Entourage the movie: Review

imageHey folks just watched the latest instalment of the Entourage franchise. That’s right Entourage the movie. All in all this movie ruled. Not for children; definitely rated R. With appearances from celebs such as Rhonda Rousey, and Haley Joel Osment. This film shows that nothing much has changed with Vinnie and his gang of misfits. With a rather experimental scene of them dropping ecstasy and tripping at a party Entourage the movie is a perfect period in the saga of the series. Produced by Mark Wahlberg and Directed by Doug Ellin it plays across like a final interview to the entourage group; Vinnie, E, Johnny, and turtle. Then turns into another show about them chasing down a producer for funds to finish their latest flick. Lot of nudity and elicit drug use. This film gets a 4 out of 5  stars from me. Honestly just because once it’s over I’m asking so what’s next. This is final curtain call no more entourage everyone. Thanks to all who made it possible, hey wait where’s Aquaman? Lol

~ Johnny Ryan ~