mother and father were happy again.

Many moons passed and the cold blanket covered the place where we walk. I began to drink from a pond in the wood, I saw me and I was twice my size now. Thunder filled the air. “Run!” My father barked. I ran until my paws grew soar and the white blanket melted into the earth. I was alone now, I cried for my brothers and sisters but they were nowhere. I howled for my father and mother, my family was gone.

I walked some more eating the white blanket for my thirst. I wandered into a needle wood and was met by a trickster, she went “shhh,” and pointed to the ones who walk on hind legs. Her love no longer drew breath. He was being put into a metal home and when he woke he tore out of it with his claws. That is when I heard thunder coming from the hind legged ones hands. Then I heard a black bird crow I turned and barked, there was a white native standing behind a tree he went “shhh” then he pointed and said “Pezo.” His black fur turned blue in the light. He walked to the others and spoke their tongue.

“Excuse me what is going on here? Those are an end…”

The ones with thunder in their hands pricked him and threw him in the back of their monster. The thunder handed ones laughed got into the monster, it drooled black poison and began to crawl away. The white native with bone straight hair jumped out backwards of the monster, he landed on his feet, looked both directions then ran.

Pezo fed me from her teat. The hunger had grown in me from the run. It’s young were very small I enjoyed their laughter much more then the thunder handed ones. That is when I smelled Keosobe, he had just woken from his nap and his hunger had grown from the cold blanket. He roared. This is when Pezo gathered her little ones (see-n-ha) in her arms and became fear. I turned and bit Keosobes ear and he stood on hind legs this is when the white native ran and yelled he put his fists into Keosobes chest and he lost the light in his eyes.

The white native said “see-n-ha Keosobe…Thank you Bear, for nothing.”

The white native spoke to me.

White Native: Malsum, you saved my friend now I will return the favour.

He got down close to the ground and began acting strange much like Pezo. I made no sense of him. He then howled and bit my ear. I understood he wanted me to follow him.

He began walking and the white native took Pezo and I threw a prickle bush. He yelped and red ran from him, his wounds healed and he grew. When we got to the end of the prickles there was a red haired human wearing an everything robe, he pointed then spoke, “This boy needs your help.”

We came to a clearing there was a white man with yellow fur. He scratched himself as I did with his hind leg to his ear. He spoke in my tongue. The white native sat beside him.

the white native: Hey… Hey how are ya, hey how are ya?

yellow haired boy: Hello I am awoowow

I spoke; awoowow!

yellow haired boy: Yes that is me, your dog he knows my name.

the white native: I am… Lost.

yellow haired boy: to be honest I don’t know where I am either.

I barked and Pezo’s laughed.

yellow haired boy: wait your dog is trying to tell me something.

the white native: that’s not a dog, that’s a wolf.

yellow haired boy: oh good I speak wolf… Woof.

I did my best to speak his tongue: see-n-ha Ryan.

the white native: what did he say I don’t speak wolf?

yellow haired boy: he said his name is Ryan.

the white native: okay… okay… tell him my name is… Wait who am I again? Hey how are ya… Hey how are ya? I got it I’m wolverine!

yellow haired boy: your not a wolverine you dork, ahahaha.

the white native: your right I’m not.

to be honest I had no understanding of their meaning.

the white native: so you don’t know who you are either?

yellow haired boy: Nope! To be honest I just like coyotes better then most people.

yellow haired boy and white native: You wanna be friends?

yellow haired boy and white native: Sure!

yellow haired boy: put’er their umm… Wolverine!

the white native: sure thing awoowow.

Later I found meaning for idiot and these two were it. Pezo shrugged.

Then ones like my father returned. Their mouths were red like the white natives wounds and the everything mans fur. I yelped and they greeted me with licks and sniffs. The morning star was leaving and warmth as well.

white native: can we build a fire? I’m getting cold.

yellow haired boy: No they don’t like that. Just snuggle up to one like this.

The yellow haired boy layed in the fur of his brothers and sisters.

yellow haired boy: they treat me pretty good, they think I’m their king.

other howls brought bits of food from the hunt and gave some to awoowow.

white native: Hahahaha they don’t think you’re their king, they gave you the gisards that’s the worst part… Can I have some?

yellow haired boy: I thought that was the worst part; well fine here.

the white native: I’m starting a fire I don’t care, I have to cook this.

yellow haired boy: You call yourself a native?

the white native: Well even natives had fire to cook and to keep warm.

yellow haired boy: Have it your way.

Pezo fed me more and I grew tired. The white native banged stones together then took tree and rolled it in his hands. He made wind from his mouth and smoke came, then light from the dead trees and warmth.

the white native: Thank you Jesus.

yellow haired boy: I thought you said you were native? Don’t you pray to I dunno a tree or something?

I closed my eyes, and saw my mother and father again. I cried.

the white native: It’s alright little guy

yellow haired boy: He misses his mother and father, that’s what most pups cry about. Hold him it helps.

The white native gave hug to me then he spoke as the wind says goodbye.

the white native: Goodnight Ryan.