Is the music industry dying or getting better?!?

I have to show everyone this video these guys are amazing and they are quite young as well,

their name is Too Many Zooz and this is them playing a show in Union Square last summer. Check this out …

the the dynamics of the music industry changing so vastly with the rise of internet culture, guys like this stand more of a chance doing well because of places like Youtube. This one was a treat but that doesn’t mean the music industry is dying or getting worse. I see it more as a power shift in the distribution of artists material. Where it used to be a production house would be in control of the artists material and it was subject to much more intensive rules on what can be said in songs, not anymore. Now the artist has control by putting his material out himself via the web. It’s made for a lot more self made celebrities and independent creative artists, free from the restraints of any music industry producer. That’s why in the last few years you have seen such a number of performers emerge.

Here’s another one that blew me away The Weeknd Nothing Without You (Acoustic Live Session)…

~Johnny Ryan~

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