Millie Bobby Brown my Favourite New Actor

For a couple years everyone I talked to said “have you seen stranger things?” “Have you seen Stranger Things?” Until I finally gave up and decided to watch it. The Show was actually really well done and I enjoyed it very much. One actor that stood out to me was Millie Bobby Brown. Her performance from the quite scared child into a full blown mage, blew me away and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful this little girl is.

Not to long ago she won an MTV movie and television award for her portrayal of eleven. She used her win to bring light to an issue that is very important and seems to be a large problem with the advancement of the internet: Bullying. 

What had happened is that homophobic people used her to push their hate agenda and posted pictures of her with anti-gay messages. Millie (14) handle this very well by first deleting her twitter account, and then addressing it at the MTV awards.

It’s nice to see someone so young, so mature when faced with bullies. I just want to say Millie you are a wonderful person, thanks for standing up to bullies!

~ Ryan John Patterson ~

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