Heart attacks in men and women: My Journal

I have almost had a heart attack, my chest felt heavy, I was sweating profusely and my left arm went numb for a few seconds. The most important factor in saving your life is remain calm. If you have family or friends tell them immediately that you are having a heart attack. Take 2 aspirin, chew them and drink 500ml of water. That will save your life.

After surviving the heart attack you need to realize that your lifestyle needs to change. You need much more vegetables and iron in your diet, I would suggest taking children’s Advil 2 times a day 30ml to help elevate pain and actually allow your heart to begin to heal itself. Just because you have had a heart attack doesn’t mean that you are going to die, you may be weaker at first but remember this is just an obstacle on the road to recovery. Much how butterflies are fragile your heart is as well a key component in maintaining your life. Our hearts are gateways to our souls. A healthy heart means love is in your life so don’t take for granted the moments that take our breath away because these moments help us through surviving after you have had a heart attack.

Omega 3 fish oil is wonderful for cardiovascular health, it helps if you are not getting the proper fish oil supplied from your diet. As well once you are advised under the supervision of a doctor, garlic helps thin the blood to aid in the cardiovascular system.

Lay off of the following:

Coffee ( I would suggest having herbal teas to substitute)

Alcohol ( Absolutely no alcohol!)

Sugar (Try your best to cut down on this because it’s the second leading cause of heart attacks in North America)

Please remember that you are valuable, your life has meaning and the world would be a little less joyous without you. So take care of your hearts/souls so that you can love a happy and wonderful life.

Written by: Dr. Poesidon, Crow m.d.

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