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From The Democratic People’s Republic Of Soviet Canuckistan,

The Up And Coming Age Of Donald trump,

And The Great North American,  North Korean Juche Idea Revolution.

A Preview Of A Revolutionary New Book.

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Written By Chase Johns @ Mawlsum Media,


To truly understand the meaning of juche one must understand that it is a self sustaining pillar of philosophical adulation that is a philosophical repository of scientifically founded ideological practices that are implemented with the most up to date knowledge possible,  that defines ideological practices and further then defines many ideas to create a self standing pillar of ideological commonalities, it is these ideological communalities and practices that are scientifically founded that instill the masses with the tools they need to be “masters of their own destinies,” the understanding of Juche would come in knowing what level of Juche one is generally referring,  the object reference one would define as Juche is subjective and could relate to the thought happening at current or the thought in the bubble or moreover the paragraph,  the Juche idea is the current idea or the context of the situation,  and Juche thought would be an overarching view of the whole of the idea in relation to the Juche idea,  or Juche,  the knowledge of Juche is a repository of ideological commonalities,  when looking at Juche it is first important to know some defining cultural characteristics and some knowledge of basic innate human  expression to conclude how we would define Juche,  these exemplary defining characteristics are very essential in learning the mindset behind north korean Juche and where it has come from and what it means,  and moreover how it is a system of ideological work that truly integrates into other modes of thought and operation by other cultures in an ever changing and dynamic political landscape with guidance from the great leader,  the great leader is not one we would typically think of as a dictator,  or even someone with the authority of the queen,  the great leader of the country is occupied by a dead person who’s Juche ideology is the defining operation of his post,  and the rest of the nation from there is in requirement of following the exemplar lead by the great leader,  and the current regime we would associate with Kim Jong Un is not a totalitarian state completely,  the “Supreme Leader” position as it is officially recognized is the diplomatic head of state,  the title chairman of the workers party allows the flow of new Juche orientated material to be implemented by the party without any official legislative instructions being allowed to be accompanied,  the legislative instructions should be written by the party as to have the most possible input from the masses in a scientific method,  Juche is not about the glory of the state like Marxism or Stalinism whereby the state is an unquestioned entity,  the view of the state in north korea is not important as it is in most other communist states,  the great leader is,  unquestioned,  and the government from what the people could see and say is bad,  the state,  the government,  and the leader are entirely different entities, and their responsibilities are very similar in aspects and completely at odds in other aspects,  in a socialist and revolutionary state the people’s wishes and ideologies coexist more with that of the government which states the laws within those societies and does so in a scientific manner with the input of the masses,  the state is however more concerned with how the country is viewed both internally and externally and in north korea unlike other countries the line is drawn distinctly,  with the whole of the juche revolution and all it stands for one must know how it applies,  in countries such as Canada, Donald Trump’s America and The great leader Kim Il Sung’s North Korea Juche practices and Ideologies apply to every citizen, that is why is important for us to discuss and evaluate Juche as it means to us.


Juche How Does This Work?


A plan of revolutionary action should never be revealed to the

opponent,  it should at times be put in a format in which

only people in the culture will take its revolutionary meaning to heart,  

and all that it stands for, and Juche as Kim Il Sung created it,  

is wholly referring to the subject,  the subject as a whole,  

this subject,  a subject generally that is a  complete idea with

many facets,  often displayed in a proud revolutionary manner whereby the

thoughts are truly altered without the conscious being aware of it,  

and allowing the masters of the revolution to act in unison towards

a great objective with the schema laid before, with the knowledge

and revolutionary spirit each of us hold inside.  Now wait

just one second,  what is Juche exactly,  and why have I had to go

through all of this to get to here,  really here of all places,

Juche actually means “in reference of the subject” or “subjectivity,”  

Juche is a complete idea that is able to stand upon its own,  it’s a motif of revolutionary medium,  meaning ideally a collection of revolutionary

ideas that are intertwined and mostly left as a guide or reference point

for all further action to be guided by the revolutionary thought and where

all revolutionary thought is a pillar onto itself and always with other

aspects of revolution in mind,  and whereby the revolutionary

thought is well enough to inspire the masses to carry out the

actions in their daily lives.


North Korea today is the first ever socialist utopia(which does not exist,  they are scientific in nature,  thanks Marx,) that has chosen to be completely self sufficient, whereas other countries heavily rely on imports,  DPR-Korea is a self sustaining entity, completely reliant of that which they produce as an independent state. North Korea today has twice as much scientific output then Canada.   12.9M vs. 6.4M. Scientific and labour capital are the sustaining factors that keep North Korea functioning, the general population has the access to scientific findings which is implemented by Juche policies,  the Juche policies enacted in the society is a mediating force that governs the people of north korea and the leader towards the revolution,  the revolution of science,  the Juche revolution in science is a process whereby all members of the society are outfitted with Juche material and from there have the ability to interact fully as masters of their own destiny in implementing with the help of the great leader’s provided scientists,  the revolution,  the revolution being the throwing off of existing establishments in favour of Juche orientated pragmatism,  leaving behind the dogmatic approaches of old,  the matter of pragmatic thinking is very important as it does not allow for “wrong answers” like the subjective reality we find ourselves with in the “individualistic” “leftist” ideology where by we can see the true numbers of things like climate change but because some individuals do not recognize the science of the matter instead turning to their old dogmatic arguments to obfuscate the reality and leave questions enough to stifle the advance of revolutionary action to mediate the problem, which has enacted civil wars within these countries, it is the dogmatic approach of these politicians that leads to revolution. It is a dogmatic approach of these politicians that leads to a miscommunication between the government and the masses, causing revolution which can lead to civil war,  instead of a revolution that leads to mutual cooperation and solidarity, the great leader marshal Kim Jong Un considered to be the leader to many different organizations to rally the people,  He is chair of the workers party of korea, he is the chair of the central military commission, chairman of the national defense commission, supreme commander of the Korean people’s army, and the presidium member of the polit bureau of the workers party of korea,  The great leader marshal Kim Jong Un has duties within each of these organizations he isn’t really in charge of legislation acting more as a figurehead through his works and application of Juche,  he writes letters and has the authority to seize assets of businesses that are running poorly,  such as not paying their workers,  the assets would go to the state and be evenly distributed to the workers of Korea,  In comparison with the chinese it is the opposite,  in China there are many underpaid improperly run factories and businesses that continue to function and run under the government of China,  North Korea works more under the human rights guidelines ensuring that the nation who is completely self dependant can indeed run and function,  Human rights that are set up by an independent body most of the time this body being the chondoist bureau,  these human rights must be followed by all even the great marshal Kim Jong Un,  otherwise his nation would not be able to sustain itself without the people and Kim Jong Un working in unison,  with the complete support and united vision of the people and the great leader the state has been able to do away with capital enslavement through debt, the banks of North Korea print the money there is absolutely zero debt, and the interest rates one could expect in north korea are between 2% and 3%,  in other countries on the money you borrow the bank will pay between +1% and -1% on the money,  which means they get money for borrowing,  and the interest rate of an individual is between 7% and 30%, there is 0% unemployment in North Korea,  in other countries do to outsourcing and automation unemployment is around 20% and the population could easily be retooled for science or into a labour pool for additional government projects,  in north korea it is a national priority to not only ensure that all members of the society are employed but they are trained in the most up to date Juche orientated scientific processes,  it is responsibility of the people to join the army in Korea typically around the age of 13, they have 5 years of service and then they have options to choose areas of study at universities located in pyongyang. If they go to the great leader Kim jong Un and ask to be placed in an area of study that leads to a job that the country is in need of; then they are rewarded,  otherwise they are placed in jobs that they studied in university.


Here is what a typical North Korean home looks like visit this link…


Here is another video of how the army works in accordance to the great leaders will, to help build the country, in particular they are helping build a ski resort…


It is a revolutionary way of thinking to use the army and implement them as a working force. Instructing  them to build hospitals, resorts, scientific buildings.  It is interesting how art is used to share political ideologies within the country.  Socialism is a driving ideological practice that helps to govern North Korea from all reaches of the country.  Wealth and resources are more evenly distributed and shared due to this understanding.  


Art is used as propaganda, this inspires directors, writers, painters, musicians and artists from all facets to apply the Juche Ideal in their works, there have been many writings submitted from the leaders that are used to integrate these ideologies into mainstream pieces of art, creating propaganda for North Korea.


Within North Korea socialism demonstrated by the wealth of automation and science being evenly distributed amongst the people of the country. This allows many opportunities to produce art because the people are taken care of with the money from revolutionary processes like science and automation within the country. There are no starving artists in North Korea. Ultimately socialism allows for much less corruption within the government and within the economics of the country. Corruption in North Korea is centralized around “gift politics” invented by the great leader Kim Jong Il. It states that if you are disloyal to the country, if you’re corrupt your entire bloodline is executed. This strong political policy helps to control the amount of crime and corruption within North Korea,  another general misconception is that north korea is unable to provide food to the masses,   different classes of society is given different food allotments,  but it is generally okay to make this statement “the average caloric intake of a non-pyongyang aligned chinese village inside the DPRK is greater than the average of a latino / black person in the USA.”


“Though corruption in north korea exists and is as high as it is in russia or china,  corruption in north korea is very,  untypical,  corruption in north korea instead of being everywhere,  there is a government office that rewards people based off being corrupt,  and executing those who are corrupt in a different way,  overall,  this even in the western world is seen as a good thing”


“ [America] ‘Canada’ has a very similar amount of corruption,  though distributed in the higher ranks,  and has taken similar negatives in regards to the economy” – They really think that is what the average korean person believes,  who is stupid after all!


If you are a farmer you are given at minimum what you produce, or what you produce and then some. The state provides them the seeds the state supplies them the land. If you are a scientist , engineer, electrician or lecturer at a university you are provided an apartment located close to where you are working. Only government officials and scientists have access to internet in North Korea. As a result to limited resources due to them they do not rely on imports, North Korea has the ability to build nuclear weapons however lack the resources from imports to be able to build a ski resort. It is because of the complications with foreign relations that North Korea has trouble producing such exploits as a ski resort. We north americans are the motivating factor that switzerland does not actively trade with North Korea. Government officials are encouraged to spend their premium dollars on solar panels to save gasoline for the common citizen. Also they live higher in the building because peasants like farmers, like students and younger families are valued more, therefore they are put at lower levels of the buildings. Peasants and farmers are located on the outsides of the cities so that they can effectively get to the farms and outskirts of town with greater ease. North Korea imported 680,000 solar panels from china compared with 185,000 purchased the previous year. Most solar panels are going to government officials as a result of them living on the tops of buildings and have the space on their balconies with enough light.  In north korea being higher in the building is seen as inconvenient and undesirable as most

elevators are disabled as they do not have enough power typically to run their countries


The implication of economics within a Juche socialism orientated society is much different than that of a capitalist society. Corporations have less power within North Korea than they do here in Canada. Corporations work for the people and the government within a socialist society and provide goods or services to the public as they need it. So electricity is rationed amongst the people everyone’s  karaoke machine works and has enough power to use it, the television however is based on a surplus of energy to be able to operate. When it comes to a complete blackout without power to run lights, television and other things,  the cooking appliances and karaoke machines will still work. They are well educated and the majority of the populus knows five instruments plus the accordion before the age of 6 years old, by age 13 they are usually done what we would consider 2nd year university here in Canada as for education, that generally comes after 18,19,20 when they get out of military and they go into a 2 year program that gives them the equivalent of 8 years in canadian university as well as they do not overburden their students with gender studies which isn’t a scientific study. It would fall under the classification of social studies, this dogmatic method of thinking denounces these sexual identifications and has no insight into the future,  the north koreans will always take a scientific approach when trying to deal with the issues of social studies as there must be some scientific or environmental reasoning behind the observation,  behaviour,  or anomaly,  only when we are considered as one classification and not distinguished as separate entities then we can throw off the shackles of segregation just like the segregating of african americans. North Korea are more equal and segregation does not take place in the same way as it does in North America. Segregation that is deeply rooted in the founding of North America firstly with the native americans then with the african americans. Committing genocide on the native americans and committing the african american population to slavery. In comparison it is more of a state run functioning socialist government. Not reliant on genocide or slavery to generate the power to be a fully functional country, reliant on Juche and scientific revolution to govern the people in the correct ideologies such as “planting the right crops,”(one’s that will yield the most based on scientific evidence) so that they in turn use scientific method to govern their policies.  Other countries do not trade with North Korea one of the few exceptions being China who have issued up to 50 licenses for independent vending,  distribution,  and research in a number of markets. This meaning that they are a global trade partner with one of the biggest producing partners in the world (China). Kim Jong Un provides field guidance to the soap factory they produce 2.5% of the world’s soap,  to the point where we are considering banning chinese soap,  north korea is producing a number of factories similar to this,  they are going to be building a dozen factories,  these factories being factory 2.0’s,  being a factory that takes raw materials,  produces a final good,  and comprises 1% of the world’s output. In 2007 United States Of America had 75,766,251 units of sience and canada had 8,825,916 units in 2014 the USA had ~100,000,000 and canada has now went to ~6.4 million units in comparison with North Korea 1999-Death-Of-Kim Jong Il(2011) ~780,000 units of science and today they have ~12,000,000 units.


The Abuses Of Socialism Are Intolerable:  North Korea And The Stoner Nation


North Korea has become somewhat of a legend for being a “dictatorial state” where

people are commonly executed for even the most minor offences,  a state where there

forced labour camps,  and none of this is true,  as the great leader Kim Jong Il has

stated,  the thought that socialism is “totalitarian,”  “barracks-like,”  and “commanding,”  

is just not true,  the abuses that socialism has endured has been a massive blight on

the credibility of western media sources,  for example the fall of the soviet union became

one of the largest losses in living standards since the collapse of the bronze age civilizations,

the loss of the ability to trade by the korean peoples has prevented the nation from pursuing

peaceful activities like a ski resort while at the same time the western media(except fox news)

has insisted that the korean people use things like slaves for their labour,  and moreover 11

year old slaves,  this is just not true and the exact reason why we the people are rejecting

in mass the main stream media,  the real truth is,  now that we can see realtime satellite photos

of the Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea,  the locations of alleged forced labour camps

either don’t exist or don’t have fences and have lush housing around them,  what slave labour

camps are given an apartment building,  a school,  a hospital,  and has a thriving citizenry,  why

does the media insist that there is public executions for Marijuana consumption,  this maybe true

for people who are engaged in drugs like heroin,  which here in canada,  moreover,  in

vancouver the distribution price of heroin is 3USD/Day(based on the maximum dosage

allotted by the Netherlandic government,)  that is retail price 26.80 less than at the height

of the blue lens crisis,  of course,  all heroin addicts are now doing fentanyl which is

both cheaper for the same amount and 1000X more potent,  the execution of these types

of people would be quite welcome,  however that is not the case in north korea,  in

north korea the people are given opinion bulbs free of charge and heroin just does

not exist,  the people are given community activities free of charge and that greatly

increases the likelihood that the people will not have the time to get into the drink or

the smoke let alone any of the “others,”  here in canada they get excluded from society

and put in prison and work in slave labour at private prisons making free products for us,

the people of north korea have a community service approach for these issues and

admission into Kim Il Sung university for training and entrance into gymnastics or other

mass arts programme’s,  here in canada we will decline those people ALL education dollars,

the people who need it most,  back to marijuana for a second,  the price of Marijuana per

LBS is about 3USD,  at 0.75US / Hour the people are able to buy a 6 month supply within 4

hours of work,  the people here in canada get about 1 day / hour or 30 days for 30 hours

of work,  that seems unfair at the beginning until we also realize,  the people of north korea

distribute free of charge to all citizens a minimum of 1 Gram / Day and if you are a scientist

or a government official then the allotment is 3G/D,  this is in contrary to canada,  if you

get caught with the same amount of marijuana that a north korean person gets every

month,  under today’s laws,  the people here in canada are fined 100$ for every 10$(218,000)

in possession and given a federal strike,  which will prevent them from getting a job or finding support services like Disability or Medical Coverage,  ruining their life and in most cases becoming homeless and a drag on society,  the system canadians live in seems more

unfair and  unacceptable then north korea,  why do we have a worse system,  

and why am I defending  a country that has threatened to nuke my country,  

because to ignore the advances of other  nations would be an intolerable abuse of

science,  and moreover,  an abuse of socialism.



The Lack Of Homelessness In North Korea,  And The Homelessness Epidemic Of Canada.


Homelessness is an epidemic in Canada, In Vancouver in 2016 1,847 people were living either

on the streets of Vancouver (539) or in its shelters (1,308). North Korea in comparison has

no homeless. Due to socialism, they have eliminated this problem by making distribution

of resources to be distributed fairly amongst the people. Everyone has a home. It is because

of eliminating homelessness that North Korea have eliminated a lot of other problems such

as need for robbery or drug use. Which is more crime related problems caused by

homelessness in North America.



The Death Of The Korean Peoples,  The War They Fight,  The Mindset That

Shaped The World They Live In,  And The God Emperor Trump’s ONLY F**W.


The peoples of north korea are doomed to their current mindset of working together

in a socialistic manner under the guidance of the great leader is a direct result of

“blowback”(Ron Paul!)  During the war when the north korean people’s rebuilt their nation,

the peoples were asked at all points by independent polling agencies located in foreign

neutral nations like:  Switzerland,  and The Netherlands,  and at all points the vast majority,

well over 97% of the peoples in all countries agreed on the progressing forward with the

advance forward in the great leader’s direction,  being the only vision the country had after

the devastating war*1,  the people advanced forward on the road of socialism,  the only peoples

who were unhappy about the decision to move unconditionally towards the advance of socialism

were those people who were losing their religious grounds,  the great chondoist,  whose

religious sights which were bombed to ashes after the war,  were needed for the reconstruction

to the orders of the socialist government,  and their “marshal planning,”  for this exchange of

resources,  the chondoist were one of the few parties whose power was retained,  after

the war and the continued incursions on their sovereignty by our forces the canadians,  and

our allies the americans,  (2011:  800-1100 Incursions Can/Am Forces,  DPRK 0,  weapons

violation:  Can/Am130 (4000 civilians dead,)  ALL North Korean attacks from their soil:

Shelling of the island port,  shelling of Sol,  shelling of the chemical weapons production plant,

bombardment of yeonpyeong,  plus about 10-15 others(<25 civilians dead,)  the measures

of the nation of korea is purely defencive,  and because I have trump on the mind

this may be the single qualm I have with  the trump administration,  I universally agree

with daddy but given the situation the ramp  down of hostilities would be the

most ideal,  the blowback of the continued aggression  on nations that are trying to

defend their sovereignty is only making the world less safe,  the Juche policy would

be very close to some republican ideals(Ron Paul!) of minding their own business and

trading with people and getting along with people,  but not getting involved in conflicts

all over the world,  to bad this is not the case in america except in some extremes,

Juche:  Self Reliance,  man is the master of his own destiny,  or in other words

“stop bombing our country.”


*1 “Ironically, the reconstruction of Pyongyang in the 1960s into one of the most modern cities in Asia at the time was made possible by the Korean War (1950–1953). The far superior American airpower leveled the city, along with the rest of the country. More bombs were S. Kim 125 Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review E-Journal No. 14 (March 2015) • ( dropped on North Korea than on the entire Asia-Pacific region during World War II (Armstrong 2010). This geographic history is crucial to appreciating the significance of spatial context for the sites related to the Korean War, not just in Pyongyang but throughout North Korea. As a way to situate the memorialization of the Korean War in the DPRK, we might ask why there is such a preoccupation with monuments and memorials in North Korea. In many ways, the answer leads back to the Korean War. Memory studies scholar James Young observes that both Friedrich Nietzsche and Lewis Mumford scorned the “monumental” as utterly archaic (1993, 4)—Nietzsche in referring to monumental histories that bury the living under the guise of perpetuity, and Mumford in critiquing monumental architecture as a direct contradiction to modern sensibilities for change and innovation. Mumford may have overstated the case when he concluded, in Young’s words, that the “shakiest of regimes…installed the least movable monuments [as] a compensation for having accomplished nothing worthier by which to be remembered” (Young 1993, 5). After all, the Washington Monument seemed a far cry from symbolizing “shaky” American power when it was built in the late nineteenth century. But there is something to be said for Mumford’s observation. The Korean War was catastrophic, with an estimated two million casualties for the North alone, which meant that the war claimed, on average, at least one member from every family in North Korea (Cumings 2010, 35, 63). In light of the high death toll, Mumford’s remark that “stone gives a false sense of continuity, and a deceptive assurance of life” helps explain the significance of monuments and memorials in North Korea (Young 1993, 4). Part of the reconstruction efforts there involved inscribing into the landscape as permanently as possible the legitimacy of the surviving state”




The Liberal Left’s Free Speech Suppression,  The Juche Thought,  And The Advance

Of The Canadian Government Into The 21st Century


As a canadian I know exactly what it is like being in a “leftist” “regressive” “socialist” state,

but north korea and the Juche system does not allow for the stifling of free speech,  the

DPRK allows completely the free discussion of any topic that they wish,  the DPRK has programs

in place to offer subsidized or in most cases(depending on affluence) free tickets to come speak

in front of the assembly of the supreme people’s assembly(which does not do official legislation

and has had no official function since 2014,)  however public addressing still happens and the

party will execute the input of the peoples with absolute sincerity,  the Juche idea in North Korea

is the guiding philosophy for the political action of the country,  it is the juche idea that say that

the party and the leader are there to serve the people,  much the same as the queen,  and there

is a system that has been set up by the original founder to allow the function of the nation with

the utmost “love and compassion” for the peoples as is “allowable” within the situation that

they are in as a nation,   the canadian system on the other hand is a system without constraints

of political capital or without constraints of literal capital and more importantly

without constraints of tied down relations has had a real difficult time in focusing in on what really

matters for the peoples,  with so much concern fraught with keeping allies happy,  this has

significantly reduced the responsiveness of the government to the needs of the people within

the confines of the system,  the system that should have many different ideas and philosophies

fighting as hard as they can for the advancement of a true and scientific truth of governance

is the most important task of the government,  when one looks at the debates that are being had

in the government at current,  the debates are sickening,  new york times sickening,

canadians by the way are worse,  and here is the baseline,  

I think we can imaging how sickening with social justice,  protecting terrorists,  and trying

to tell the public that these people should not be in either intensive therapy or dead,  but,

the issue is really that of free speech,  and for questioning whether or not there is free speech

I WILL be attacked on the street of my country,  I will be maced,  I will be called names,  and

everyone on the internet will know I’m a xenophobic,  homophobic,  transphobic,  no good nazi,

it’s a shame,  and the fighting that the people have brought to the nation when there is an

alleged “democratic” passing of power no matter if we like the president or not,  this is simply

not the case with these people and this is becoming the most pressing issue of the day,  with

the addition of stopping political correctness*1,  the free speech that has to come in canada

for the benefit of the people,  will have to come from a majority government for the first time

in history,  this majority government should reform to make it its priority to engage people

as fast as possible and assess the situation of the peoples and their real needs,  public

internet votes should be held on a daily basis,  and train rides to the capital of the country

should be covered for FREE for any purpose,  and especially for the purpose of having their

voices and concerns heard,  this should also be extended to the internet as mentioned earlier,

as the internet is becoming more ubiquitous in the democratic people’s republic of korea,  the

government is providing people access with internet communications internally with all the

people,  where in our government we are only concerned about the politicians of other countries,

and we are completely neglecting the needs of our communities.

*1 Don’t raise your hand to high!




Cultural Hegemony,  The Former,  And The Let Down Of Our Greatest Ally

While we in the west are concerned about migrants organizing into gangs and raping our

citizens,  the north korean peoples have chosen not to integrate with the wider world and

chooses its immigrants very carefully,  the people are free to walk on the street without fear and

they are free as mentioned earlier to speak about any topic they choose,  unless their is a

foreigner present,  then only good things may be said of the country,  and where the people

are without concerns of being attacked for having the wrong opinion in the street,  there is a

legal system for that,  and if we don’t like someone’s speech we should be taking it to a

judge and  having a legal ruling as to the “harm caused to the state”

as a result of a person saying that n “muslims are bad” in which the government of canada

made it a felony to say anything bad about muslim people or moreover the people

we bring in,  in general,  as it would “incite fear and hatred,”  no,  the fear is being

caused by the other side,  the people we are bringing in are,  however,  very clearly

for purpose unlike the united states,  canada’s demographics are unsustainable for economic

growth in any capacity,  but that is not what canada wants,  canada wants a small population

of wilderness adventurers,  canada is a barren wasteland and is overcrowded with many

local canadians unable to provide themselves with homes anymore that is in some locations,  and

barren wastelands in other locations devoid of any life,  which again is most of canada,  the ideal

is to have the citizens of canada have an income at the expense of the refugees coming into

the country,  this is almost unacceptable,  the refugee’s are getting pail 10$/hour for 40$/hour

work,  and this is causing a disparity in production that we are then distributing to natives,

which is a good thing in a lot of ways,  but not a good thing when it comes to both the blood of

our people,  but the blood of other peoples from the tension that the other cultures bring into

the nation,  for example,  the people of india are exactly the cultures of people we want to be

bringing into the country,  the peoples of india integrate into our society,  they are productive,

and they are entrepreneuring,  they are model citizens,  and more importantly a massive famine

has swept their nation for many years,  we as canadians should be engaging with their nation

cooperative “socialist” style trades with their nation,  the nation of india has many young people

with few old people,  and the consumers of their society are the young base,  what the indian

government wants is to have less strain on their government over time and to have access

to the scientific answers required to solve the big problems,  the need of canada to have farmers

is also a major issue,  with fewer and fewer hectares under till every year as they average age

of a canadian farmer passes ‘58’,  this is a national crisis in itself,  and moreover,  the people

of india have had 3 million or more people die from famine,  as a result of the continuous

draught in the ganges basin,  the people of india should make a cooperation deal with canada

to have a large number of their people study at universities online here in canada while working

at on farm land,  the problem with refugees is that they don’t come to the country fit for purpose,

the people of canada need people who come to this country fit for purpose,  the needed efforts

could be achieved by cooperation with the government of india over time with minimal society

issues over time,  the long term planning of 100 years would also mean that canada would be

economically stable,  but that aside,  the agreements with a country like india would also

allow canada to keeps its culture without having it melted down by people who are devout

to their faith and wish others to submit,  the people of india are well acquainted with how to act

in a british society and they want to submit for their benefit,  and that is a massive positive in

the eyes of a canadian who only wants peace in his streets.


A Request For Redefining The Definition Of Juche Under The Terms

Of American Exceptionalism For The Age Of Beaver:


Generally when you create a doctrine you have a very damn clear purpose,

the purpose is to make sure that every citizen is informed on Juche,  and

all it has to offer,  and so I as an embodiment of my state will attempt to

both explain Juche in every facet as I see it,  try and make Juche

something you feel rather than something you learn a definition of,  I

would care to ask you to read through this and feel out what Juche to

you means,  that is always the most important part of attempting to

understand a perspective especially one so good,  

Always we americans with our sometimes distorted,  well meaninged

mindset often think that Juche is not the end all and be all to everything

that is the North Korean mindset,  there has to be some ulterior motive

for the North Korean people wanting the current state of world affairs

other than this useless rambling of self reliance and revolutionary spirit,

we are currently here in america undergoing the greatest transformation

in Juche with the election of Donald Trump,  we are looking forward to the

future where the world is looking at a pie with very little left to scrape at

and the kindness of the american dream,  we happily and benevolently

extended our hands down upon,  the feckless peons whose dreams would

not otherwise be in existence,  and whose countries would be in constant

war due to the abundance of cheaply,  and often in house,  production

of weapons,  nuclear materials,  and other scary things,  these countries

are descending into chaos at rates we have never seen before,  in order

to artificially stabilize the region and secure natural resources in other

countries a number of entities have been manipulating the markets,

the hand that feeds them has been bitten,  and we canadians watch

here,  one of the last “FREE” “nationalist” “socialist” “civitas popularis”

“liberus represents,”  if that latin is correct,  quite a collection,  a

collection that has made the americans keep an eye on us for radical

nationalist french tendencies,  and subversion of american culture with

radical canadian politeness and all that stuff they talk aboot,  sorry,  we

are left with a real perspective into the situation the world has left us in,

the americans,  and us canadians,  often times by force,  have secured

a number of countries that have not paid for the defence,  and now we

canadians and more over the americans have to fight in order to force

every country to pay for decades of free defence,  how much the Juche

philosophy has saved the north koreans,  and moreover the adoption of

Juche by Vladimir Putin has seen the largest revitalization of their

economy in decades,  enough where the russians are now finally

sending resources back to the north koreans,  and where our allies,

have taken our ideology we export to them for free and has not given

anything in return,  let alone trillions in defence unrelated to the war,

our allies and by our allies one can assumes america’s allies,  often

times burn the flag of america and canada,  in places like turkey,

one of the few countries to pay their debts,  and we see how truly

difficult it is for our nation to undergo foreign relations effectively with

other countries,  and there is a really fast realignment of trade to a core

set of allies in which requires low input and output and allows us to

renationalize trade,  thereby undergoing a process of Juche whereby,

we states are realigning our “socialist” values and slowly transitioning

the government to integrating with economies that represent the values

that we collectively hold,  we realize how right Nixon was to bring china

into the world and how great that has been,  and now it is time for us to

go back to our usual game of retrenchment,  or Juche,  self reliance,

for if we continue trading with these countries and do not maintain our

independent state then we are forever doomed to continue integrating

with their country and it is an ever harder bond to then be broken,  the

current relations with china are not going to well as it stands in any event,

the chinese government is undergoing a process of manipulating the market

to squeeze every single drop out of it,  as if they were not trying to

squeeze lemon dust instead of the whole tree like they could before,  this

new reality is setting the tone for what is the re-creation of the state,  and

rest assured that this could not come any later,  there should have been

mass revolution in 2007 during bush for what has been going on,  and

and immediate backdate of the government to the south,  since

that did not happen,  this new super retrenchment policy has opened

itself wide open,  center fold,  and rest assured Juche for the socialist

utopia that is Soviet Canuckistan will be what allows us to integrate with

the united state,  while maintaining a culture which is more difficult for

the wolf to digest,  and this will also allow us to politically align ourselves

with the north koreans directly and will give canada the ability to have

a state that is aligned with our values of not being taken over by the

oppressive south,  and our need of Juche to secure ourselves.  

Inability For Revolution To Sprout In A Lodge Filled With Wolves,  Part I &

The internet Dilemma

Here in Soviet Canuckistan as we do refer it,  we are forced to appease our

neighbours without reward,  we are enslaved to harvest resources for their constant needs,

and we canadians get out priced on our own goods,  and more over when companies

are owned by americans in the majority and are allowed to take 90% of the profits

to a country that is not ours,  we are being bought out and there is no ability for the

buy in to the “american dream” we canadians are working so hard for,  the majority of

canadians are in absolute reliance of using “payday loan” services in order to meet the

minimum float of running a household or staying out of the breadlines,  the issue with

having a government that does not aggressively control in a manner of Juche is that the

government does not protect the interests of the peoples,  as it was illuded to,  the interests

of the politicians of other nations is usually more important to our bureaucrats,  the wolf that

lives among us extracts our natural resources and does not contribute to our well being,  the

wolf that lives among us takes no interest in our needs,  the wolf among us dictates our foreign

policy and does not allow us to make our own allies in the world,  if canada was truly a free nation

we would be allowed by america to talk with the North Korean peoples who we as canadians

show some reverence and sorrow for given the situation of both the korean but more the vietnam

wars that were not in the interests of the world,  and moreover the wars in the 2000’s that have

caused the democratic people’s republic of korea to surpass our country in a number of area’s,

it is like God Emperor Trump has said “our military is practically one of a 3rd world country,”  and

he is completely right,  while we nation built and bombed other countries,  and defended

countries that burned our flags,  our nation has degraded to the point of scoring less

then some “favelas” in brazil,  this is a shame,  and canada as a nation is further disadvantaged

as a result of having the wolf own most of the resources and assets of the nation,  what is a

nation in this position to do,  if canada simply took ownership of let’s say just the

telecommunication companies then canada would have to,  in the best of cases,  buy out

the people of the company that were foreign owners,  in the worst of cases we would take

it over by force or by absolving of canadian shares and buy out of the remainder to 51% then

mandate within the organization that money be spent as needed within the nation,  or in

the nuclear option we would simply seize the company or forcibly mandate that the money

is not able to leave the country under any circumstances,  any of these options,  at the end of

the day,  is an incredibly easy way to ruin the status of the country,  but without these

considerations,  the government would not know the correct course of action,  under

the current system we are playing in,  the government buy in would be the least effective,

and the most effective would be complete ownership by force but perhaps the most

destructive in the short term,  the nation of canada should consider at length having

the wealth of the nation more equitably distributed to the people,  instead of having

the money flee oversees,  the government of canada should not subsidize corporations

hosted in america either with a guaranteed minimum income,  it is asking for poor people

to pay taxes to pay less poor people,  and if we raise taxes on wealthy people they leave

our country or don’t invest,  so the only option then would be for the government to seize the

means of production!


Juche,  Tim Hortons,  and the continued revolution for freedom!


When we look at a nation and its profile culturally or socially,  we

often look at the businesses that the culture exports to far off lands,

when we look for example at our wolfie friend,  the americans have

starbucks and dunkin donuts,  starbucks as a brand has taken

itself to set up in any land they possibly can and offer as many fancy

options for drinks that people want to buy,  and dunkin doughnuts is

expanding north and south and into some places in europe where

culturally the values are similar to that of the homestead,  the ideals

of dunkin donuts is that of fast service in a manner that is fitting with

a society that has freedom and democracy,  they offer the most

democratic offerings on the planet,  and starbucks offers the freest,

in spirit,  and when we look back and canadian offerings our home

and native brand is having a very difficult time penetrating the border

south,  as a representation to the greatness of our land our home and

native brand is not doing very good,  in fact is now losing to places that

are far more expensive like starbucks,  it is through a policy of Juche that

the solution becomes apparent,  a campaign should be launched on the

importance of consumption of our home and native brands,  so that

we are also able to with complete funding from the public that is not

going to starbucks or other brands,  going to the company that will be

mandated and funded by the revolutionary party,  the government will

adopt a policy of spreading the most socialist coffee to every single

country on the planet in a massive effort to finally bring some money

back into the country,  coffee is a modern symbol of freedom,  and why

are we in the process of directly contradicting ourselves in saying socialist

and freedom in the same sentence,  because Juche is the freedom for

the revolutionary masses to have the choice,  to have an all canadian choice,

and it is the choice of the revolutionary masses to having the choice of

exporting their product internationally,  if the state is to by the will of the

people set up a coffee infrastructure like the american companies are

capable of without central funding of their companies,

the state could have a daily canadian flag in the hands of billions

of people like the company starbucks is planning on having a freedom flag

at some point in the future on the starbucks lady,  it is a direct requirement

often times of a socialist state that has a disparate geography that often

times has their companies in a position where they are starved for readily

available funds to expand the business,  and whereby the government should

have some obligation in facilitating that process,  all facets of canadian enterprise,

especially the ones we declare so valuable to our daily lives of consumption,

should be exploited and exported in any manner possible,  even if mindshare

comes at a dollar loss in the short term. The companies] in a country with no

capital like that of Canada must have a state entity investing into the forced

expansion of the business compared to the current system which we buy

these goods and services at a loss. We are more indebted per capita then

the Americans, as a result of inefficient allocation of capital in a centralized

manner and geography.

Inability For Revolution To Sprout In A Lodge Filled With Wolves,  Part II


Juche is an indispensable part of Korean life,

we as canadians do not have a philosophy that

we are able to call upon for a guiding compass,

we as canadians do not as it stands have a medium

for ensuring that reliable revolutionary information is delivered

to the masses,  the masses or the masters of the revolutions should

not be armed with weapons,  more,  armaments of the mind,  a

system should be in place for delivering canadian content to everyone.

The majority of content consumed by canadians is simply not ours

and some canadians even have difficulty consuming our home and native

content,  the officials of the government, also sometimes referred to as the party,

have completely failed to provide canadians the revolutionary material

in order for them to make adequate decisions in the canadian market,

the people in charge of the party are in many cases less capable it seems

then a bum we get off the street,  not making any correlation I assure,  

one would not want to be associated with the government,

it is a wonder anything even gets done,  the people do not receive

any information on the state of their economy and have no idea

that we are more indebted than that of the wolf who now lives among

us,  we have had no central plan to setup a system that will allow

revolutionary thought to be spread throughout the land.  Back to korea,

in both north and south,  there is an almost free access to the internet,

the computer is not only ubiquitous,  the information is disseminated

constantly on new and revolutionary uses for the machines that ever

increase the productivity of the state and better the lives of the people,

the canadian government has no such means,  there should be some

system for a citizen to get free of charge a computer capable of running

and a free of charge internet/cable/phone that will for any website

advertising in canada,  we need to replace it all with canadian approved

advertising that will then allow canada to keep the money allowing us to

stimulate the infrastructure of canada,  the first thing the user of

canadian internet should see is a home page of the CBC that our

population can be proud of,  something like the russians are proud

of their propaganda machine,  there will be delivered to them 24/7

canada related news that is not useless russian/korean propaganda

that appears to be pumped into our country like oil, or worse,  that of

the wolf.

this system must be absolutely incredible,  this system must inform

the plebeians how to be masters of revolutionary thought,  there

should be from that machine an interface for getting education

in the form of french and physics mostly,  to the masses,  in formats

that will improve their productivity,  reduce mental related ailments especially

those that are related to age,  facilitate the learning of new skills,  the new

system will be mostly for the ladder,  the system will facilitate the learning of

new skills,  with a further revolutionary idea on the 3-4 day workweek,

still to come,  new skills will be taught that will allow canadians

to produce media content and science,  the two commodities of the future,

from their homes,  in conjunction with,  innovation outreach centres,  that

will allow the masses to get for free ANY equipment for innovative and

revolutionary aspirations,  and will allow new endeavours into space,

green energy,  and other endeavours that will benefit the canadian economy

as a result of the masses having access to the tools of revolution,  and

all of the tools for the revolution should be made locally here in canada

as to further accelerate the pace of the revolution,  the pace of revolution

as a result of the inability for the oligarchs to not only train the bourgeoisie

and the other sub classes to become bourgeoisie has slowed to a snail’s

pace,  truly the progression has even halted,  with only incremental

standard of life improvements compared to prior,  the media could

be the first step in order to train the masses and begin the slow

process back in the correct direction,  the masses should be introduced

to a free of charge media experience,  we should no longer allow companies

from other countries charge obscene rates to canadian persons and take

those funds overseas,  for applications that are designed to lower the

productivity of the state,  which some believe is at an all time relative low,

there is more evidence on the same yet opposite side that seems to

point to the increase in productivity not meeting the number of years spent

spreading revolutionary taught and the dollars spent per person

has not gone as far as anticipated as a result of not having

a well informed population,  all of this could have been averted with

a media system that is correctly working for the needs of the state,

and the revolutionary masses that comprise them,  the wolf has

not as of yet got around to setting up a system that will allow it

to project the cultural hegemony they have been banking up

for decades,  north,  if the wolf acts,  it will be a matter of 30 years

before our time to act expires,  the russians from a well established

media organization that has had state funding through massive

sanctions and the largest depression the russians have seen

since the fall of the union,  has allowed them to surpass the americans

in positive mind share,  the russian country through keeping a well

informed nation,  usually through forced education,  and this is paying

off in leapfrogging initiatives,  whereby the population is rapidly able

to adopt a new technology as a result of their training in revolution,

and we are very far behind this,  we are at the point where canada

needs to start building this infrastructure again essentially from scratch,

the current infrastructure is too engrained with wolves for their to be

any salvaging,  there needs to be a rethinking of what exactly

revolutionary thought means to canada,  and how we are going to

incorporate that into delivering media that allows us to maintain

cultural hegemony against the wolf that infests,  and from there we

have the only tool we need to fight the wolf,  our great and native content,

our media industry,  from the cbc that will be retrofitted,  in conjunction

with access to equipment of revolution,  will allow us to form

the bonds of the first phase of Canadian Juche,  and will

allow other industries to begin learning the practices of revolution,

for the betterment of all canadians and to the thought that is the

unravelings of the grip of the wolf on the beaver,  and the start

of the great move forward.  If this is not done,  then we loose the

waves of our independence.



Using the great teachings of Kim Il Sung in educating the people

of the Revolution.


We learn that having all workers actively taking part

of the society is the key to success,  the workers

struggle to be a part of the community,  and to feel

value in the work that they do is very important,  it is the duty

of the government/party in facilitating this in whatever ways

necessary,  our leaders have been unable to disseminate,

information that would allow our masses to pick up arms

in thought of revolutionary struggle,  the government should

have some system in place whereby a two or three day work

week be implemented where the community work is more

evenly distributed,  the government should provide a guaranteed

minimum income in order to assure that this will be successful,

the great richard nixon supported a minimum GUARANTEED income

farther than even I am willing to go,  this is no radical idea,  what is

radical,  we are planning under the Juche principles set up a one day

a week training schedule that will inform the worker of revolutionary

spirit,  in our case,  Math,  Physics,  and French in relation to the

field you are in,  this will allow the masses to be armed with knowledge

that will allow them to more effectively accomplish any task in front

of them,  the key of the state is to make sure that the population is

capable of working together on projects that will create capital,

create infrastructure,  defending the nation,  in order of us to do this

we have to do everything we can to ensuring that every canadian

has access to the technology and the electricity for this,  this

is especially true for populations living more north,  with the modern

economy being so reliant on multifaceted science related work,  even

in the industry of media creation has become so closely intertwined

with the scientific method of creation and reasoning,  the ability

of the people to think in scientific terms is key to the success in

the modern economy,  a big example is the issue of us being in

a northern climate,  our geography means that the cold canadian

climate makes it very expensive to heat our homes,  something

being made very clear by the masses,  the key would be to not

generate energy from solar,  because we understand how well

that worked in Deutschland,  not very well,  instead to use

the education and revolutionary spirit,  with the plans on the books

to build 40-80 nuclear power plants and between 100 and 300 coal

fire plants,  the state would be better off not only generating the power

via the way of geo thermal heating the homes of all cities,  there

should be built walls around all of the cities for heat retention and

reduction of winds in city centres,  saudi arabia and a number

of other states have used this to great success in protecting their

cities from the elements of the desert on both extremes,  and in

far disparate russian cities,  some minor tests indicate that it would

be one of the biggest steps in reducing the energy usage of their

urban centres in such inhospitable climates,  would be putting

a barrier between us and the harsh climate,  there has been no

general education for us to even tackle things like this,  the masses

have not been correctly educated by the party,  the government has

completely let us down,  we have spent money in excess of 1.6 billion and we are already

completely through that fund,  none of the money there was accounted for

we have absolutely no idea what this money is going to,  the likelihood

is that this money is going to sources that are not fitting of what

canadians would generally consider spending on,  the government party

members have not given the masses the ability to be well informed,

to make decisions,  to know that massive amounts of money is spent

on things that are not related to educating the masses,  the amount

of Six trillion and the amount of Cat trillion dollars on a war in that

region,  we should not be sending any more money to this cause,

we should not be involved in nation building it has not worked for us,

we just have to look at the dozens of coal plants that were scheduled

by the haitians to be built for decades,  the masses were begging for,

the americans after a devastating series of national disasters rebuilt the

country and set up enough power for the country to use,  for the first time

in decades the population had access to clean water,  the biggest boom,

they tore it down,  like the cubans,  like the afghans,  like everyone that

america did not directly control with troops in bases and advisors in the

governments,  and clearly if america can not accomplish such a task,

why is canada embarking on rebuilding countries that burn our flag,

and not just our allies flag,  they do not appreciate our Judaeo Christian

values,  the government without the informed masses have allowed

the greatest infiltration of persons that do not directly share our

values in the history of our nation,  without correctly informing the

masters of revolution on the dangers that outside cultures posses

to the cultural hegemony of this canadian nation,  and how much

stress this puts on not only our native populations who are under-

funded,  this also puts strain on our french population having

immigrants who often times do not adopt french,  further

hindering the entirety of the masses from being adequately

versed in the revolution,  on the other hand our allies the indians,

are undergoing one of the largest droughts in their history,  tens

of millions of people each year more than lost in syria are dying,

peasant farmers are killing themselves,  yet we have a shortage

of farmers,  though I am not suggesting partnerships in taking

their farmers,  that is not a good use of resources,  instead

taking their first worlders and setting up a “technology first”

“technology sharing” alliance with the indians,  our true allies

in the region,  a nation that is willing to take back the people

who commit crime in our country,  and among other things

the indians adopt our cultures participate more in the community

spend money in the country or in india,  versus sending their money

back to a war zone where we have no ability to track and no one knows

where that money goes once it leaves the country,  and that money

would be better used here in canada,  where it is needed equally,  the

money could have been used instead of subsidizing terrorism spreading

throughout the world could have been spend on education and technology,

the lack of revolutionary thought on how our actions bombing,  often times

indiscriminately,  regions of dozens of countries does not make

the populations in those regions happy,  meanwhile we are unhappy

with being more indebted than the wolf,  for us to get out of debt we must

initiate all principles of Juche and set down the path of self reliance,

first by securing the means of distribution of revolutionary thought,

then the teaching of the masses through the media canadians make,

then from there the a revolution can truly occur,  it just so turns out

most government party organizations or institutions are not setup for

outgoing e-mail service in many cases,  in a number of cases,  not

even set up for incoming e-mails,  in fact e-mails being so unattainable

a personal e-mail for the secretary of state had to be set up. the ability

for the masses to not only communicate with their elected officials,  

to do so from the convenience of their own personal

dwellings,  in almost one hundred percent of cases,

the master of the revolution should be able to go through one click of

the internet be able to connect to even the highest of elected officials in

the nation,  a system that would allow for every department to seamlessly

interoperate such that even businesses from large to small were operating

solely on the internet and anyone from the public was able to be advised at

a moments notice on how one would go about accomplishing Juche,



Using Juche To Maintain Border Security And Peace With The South,

While Developing Trade And Language


The ideal use of the threat of war is either when relations have broken

to the point whereby the two sides are unable to further resolve the

conflict,  where some drastic action has to be taken,  and the other ideal

use of war is when there needs be pressure put on another state that is

almost to coming around to the idea of joining a war or starting trade,

in order for most nations to secure themselves from foreign powers

nation-states often have to either build defences that allow for the

defence of the homeland,  or an alternative is to have a population

that is so different from the invading population so that cultural

assimilation becomes a difficult to accomplish task,  if for example

the wolf nation was to attack a beaver nation,  the beaver nation

would need to either have a plan for lasting in a long term war

either until public opinion on the opposing side had public opinion

sway in the favour of peace,  or one would have to have so many

people that spoke a different language,  drove on the other side of

the road,  wrote in a script that was unfamiliar at a glance to americans,

an adoption of a writing system that is both easily adoptable for french

and english speakers,  it also allows us to maintain similar effectiveness

for work that requires science,  this is of paramount to the survival of the

beaver nation,  a system developed to quickly and effectively teach

french a to a population within 30 years would be one of the most

effective ways at maintaining the borders of the state,  if this can be done

it will be much harder for a nation to move into unfamiliar territory,  a

number of issues also arise from the divergence of culture,  the americans

as a nation are a retrenchest nation and as a result they would be equally

as happy with canadian trade as much as not having that trade at all,  trade

does not equate to much in america where it is still one of the least

integrated nations on the planet,  there are few nations in this position,

and canada is not one of those nations,  the prime question one should ask

is how does canada maintain a vast trade network well moving away from

the americans culturally,  this is a very hard to accomplish task that requires

the commitment of the entire society in the adoption of Juche(we say it

eventually,)  Juche,  or a policy of self reliance should be taken

immediately so that the canadians are able to renationalize all the

industries that have either left the country or have been bought by

foreign powers that often times do not have canuckistan best

interests at heart,  a policy of songun as the koreans describe

it would be an overly pragmatic thing to do,  it would not be

met with smiles,  the government could use the military to secure

all establishments that are not owned by canadian interests,  this

is very hard to do without upsetting the trade partners we so

rely upon for the prosperity of our nation,  another option would be

for a buyout,  where the state gives a value of X on the dollar for all

companies taken over by the government,  this  one is also difficult,

the third option and it is the easiest on our foreign policy in counter

the most difficult for the general population,  also the one most fitting

in our situation,  would be to adopt a policy where the government would

provide all items for free to willing canadian startups that want to

either negotiate release of contract,  or the startup of a company

from the ground,  an industrial base that would also allow us to

produce all of the goods on our own territory instead of importing

from china,  and as mentioned earlier,  a guaranteed minimum income

with the expressed agreement that 90% or more of goods purchased

are purchased from canadian sources,  a good start would be making

sure that three out of every four tractors is canadian instead of caterpillar,

all of these steps unfortunately is not enough to save canada over the long

term without setting up trade negotiations with countries like france,

australia and brittania,  as well as cultural integration agreement with

france and if other countries will agree to this as well this would go

very far to the security of not only canada but all nations who agree,

this would further engrain the unique culture of canada and france,

and make it harder for countries like america and germany to outright

engulf our nation under their weight,  hegemony and imperium is very

important to the continuation of the state,  above all else,  above the

military,  above food,  above all else.


Juche And Water:


Without consistent access to water a nation cannot survive,

and it is true that canada has more then enough water,  yet canada has

no water in the communities and territories where it would be the most

useful for the people,  generally the water delivery of a nation is always

riddled with problems like lead and chlorine,  plastics,  and return waste

issues like cholera and refuse especially oil,  these problems aside

getting water to the people and getting water cleaning up the issues

that arise from the water system,  canada has none of those to speak of,  

so what is the problem,  the problem is the cost of getting water to the

farm land that needs it,  the delivery cost is to expensive,  then from there

the cost of getting food back is too expensive,  this is an idea for another time,

the issue of getting water to disparate individuals in the northernmost places

is a very daunting challenge without some system in place for creating a

nation wide water delivery system that was able to get to all of these diverse

places and fuel that nation,  that is truly the challenge,  it is through

Juche that we realize the solution,  through our national efforts that we can

begin making,  we can educate the people on science initiatives that

will allow the canadian people to accomplish such a daunting task,

the economic security of many communities is at stake and the

ability for canada to maintain long term food exports is also a very

critical issue that we should be fighting as if it was a war,  the ability

of us to do this will be one of the biggest priorities in canadian history,

the water problem also extends very far away from food and communities,

there are a lot of industrial processes that use a large volume of water and

as a result of the low water prices here in canada we have had aquifers

completely dried in order to maintain production in areas with very low

population,  truely the amount of waste is immense,  the amount

could provide enough water for 3 years of AG / year in only waste water

alone by some metadata analysis,  with the major crisis that india and

a number of our allies are facing when it comes to food reliability it is

almost critical that we look to something that seems as if it is infinite

for the greatest long term gains if we expect our system to survive,

the water as the most key resource to conserve is also as it states

in Juche,  one of the greatest life bloods,  and if we are to have the

world’s most abundant source of water always accessible then we

should be using it to feed the currently 10-15 million indian people who

are dying each and every year from famine as the ganges basin buckles

we should be using this to help feed northern china whose rice fields are

now succumbing to lower than usual rain and climate which is becoming

a little to tropical for the liking of the people,  and more importantly their

overall productivity on the land,  which is why canadian food should be

developed,  the system that will be offered to the masters of revolution

will be bringing in 1 million indian scientists and retooling equally as many

canadians with the knowledge in science,  and then disseminating it to

everyone,  from there we will setup a system that will deliver water to

the farm land effectively and will farm not only a single crop like we

currently produce,  a multi-leveled food production site that takes

advantage of all niches of growing advantage for the highest food output

possible,  a system that allows for trees,  medium/low plants,  vines

and a number of root systems,  to all be in the same area working together,

there will be a number of fungal projects that the government will sponsor,

some masters of the revolutionary sciences incline that the use of less water

for every food unit produced should come from the incorporation of fungus

worms,  and ant colonies,  for the increase in productivity over a 40 year

period that is required for the lack in production,  simply bringing the worms

to these locations would make great improvements to the output of these

regions by themselves,  that would make great efforts to increase in overall

productivity in an ideal system that is well kept by an average farmer,  a

system that had diversity,  in our current method of farming there is no such

diversity to be mentioned,  we should be making sure that all farms are

immediately adopting at minimum a diverse palate for land productivity

reclamation,  in addition there should be great strides made on setting up

colonies of ants that both outcompete the fire ant that will spread to

beaver territory,  also farm fungus and nest beside plant material under-

ground,  then from there,  a plan of revolutionary action should be taken

on creating a fungus that reduces the overall need for water of the plant,

increases the nutrient uptake of the plant,  and increases yield/reproduction/-

density/etc other issues that we may wish to impregnate into the nature of

our ecosystem,  as masters of a revolution it is an imperative that we take

every step in protecting the farms over 100 years,  the current farmland that

is in north america has become a sponge in where chemicals are planted

and food is grown,  we have had to in recent years use more land for less

yield especially in aquatic cultures that are strained from other sources,

also for almost every food source,  there needs in order for revolution,

to be some major steps taken in order to assure that the degradation of the

food lands of canada are not as rapid as that of the united states,  if canada

can do this,  we not only are food secure,  in addition we will secure our

place as a continued food exporter,  there is such a reduction in grain

output as a result of bad practices and over regulation in the west coast,

they are now having to offer massive subsidies to have people move

into places where there is an inability for large companies to maintain

production on existing land,  this is not changing the practices,  this is

just making our society use more labor for maintaining food production now

and making it so in the future food production will fall faster as there are more

people on the same land carrying out bad practices attempting to produce

more food on land that no longer can support it,  millions of tons of topsoil

is lost every year,  almost 14 inches of topsoil have been lost since 1950 in

places in the midwest plateau,  it takes three hundred years of intentional impact

for one inch soil to return,

“Because it takes up to 300 years for 1 inch of agricultural topsoil to form, soil that is lost is essentially irreplaceable.”

this is an absolute disgrace,  and in canada it is happening faster than

in that of the wolves home,  our adoption of new practices for todays

gains have absolutely destroyed the ability of our nation to be food secure,

the north korean people took food security of the future over destroying

their land for today’s gains,  we have more productive land even in our

deserts than that of the koreans in general and we have outright more land,

however,  we should not let this distort the fact that the north korean people

when accounting for all other factors will have more food production per

labour input in 40-60 years as a result of not destroying the land for the

gains of immediate need,  there was a point where massive amounts

of land had to be tilled for the need of the korean people after the collapse

of the soviet union,  the koreans overall harmed their food production by

in mass,  removing the diversity of the ecosystem,  thereby damning their

population to even further food scarcity,  our saving grace has been

reliant on the fact that the topsoil is very thick here in north america and

the fact that agricultural aids like fertilizer and pesticides are so cheap,

this is not a long term solution to a problem,  building an ecosystem that is

capable of lasting 100 years while at the same time automating it so that

no human interaction is required to maintain such a place,  this is of priority,

and in addition,  back moreover to the point,  a massive increase in water use

as a result of land inefficiencies is further eroding the land and increasing

the other overall proponents is further propagating this issue,  a massive

revolution in the way canadians operate is going to be required for this to

be solved,  correct water usage and adoption of a number of water reduction

related technologies will be the only way of maintaining food production over

100 years.

The age of Juche,  the socialization of canadian thought, how we die and

the greek state that lives.


The canadian people have been marching towards an effective tax rate

of over 65% on persons making over 100,000 $/year and this is causing

a number of billionaires to flee the country and as a result the average tax

on everyone is going up,  the people who have gained all of the canadian

resources have just gotten up and left the country,  the numbers are

astonishing,  the tax rate on you has to now be risen,  irrespective on whether

I get elected or not,  the only thing one can do is track down the people who

have taken their money out of the country,  moved factories to other locations,

and all sorts of other nefarious actions that have crept up on us,  in addition

with regards to other countries directly there should be a method of

renegotiating every single trade deal that canada has ever made,  clearly

the values of the politicians we have been electing has not represented the

values of the state,  which is to make good deals for the canadian people,

there are a number of countries that canada has directly funded and

defended,  through the cold war,  through the decades of the canadian youth

we fought for almost nothing because we gave up the ability to take care of

our elderly people during retirement and have lost the ability to invest in new

revolutionary things,  these countries should be paying their fair share as

canada has put into the system disproportionately and moreover the united

states,  and as we approach our retirement,  the defence of our allies youth

should come back and go towards the paying of the retirement of the nation

that defended them so they would exist,  we the newly ran,  socialist nation

will exert our new found imperium to assure that we get repaid every cent

in defence now that all of these countries are capable of standing after a

millennia of disastrous war that killed billions,  and more importantly,  we

flex the imperium on the behalf of our great allies the wolf,  who has been

starved in resources and will be taking them whether we voluntarily offer to

them or whether we take it upon ourselves to also get recouped for the

countless lives that have been lost in our countries defending people that

are not even associated with us,  the only country that has been paying

into the defence of its own nation has been greece and turkey

and turkey has not been looking to good in recent years with the

realignment with the persians,  the persians in fact have gotten very

aggressive in that region,  aggressive enough that something need be done,

I don’t believe any of those states have paid into their recent defence

agreements,  and that region could use a good scrambling,  if turkey wants

to ally itself with iran and ignore the need to pay their bills,  there are

plenty of other groups in the region that will ally with us and pay for their

defence,  back to the greek states because we canadians are more

indifferent to what happens in the middle east and the european problem

is a bigger one for the canadian thought to be thrown at,  from the perspective

of canada the greek states have consistently paid their debts,  where a

number of times the germans have not,  the greek states have completely

met their commitments to the defence of countries that are not them,  and

give their land to ANY american and canadian development that is asked for,

after WW2 we rebuilt the entirety of germany and 50 years later they want

us out of their country,  same thing for a number of european countries,

we offer them stability and they scoff at it,  fine so be it,  a new realignment

of canadian relations to recognize the dollar of the greek state and begin

the incorporation of their state into the north american military alliance zone

which will include only a few countries,  Canada,  USA, Japan,  

korea only if they pay,  brittan only if they remove the governor general,

the netherlands only if they cease and desist the further legalization

of narcotics or societally detriment activities,  iceland only if they

agree to develope a military,  australia  and greece.  All other countries that

wish to keep any alliance must immediately no longer spend 2% instead

spend 3.5% plus a 0.5% to the USA,  as well as backdated payments

for all of the free defence these countries have received,  we have to

remember that before the USA came into these regions most of these

countries were spending in excess of 40% of GDP on war,  now they are

spending that amount on food,  goods,  cars,  a large effort needs to

be made by these states in order for them to be allowed to continue

to receive free defence,  maybe if they want free defence they should

go talk to the russians,  though one would question how free that defence

would be in the opposite direction,  we have only asked 2% from these

countries and they are protested saying that it is a foreign occupation,

these countries often times forget that tax on occupied states is one-third

less than defending the states yourselves,  we should all be thankful

to the americans that they from the start knew that they would have

to be disproportionately spending on nato for countries that only have their

own self interests at heart,  we canadians are starting to come around to

the idea of socialism now that we are watching all of these countries take

absolute advantage of us,  these countries have essentially destroyed

our way of life and we are the ones who made their way of life possible,

we canadians believe that either we adopt immediately Juche and

begin the retrenchment process like the americans are contemplating

or we are in requirement of getting the countries to pay for their own defence

enacting Juche in their land,  either way an adoption of socialism will come

about,  and the choice is do we fight to get what we are owed or take

our losses and try and rebuild this country with a demographic that is

beyond its prime,  the solution is quite obvious,  we get these countries to

pay and pay much more than they ever have,  these countries have

been very lucky in that we protect them,  the need now for canada

to rebuild itself is apparent and of dire need before the population has

no ability to work,  we see directly what an unprepared population has

to go through in order to work towards adapting to their retired population,

japan has had an incredibly tough time,  and all of their population is centrally

located in a few very small areas,  the population of canada is very dispersed

and the old people are very difficult as it is to look after,  in this new socialist

thinking canada it should be thought of what do the majority of the masses

need in order to maintain the best existence possible,  the old need places

to live in comfort,  free from having to worry about labour of the physical

variety,  and free from having to worry about food security,  we in our

current state,  allowing turkey to shrink their nato commitments while

at the same time burning canadian and american flags for no reason,

other then we have a presence in their country and defend them for

essentially free,  let us see how much their like being the first

country to have to go back to paying 40% of GDP or more on their defence,

we should be working towards setting up as many automated procedures

to reduce the amount of labour input into all tasks,  and allow our aging

population to complete the work they were doing on the field from the

comfort of their own homes,  or retooled in a field that is more useful

to the needs of the population.  When we all get old,  weather it is fighting

the fields or fighting the opponent,  there needs to be automation,  or there

will not be a dollar paid back to us for defence,  if we are the ones no longer

able to provide it.


Part Two,  a refined look at how we die and  a need for

juche in the genetic engineering industry:


When a nation is trading with other cultures and foreign lands there

is often times when the nation has to worry with regards to foreign

contaminants,  contaminants are perhaps the largest risk in integrating

with cultures that are not from your land,  if the other culture does not

have correct sanitation in a section of export then it can affect millions

of individuals consuming the product,  it would be different if we were

buying from many sources,  or worked to separate meat by cow or

field rather than ranching districts,  with this risk from our food supply

being a major concern,  not only the food itself,  all other food

that is produced that may come in contact with that food,  many

frozen foods,  to prepared foods,  in addition to all of this the concern

of a country coming down with a multitude of disease is also of priority,

it has been very difficult in the past containing contaminations like the

black death,  or russian tuberculosis with a 1 in 18-1 in 20 rate and normal

tuberculosis in russia being about the same,  1 in 10-1 in 8 are suffering

with the disease,  the rates of that specific disease in the last 2 years

have gone from under 2.5 in 100,000 to over 400 in 100,000 of only

the strain of russian tuberculosis,  which is harder to detect,  faster to

transmit between persons,  more deadly in later stages,  and causes

more other unintended consequences for both the person affected by

the disease and all of those around them,  a great many concern is

the avian flu strain H5N1 in addition to H1N1 which now seems minor

in comparison to the former,


avian influenza subtype H5N2 was identified in a series of chicken and turkey farming operations in the Midwestern region of the United States. As of May 30, more than 43 million birds in 15 states had been destroyed as a result of the outbreak, including nearly 30 million in Iowa alone, the nation’s largest egg producer. In the Midwestern U.S., the average price of eggs had increased 120% between April 22 and May 30.


this unprecedented loss in production from 2009-2010 is immense,  and

the devastation is continuing,  this strain may also be mutating into a

version that is capable of being ingested by humans even after being

cooked,  and being able to infect humans in the wild with minimum contact,

this further brings up the concern about other nations having less than

admirable safety standards and food handling standards,  if a single case

of highly contagious human to human strain was to get out,  it would be

the largest devastation to the human population in the world as far as we

are able to tell from metadata studies on the lethality of H5N2 in human and

rat cells in best cases,  we have absolutely no idea how to combat these,

there also is another major strain of a similar disease called H3N2 that

at the university of wisconsin a study concluded that it effectively also

transmits through the common house cat,  and is capable of moving

through populations faster than we have ever seen in a disease,  then

there is the concerns that this contagions transmission rate would increase

even slightly with further consistent contact with humans,  and the lethality

and expected infection rate is much higher than that we have ever seen,

and for the first time ever that we know of,  is beginning to affect species

of animals in which have very common contact with humans and of course,

the birds and rats they generally hunt,  this issue is becoming every more

of an issue since the 1970’s when the bacteria and viruses in order to

adapt with the multitude of drugs in the environment begun the process

of sharing genes between not only their own species,  in addition

there is the ability for it to spread to other completely unrelated species,

allowing them to be more effective,  spread faster,  and cause more issues

for us humans,  the plan is to use Juche for the complete retooling of

our military and a number of other industries,  specifically to meet this

massive issue head on,  it is only through the concerted effort that we

are able to create innovative solutions that may be able to save billions

of people from succumbing to some of the largest die off situations humans

have ever come in contact with,  perhaps bigger than the ONE IN THREE

dead as a result of the plague in affected regions,  now if we get a plague

of similar strength in today’s interconnected world where there is not a single

square inch on the planet where you will not run into a person,  one exception,

and that exception is obviously iraq,  or antarctica,  and as a result the

transmission rate could lead to a NINE IN TEN rate of deaths,  world wide,

a drop in population from 7 billion to under 300 million expected at the

lowest ends of similar counter agents that have been seen,  if it is anything

like we have seen in history,  there is only so long we can do the same thing

before nature comes to bite us in the anus,  there is no time to continue

waiting for someone to invent a revolutionary drug for combating diseases

that no one will be able to find before it kills millions,  and for a system to

have been set up,  a large effort to centrally plan a solution for bio-

engineering development,  and a plan to make that exponential as

species we are combating continue to adopt methods for stopping out

attempts,  we will never be able to at any point stop all contaminations

with science,  there are major efforts that can be done to preventing

billions from being outright killed from viruses that we could have

had combat procedures for,  and as we saw how quickly it took for a virus

like ebola to get its first case in the united states even with major screening

of all individuals in that area,  if that contamination was less visible and

spread from person to person quicker then truly there could have been

a large epidemic on our hands,  thankfully the virus was not powerful,

and thankfully for the virus existing we now have some beautiful indexes

to show how truly unprepared canada and the united states are for

such an epidemic,  and how unprepared the international community is

for such an epidemic,  ask yourselves,  would you prefer spending

1.5 billion rebuilding iraq and region or 1.5 billion starting the work

saving 6.7 billion people from a major contamination,  and we,  as we get

older are more susceptible to getting these infectious diseases and

as a result should be taking more care in allowing free movement of

people into the country on even routine vacations without some method

of prescreening for many of the infectious diseases that we are concerned

about or a number or bacteria that are able to share genetic information

with even viruses,  fungus,  and plants,  that we should be screening for,

if someone brings a contaminate over to canada that merges with a local

breed that turns around and infects millions of people,  that would be

devastating,  the procedures we can take are very simple and would

not interfere with people’s lives,  among the two mentioned here there

are many other systems that would reduce the collateral damage of

a super contaminate.



Juche as a basis for central planning,  capital flow,  and the general

rotation of money in the supply.


A new writer with a very good idea may be hard pressed to describe

such a topic under the terms of Juche,  it is hard being specific,  with

Juche,  that is so clearly so specific,  with such a large percentage

of our goods that we consume coming from a far off land,  with a large

percentage of our population also not having any form of employment,

it is very hard for a market to maintain hegemony or an equilibriums state,

if a country is not able to at minimum meet the needs of its own people,

the state must import,  this is not the case here in canada,  the infrastructure

exists and the people are there to begin production of everything that would

meet our needs almost immediately,  what was initially to save a margin on

some high valued goods we canadians have not taken to producing

these goods on our own,  we canadians have every ability to educate the

people in all the required aspects of the revolution to immediately begin

producing all of the required assets for our own use,  this would in turn

allow us to decrease taxes and allow the market to pick up,  this would

increase the overall spending in the economy and would encourage our

billionaires to return to the country,  and the government would see the

debt paid off faster as a result of the money rotating through the economy

quicker,  a system would have to be setup for a guaranteed minimum income

and there would have to be a number of regulations set of all new income

of individuals who would be entering the job force as a CEO or banker,

the regulations should be massively tailored to the new age of competition,

where we no longer are the only nation on the planet and must allow

corporations to pollute  as that is their only function,  not polluting,  moreover

making money,  and polluting is a natural byproduct of effective capital

generation,  then it is not the question of the government to combat the

pollution,  more to turn the pollution into a usable product that can be

exported,  a pollution to usable product infrastructure would also allow

canada to impose carbon tariffs on other nations through international

trade,  as a result of the canadian economy being directly harmed as a

result of rampant pollution that has destroyed almost entirely the planet,

there is a very key distinction here,  the government should wage war

on pollution as if the entire population was at risk,  and for all intensive

purposes this is the case,  if the canadian people do not work out a way

to combat pollution,  or water usage as indicated in a previous iteration,

then even a large and well-endowed country with an abundance our

country could buckle with a number of factors all pressing against

our need for a huge number of calories per person in a nation that is

almost completely covered in ice,  it would also be a great boom to the

overall media and science output having all of the manufacturing in the

homeland,  from the availability of the population having money to spend

on expanding the knowledge and revolutionary repository of the country,

from this base also,  the government will be able to provide a system of

subsidized,  community available,  science tools,  and all of the information

required to allow every citizen to undergo the transformative processes of

scientific revolution,  only by the process of revolutionary Juche action

will a society be able to function in the twenty first century.

Soviet Canuckistan,  A New Trade State:


The trade of a nation is very important for a nation that is looking to

integrate with their allies,  the trade of a nation should always be

with those who represent the values of the nation trading,  the values

of canadians have not been met with our current set of trade partners,

we have allowed countries to completely gut our country for jobs,  allowed

countries to lobby our government to take action in which is not directly in

favor of the canadian people,  in addition the outright corruption which was

estimated to be over 15%,  some estimates put that as high as the rate of

corruption of the current russian government or as high as the highest

point of corruption of the roman empire,  for comparisons I always

like to take the countries of new zealand and north korea,  they

are good examples of what happens when complete capitalism and

complete Juche is allowed to flourish in an area,  not saying I agree with

either of those plans,  both have a large number of shortcomings like,

the pollution, land destruction,  and political instability of the new zealanders,

whereas the north korean people have the opposite problem,  not much food

with an incredible stable farm land that will have a low output for 100 years,

little pollution that will endanger the land,  no land destruction and land

reclamation projects by the government to employee these lands,  and

though people are hungry,  poor,  and without technology though

thanks to Juche and the ability of a centrally planned economic

state the koreans have been able to surpass us by using

technology leapfrogging,  the korean landscape in incredible stable,  

moreover to the comparison,  from the point of view from the

new zealanders,  the idea that another company from another

country would come into their nation and develope it is a very nice

thing,  as this country is relatively small and any economic impact

would be rather huge,  and for them to integrate with other nations

effectively they are to give up somethings,  for north korea which has

a population that is not 4.47 million,  but up to 30 million in line with

something more of a reasoned country of canada,  now north korea

is more in line with what canada is also experiencing,  from a culturally

and economically more powerful south,  and a more populous north,  let

alone the fact that it is also more economically and culturally powerful,

the north koreans have sacrificed a percentage of their overall living

standard to assure that the nation would not have outside american or

chinese influences coming into their country and destroying their way

of life,  the way of life,  and the values in which the people respect and

uphold for the state,  now the values of canada in trade would not be

a complete retrenchment as the north korean people have decided,  we

canadians demand a 70 year life expectancy and more food then a

king had 50 years ago,  this is completely within the means of a country

that is so vast,  not within the means of a country that is almost in

every way completely owned by other interests,  that when resources run

low,  the other intereses are going to take from canadian shares of the pie,

and degrade the long term standard of living that the canadians will have to

expect over a 100 year period,  the objective of the state would be to

have 10 trading partners that are completely free,  these would be

partners that have been aligned with our values,  brittan, france,

netherlands,  america,  australia,  greece and few other countries,

only then will canada have a trade profile that represents the values

of our nation,  and if these other nations adopt Juche revolutionary reforms

then the trade of their nations will hopefully realign in kind,  if that happens

all other nations that were previously ripping off the generosity of the

first world nations will be quickly reneged,  and massive tariffs will be

put in place that will further recoup losses that we have had in areas

like defence,  and others,  it is through the education of the people that

is most important to accomplishing this,  if the people are not educated on how

to buy canadian products,  and how to shop from the product selections of

our allies rather than the cheapest possible prices,  then we are not going

to be able to secure hegemony,  and are not going to be able to have a

central economic plan for relieving the debt burden that canada has

found itself with.


Juche,  shipping,  and the lack of prosperity of our first nations.


First let us start off with the price of of things,  these numbers

are from different dates and places so please take this with a grain

of salt,  and if salt is to expensive where you live,  please substitute

salt for oil,  this is not Pew research,  though the masses know

how good the pew research is,  in

for 900G of pasta that does not include the whole germ,  the least

quality of grain that we can distribute,  is 7.79 in Nunuvut and up to

1.00 more in other territories,  the price for that same amount of food is

less then 0.70 in ontario and less then 0.30 in the unites states,  the price

of ketchup,  ketchup that does not contain vitamin C or any other vitamins,

14.19 for ketchup and that is not the large bottles,  it is 2.35 in ontario,  and

0.70 in the united states for 1L of ketchup,  the volume in all of canada has

gone down and the cost has gone up,  that is a story for another revolutionary

thought,  for many of the other products we are paying more and getting less

even when we look at prices on areas where we have access to a waterway,

more on that later,  irrespective of all of this,  we take all of the food from

their land,  send the food to a plant that is usually in the united states,  then

send all the food to distributors in the united states,  then we buy our own

food at inflated prices,  then we ship back through inefficient methods our

food to desperate communities that can no longer afford the end product,

whereby the population we take all of the fish from,  is no longer as a

result of federal regulations even allowed to fish their own food,  that

we canadians have absolutely no right to,  these communities pay for

technology an average of 15.84/unit whereas in ontario it is 0.10/unit and

in the united states it is 0.06/unit,  the people of russia on land distribution

only are able to offer their people food cheaper than we are able to offer

in ontario,  and we are inept at getting ANY food to the people in Nunavut

and other places,  we as a society do not expect them to live off of nothing,

yet we fine these people for fishing and hunting on their lands,  and say we

do nothing of the sort,  and have no means of getting affordable,  first world

goods to these places,  there should be immediately a system enacted of

Juche whereby the population will receive immediate funds for artificial

infrastructure and for technology appropriation,  in addition a mandatory

teaching of not only Juche,  in addition all of the operations of the machines

they have received,  this will bridge many of the economic barriers to these

communities prospering,  in addition the building of food processing plants

in far remote desperate places is one of the priorities of the state,  there

should not be a large distance between the production of the raw food

and the place where the food is intended to be used,  


Juche,  navigable waterways,  power,  shipping,  and prosperity of our nation.


From the investment of the government in Juche orientated tasks

that are scientifically founded,  the government officials will be able

to plan out a system that will be able to divert the great excesses of

water that is held up in marsh land from the ontario quebec core as

well as intake from the pacific ocean that will feed into the heartland of

the canadian shield,  this will be the largest explosion in the canadian economic

profile that has happened in history,  the ability of canada to charge the USA

for the transport of goods directly through our nation to their ports on the east

and back again to china,  and the ability of us to deliver more water to all of the

locations in between as well as sales into california and oregon,  in addition to

these obvious benefits the shipping cost of shipping things via water is somewhere

in the range of 70-1 on flatland and 350-1 on non flat land,  the then free’d up labour

capital then will go even further towards the advancement of the revolution,  the

diverted water will act also as power for every single community within these points,

this will be a major step to solving the power issue in canada,  and this will increase

the overall prosperity of the nation,  or,  at least provide the capital to facilitate the

maintaining of living standard for a population that is getting older and will be unable

to work,


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