Freelance Journalists being beaten by mob in Bangladesh

So this story will be difficult to cover due to the political applications regarding what exactly is happening in Bangladesh right now. It seems that the mobs in Bangladesh are beating and breaking the skulls of freelance reporters there who are trying to cover stories. So basically all they wanted was a safer traffic system, the students banded together and came up with a solution and now the government is punishing them by sending paid thugs after them.

The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, first made the claim that the facts are untrue while inaugurating “Info-Sarker Third Phase”. Info Sarker is a multimillion pound contract won by Summit Communications. Summit is a company that holds one of two NTTN licenses (fiber backbone for internet access), despite having no telecom experience before being awarded their first contract by Joy – the Prime Minister’s son. Farid Khan at Summit funnels money back to Joy and his mother to keep these contracts coming. Both the Khan and Sheikh families have robbed hundreds of millions from Bangladeshis through this arrangement.

If you’ve experienced slowdowns in internet access, it’s crucial to understand who’s in charge of the infrastructure and how Sheikh Hasina gets to stifle communication.

Joy has personally threatened newspaper owners, and one journalist couple was killed in front of their kids when digging into this story. Stay safe.


Photos and videos have emerged showing photojournalists covering the protests being physically attacked by unidentified men wielding metal rods, sticks, and even machetes. Cameras are also being taken from the photographers and destroyed.

What it seems to be is that the people of Bangladesh really just wanted safer roads for their cities. Where the government responded with violence against them and the media attempting to cover the story. Here at Mawlsum Media we don’t shy away from stories, and this is one that needs to hit the mainstream so with your support please share this story so that mainstream media will have to respond.

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