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Cellular regeneration is the reason human beings can sustain life for on average according to the medical journal of science 2017; 76 years on average. The good news is that the life expectancy age is going up with advancements in medical science. So let us talk about Cancer, yes the big C. It is a division and multiplication of cells on a catastrophic level, you see with many types of cancers; cell multiplying is the issue. Which is actually why if a doctor diagnosis you with cancer he is simply saying that your body is reacting and attempting to heal itself at an alarming rate, cancer is cell division at an exponential rate. That is why people develop tumours and lumps. It is also why the cells begin to die at an alarming rate, you see when cells divide grow (multiply) at such a speed. By my calculation 1=2=4=8=16=32 per minute. it causes black mass= anti-matter. Black mass is actually everything in the solar system and universe that isn’t gastric or relative matter. Therefor is the opposite of E=MC squared. Which is what energy is the equation of mass and light squared, lack of energy known in the scientific realm as black mass can explain why cancerous spots grow black.

What slows down cancerous growth, well actually in my study I have found that organic material slows down cancerous growth by feeding the cells information from the earth. So if relative matter is what makes up the energy in the universe, black mass is energy dying. What I mean about organic material being used to slow down or speed up cell regeneration is that by digesting organic material out of a garden you can fight cancer cell exponential growth. The problem in North America and why Cancer plagues our society is due to the large consumption of molecular DNA (meat). It is essential to eat vegetables and have only 12g of protein at least and 16g of protein at most per meal in order for your digestion track to maintain it’s enzymes to break down molecular DNA. That is why when people stop eating meat they loose the ability to digest it. Fiber is also important in digestion because it helps clean out our colons by absorbing liquids that are waste material.

What as well can speed or slow cellular regeneration to kill cancerous tumours or black mass? CDB oils. CBD oil can be constructed molecularly with ingredients: 5 soursop leaves, 1/3 cup Vitamin C 1000mg pills, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, and 1.5L of vegetable oil. Or it can be extracted from the process of photosynthesis through organic material known as theĀ marijuana plant. These 2 forms of CDB oil actually shrink tumours and kill cancer.

Thank you for your time and research to help aid this study. I hope that our world can be a cancer free place once medical doctors adopt this into their practises.

Ryan John Patterson, Buck Crow m.d.

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