On People’s Calvin Coolidge,  Ron Paul,  And The True Requirement For The Restraints Of The Rights Of State.


The Ron Paul retrenchment and Juche styled revolution that is happening all across america and canada,  the thoughts of the peoples of our nation is,  “how do we take back the right of self determination and stop meddling with the affairs of other nations around the world.”  The peoples of canada here are wishing for the government to take care of the absolutely atrocious state of affairs with our native populations http://nunavutfoodprice.tumblr.com/ ,  work on national infrastructure,  and deal with logistiques of companies from all over this great nation.  The government has instead chosen to focus on aspects of the society that are not even within our society,  this is not the spirit of canada or the spirit of a reasonable person,  and not in the spirit of Juche.

“Trudeau’s Spending Priorities Send Too Many Tax Dollars Overseas”



The government should create an environment where work gets done in a private manner and whereby the absolute minimums of the state are carried out effectively.  The only focuses of the government should be:  Military,  Education,  Health,  Public Well Being,  And Disinformation,  some being more equally considered than others.  This would include things like:  The provision of “guarantee of a safe work environment,”  “free water,”  “free food,”  “free electricity,”  “housing help to canadians first in the event of housing shortages,  even at the displacing and deportation of illegal foreigners,”  “free medical care,”  “free education,”  and “free transit to the nation’s capital,”  these are all of the things that the peoples of North Korea have that are not completely taken care of by our government especially for some citizenry.  These are requirements of the government to see to in some capacity in our 21st century environment,  assured.  




However most actions that government takes in regards to these has detracted from their end goal and in our operating environment with regards to Juche and the subjective nature of things,  the government should create a playing field with as little government intervention as possible in all area’s that is not “Juche” in mind.  Meaning of course in this case,  Self-Reliance,  the government’s work should solely consist of bringing an environment of:  Barriers to entry to foreign companies,  less regulation for companies that are canadian and more for companies that are not,  lower taxes for ALL corporations,  and higher public initiative in “tax incentives” to maintaining higher level functions at a municipal level within “small business frameworks.”  With these we can institute Juche,  making man the master of his own destiny.


Housing prices are millions,  foreigners use government subsidies to own 2.5 house’s / person or more only to live in less than 0.3 / person,  using the canadian market as a place to hide their money.  The government of canada has no right to subsidize peoples not of this nation to buy artificially high housing prices as a promise of value over time.  This does not help the peoples of the country,  this creates worthless buildings that don’t do anything for the peoples,  and destroy the environment.  Cutting back on wasteful and harmful government subsidies of this variety would be one of the number one things canada could do for the environment.





It was the great Secretary Of The Treasury Andrew Mellon under Calvin Coolidge that first argued for the policies we know today as “reaganite economics” and has been echoed in Ron Paul and God Emperor Donald J Trump,  the role of the government was restrained and the allowing of peoples to guide their own innovation was fully realized.  Without the beurocharic subsidies of the government that were wasteful across the whole of society and only benefit a few of the top contractors,  even the farmers who were “hurting,” they instead came out doing marginally better than they were before and after,  during the times of “low subsidies,”  the farmers were truly able to innovate and that caused a massive drop off in prices naturally.  As we can learn from both The Great Ronald Reagan and Kim Il Sung,  the government is the problem.  If the people were only taught fully to realize the potential of “Juche” that is self-reliance,  without the interference of government,  than the people’s full potential would be realized and they could become masters of their own destinies.  This government intervention we were speaking of in this context,  the middle class was also growing large from having an equitable farming profile in the economy at the time,  it was government regulation and government subsidies to a few farming companies that quickly brought a monopoly and serious sharpe drop offs in number of persons in agriculture,  then further government intervention in a number of other area’s made a thriving economy that had lots of competition stagnate and the market fearful,  thereby instituting the great depression,  then from there to continued policies of government intervention disallowed people from figuring out how to solve the calamity they had generally brought themselves,  the government once again has begun meddling with the monetary system to no avail,  devaluing the currency trying to prop up companies that should be liquidated,  that was the 1930’s,  if we look today,  it was not that bush and largely clinton did “to little” regulation,  it may be that they did “too much” regulation and did not allow for the fulfilment of contracts that then caused a panic in the markets and a dip in people’s willing to invest in a certain good or “non-physical” product.

So let us take a canadian example.  The government has insisted in making sure canadians have to get permits for even the most simple of upgrades to their properties,  and these requirements have burdened the process of improvements and innovations on a normal time scale.  Moreover,  the rules and regulations at this point are so incredibly complex that it requires multiple staff to verify the entry and up to a full work week for a single staff team to complete an entry,  constituting 133.5 Hours over 3 peoples,  in order to accomplish a single document(over 250,000,)  the large scale and over reaching government bureaucracies with the lack of sight on the true needs of the peoples is causing the markets to become inefficient where they would naturally compete with even china on “american-styled”(canadian) increases in productivity.

As we states in our previous article,  the elimination of Dogmatism And Formalism is an absolute requirement for a government structure in times of limited resources,  or an economy plighted with a lack of access to capital or other resources.  Something in which the politicians of canada has only worked to force the opposite effect,  but it is only through the elimination of dogmatism and formalism that we are able as a society to cut down on the number of inefficient tasks we complete and really refocus on what is important to the functioning of a country.

The absolute need of restraint in what it is we allow government to do is 100% a requirement of the peoples,  and a requirement for revolution is therefore needed.  Though it is unrealistic and probably will not happen,  if government decides to have the peoples in 5 years of military service and force every person to attend a university studying medicine or physics,  and some minor government labour pools to make up in lack of production cycles in services offered,  then so be it,  but the rights of government should not extend very far past that boundary.  If the government handles the education and training of the peoples like a socialist regime,  then we are only better off as a nation for it.  Once,  however,  the government gets started with the process of dictating how business should operate it has truly crossed a line of treason against the masses.  The government also has no right telling the people how they are to live their life in accordance of.  Certainly the government should not get to the point where it needs to force every canadian into a contract without an expressed will,  as to “bail-in,”  meaning that without going through the traditional tax system,  the government is able to take directly from your bank account,  if a government is in a position where it is to fail and required legislation to take without authority the money of peoples and companies in the country,  then it has truly gotten to big.




The government required for the peoples to get a simple business,  5 licences,  between 2 and a dozen certifications,  and 2 or 3 inspections,  in order to comply fully with standards,  let alone something that is more complicated than a kitchen,  on a technicality,  90% of the businesses we operate are illegal in some capacity according to the government and as it gets more desperate for funding it is using these rules to shut down businesses and seize their assets.  An easy one to do is the seizure of things that are federally declared illegal by the government like marijuana,  even if the vendor is selling only to people with medical cards,  as they have not received some “unknown” document that is required for anything that is not an online venue.  This maybe another reason why marijuana may never become fully legal in our state,  but also this is a reason why the “free” and not “enamoured” be the ability to work freely for the betterment of the society.


Further on licensing and requirements of the people’s to document for the government pleasure.  This process makes it impossible for regular canadians to easily operate in their own market and make a reasonable living,  if an average of 2 hours a week or 110 hours a year or more is spent on compliance of government will.  This is significantly less than the dictatorship of North Korea,  which is truly unacceptable.  That also does not include taxes or other government compliance in other affairs.


This state of affairs has made the investment of foreigners almost impossible in our market,  and the prosperity of our peoples limited to the core industries:  Raw Materials(Wood,  Concrete,)  Energy,  agriculture(which is dying,)  and minimal advanced goods(medical sector being one of the few.)  There is no domestic tech,  no domestic sciences,  and no domestic aerospace left in canada.  Our consumer devices were so not to the liking of the canadian peoples,  the people left our proud Blackberry for Apple and Samsung.  The peoples of canada could not even save such an innovative company that was lagging behind with an influx of workers that would bring reforms to the operation of the company.  Then further the government’s over regulation of domestic high-tech manufacturing processes,  and lack of oversight on the conditions of products made from foreign vendors in chinese slave factories or in american prison systems,  has made the operation of any innovative canadian business starved for innovation resources almost inoperable.


The state of affairs we have today is blamed on automation,  this is however not the case,  if we look at the introduction of ATM machines that replaced regular tellers,  this freed up the number of tellers at first,  but the bank could then go further and open more branches as the majority of the branches operating costs were from employee pay,  and further the banks could then have their employees freed up from doing normal services to then engaging with the customer on making their financial decisions that would then bring more profit to the company and further the employees would also be able to build rapport with the customers and have the ability of selling them additional financial services from being the informers of the customers,  giving all peoples more money in the transaction.


All other sectors of the economy works like this,  if there is an introduction of science and automation then it frees up people to do other things with their time,  and if there is no other things to be done then the government should make it a priority of creating an environment where the masses are doing something of meaning like innovations in scientific advancement,  or beautification of the landscape of the canadian peoples,  rather than being given a guaranteed minimum income form the government for doing nothing,  which does not incentivize  peoples to come and invest in our country,  because the competition is low and the taxes to pay for a population that refuses to work is high.


Rather than tackle the important issues,  the peoples of our political class have colluded together in creating a population that is incompetent and incapable of massing together and constituting a major shruggle for the betterment of the masses over the classes.  Currently the classes have offered an appeasement to the peoples without having to put in major struggle and effort of their own towards fixing an endemic problem in society that they created.  The classes are instead taxing not their fellow classes,  but the business that makes the masses successful,  to then be distributed to the masses in an incredibly inefficient manner.


In other words,  the people in power are watching as every single industry of canada dies,  while they give themselves a massive pay raise and a “wellness program” that directly hurts the pockets of you and I,  as the “tax platter” that paid for this program was under the 28,800 LICO limit,  meaning the government was taking from peoples they declared to be “in poverty!”  Further,  doubling down on the people who hire the people under 30,000,  with taxing their organizations making it infeasible to operate.  No wonder we are slipping into third world status.




The minimal basic needs of the people have not been made,  the rail systems are falling apart,  more then 1 in 3 road systems are considered a failure,  the cost of food is unaffordable for Canadians for comparison a Chinese villager in North Korea who is “not alligned with the government” has a higher caloric intake then a native person here in canada,  and higher then blacks and latino’s in the USA.  As God Emperor Donald Trump said,  “it’s like we are a third world nation!”  The revitalization of all of the canadian infrastructure and bringing of “zero cost” food products to communities that are in famine,  should be a priority even over military at this point.  Then further,  bringing immigrants into a country that already has a problem feeding its own population more food then the people of North Korea,  should not be accepting peoples into their country.


A further issue in the requirement of a nation is defence.  The requirement of a national defence is a firm one for any nationalist,  and there certainly is a need for someone to take charge internationally,  but that force should not be canada and the united states.  The need of a foreign policy that does not pave the way to empire is of absolute requirement.  A foreign policy that uses the principles of “Juche” first,  meaning we canadians and our interests should be the only concern of our foreign policy,  and not the global commons and their destructive and manipulative tendencies for forced global integration through legislative bodies that no one voted in,  even in canada is this the case.  More importantly,  the idea that we should look at things from the perspective of other peoples of the world,  and ask if the actions will make us safe and if the money is well spent.  The need of the peoples to have a strong military and the need of the peoples to be safe with using the military with “caution” first and foremost has been at logger heads,  the strong and cautious military camps or the hawks and doves can’t seem to get along on the best action,  and without resolute commitment and a declaration of objectives,  the peoples of the nation become less secure and less able of accomplishing any “general guideline” of attack without a “resolute strategy,”  which is assuredly the issue in the middle east.




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