Raiden and his Son

Raiden was an old man, his days were growing shorter. He sat by a clear stream to take in the tranquil sound of running water. He had long lost his sight and now enjoyed the sounds of nature. His beard had grown long and white from the passing summers Raidens time was coming to an end.

A young man joined him for a conversation:

“Sir I am looking for a man about your age, he is my father.”

The old man responded:

“I have seen no men my age for I am but a blind man, I have been sitting by this babbling brook hoping to catch a fish. Tell me of your Father?

Young man:

“He is a warrior, it is said he can embrace 1000 men at once and that every King that has opposed him has fallen to his feet.”

Old man:

“I have seen no such a man. Would you not rather catch a fish?”

Young man:

“Are you being wise or coy old man?”

Old man:

“I am merely fishing to feed my hungry belly, If you inquire of your father continue through these rice fields until you reach the nearest village.”

Young man:

“Thank you kind sir”

The young man turns to continue on his journey to find whom he seeks.

Young man:

“One more thing, they say his name is Raiden.”

The old man simply replies:

“I have no son.”

The End.