Internet Scams: an independent study

I’ve come across a lot of scams in my time exploring the internet, some are extremely crafty however I thought I’d help clear the air for those of you who haven’t experienced Scams via the world wide web.

The one that I came across most commonly on the internet was through my Facebook account. Whether you realize it or not your Facebook accounts are potentially worth a lot of money on the black market. Have you ever heard of the Horoscopes Lottery? Well I hadn’t either until one day a random person added me on Facebook and told me I had won it. Laughable however the entire premise of the scam intrigued me so I led them on as long as I could trying to figure out why this person was trying to steal my Facebook account? I should mention on Facebook I have around 1,800 friends. Some of them I’ve never met before and a lot of them I don’t know anything about, I believe that is what attracted these scammers initially. The large number of friends that can be used to sell products, push agendas or annoy people and in turn steal more Facebook accounts by harassing and gaining information from you.

They start by telling you you’ve won $200,000 in the Horoscopes lottery, the first thing that should raise alarm is… I never entered any Horoscopes lottery. That should be the tell tale sign to ensure you that this is not real. However I pretended to be an unintelligent person and asked how to collect my money? They said all they needed was my banking information and to click on the link they sent me so that I could get in contact with the lottery figure head. That link of course is a backdoor to your computer and Facebook account. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK THEY SEND YOU!

I can’t stress that enough, It’s important to remember that nothing in life comes as easy as it showing up on your doorstep and that you need to work to make money. I don’t personally gamble, I have been bought the odd scratch ticket for Christmas and I did get excited for a few seconds before being disappointed for not winning anything. Gambling is a sin, not to mention the odds are stacked against you and they are manipulating you into spending money on the 1/1,000,000,000 chance that you could win the lottery. Internet scams are even less likely to have a cash out. Want to know why? It’s because they never intended to give you anything and only mean you harm by stealing your account and either extorting money out of you to get it back. Or, they are going to sell it to the highest bidder.

I also found out that these scammers where connected to terrorist organizations in other countries that use the accounts to fund there activities. Some are also from this country working for such terrorist groups as ISIS. They can also find out information about cities and locations of events through Facebook by simply using the accounts information. We live in the information super highway age, where people have everything in data log files because it is more convenient then keeping documents. Unfortunately that is the price of living in a technologically advanced time. Our information is all over the web and guess who put it there, we did.

Mawlsum Media is a trustworthy website and we have been graded by other websites to deliver solid trustworthy service to all of our readers. Please share this report to ensure that you, your family or friends do not indirectly help fund or aid terrorism. Stay safe and make sure you are with your children when they are surfing the internet. It’s a dark place sometimes, the web. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful time learning, writing, creating and exploring.

Bye for now.

Written by,

~ Ryan J. Patterson ~

Edited by,

~ Michelle Patterson ~

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