Engaging Naivety For Enlightening Priorities Of Revolution To Fit The Time:


It has been long known that carbon is a “major concern” of ours,  but some are concerned that increased carbon may just be a bi-product of the other ecological changes that are taking place,  and the other issues causing the warming,  it can always be easy to consider that it is not carbon,  but nevertheless,  the need to conserve is absolute.

It seems that the narrative in ideological terms of many peoples and organizations is to say that climate change is a massive issue and that they can’t afford to do anything about carbon despite it being ruinous to business,  meanwhile,  it is one of the cheapest things long-term to reduce,  and the other bi-products there-in,  don’t come under scrutiny of public eye’s,  and these companies don’t pay anywhere near the “real” damages caused to society,  these companies have changed the narrative and deferred their action to do anything about the real problems until something that might actually be good for a number of other reasons in a long list of intertwining systems is being reduced.

If one was really concerned about the environment in the scales in which we are willing to ruin it for the gains of the 200 year time-span,  the environmental tax would not be 1% of operating income,  it would be close to 50%.

Any current arguments about climate change to being of concern about the reality of the situation,  made by a competent individual,  is simply a diversionary process to how catastrophic this problem is going to be,  with inhabitability 2200,  as a result of our actions and neglect of scientific truth.

Any individual who talks about global warming in a way in which is is catastrophic and civilization ending within a few decades,  is simply delusional,  more delusional than a North Korean supporter,  that is for sure.  More importantly,  they are continuing the narrative that the information is up for debate,  and that also further increases wasted discourse time that people are willing to hear arguments,  and as the climate science in this area as pointed out by by a friend,  lacking,  it leaves people unwilling to engage in activities that they perceive wont affect them in their lifetime,  but it could,  and according to the data,  it is happening right now.

Coke-Ash,  or Coal-Ash,  in the USA,  is currently causing massive ecological issues,  the coal ash is untreated and left out in the open to blow away,  and this is a surprisingly new phenomena as coal prices are pushed down by natural gas,  the safety standards and quality of product,  and further the handling of product,  also get pushed down,  within the last 5-10 years the USA has added more Coal-Ash into the environment than china has produced as a whole in pollution in 30 years,  and these are completely unmonitored,  at such unprecedented rates,  we are looking at a 1-2% drop in agricultural output worldwide,  and up to 5% in the USA.

Further countries like germany who have spent big into the solar revolution are going back to coal for their energy,  not only coal,  lignite,  which is 50% water.  Assumed 95% of energy needs,  nameplate capacity,  their actual generation from their solar program is less than 10% and a 54% peak(only in summer,)  the choice of going green for germany,  actually ended up causing more global warming as a result of their panels not being effective.  Further,  as said,  return of coal worldwide,  the end of green dreams.



There is a further compound issue with both methane and sulfur not only in the environment that pose massive issue,  as we all know,  sulfur is deadly when it gets into the lower quality food supplies,  and it makes cattle sick,  further methane is a violent chemical that likes to “storm” in the atmosphere,  and also if built up to the concentrations we will have in our atmosphere in only 20 more years,  can rain,  if this happens in the next 20-30 years,  most non-human species will die off,  and nearly 75% of all farm animals on the planet become deathly intoxicated,  with half that number,  up to 40% dying all together.

Biphenyls in plastics & Hexabromobenzene in paper,  electronics,  and fire retardants:  The large buildup of formally banned chemicals in regions like the arctic is certainly concerning for everyone,  over a 10 year period,  within the next 70 years,  more Hexabromobenzene will be released than during the entirety of the peak usage decade(50’s) before their ban.  Further will be the release of Aerosols which have also trapped themselves in the ice.

Some scientists are also making the absurd claim that as a result of the above two factors,  human extinction of 90% of the population is possible by as soon as 2035 or 2040.

For example the natural un-leveraged carrying capacity of canada is only 22 million people and could be less in a swamp land filled with salt-water/methane rain,  with the grace of oil,  we allow ourself a 100 year period of having a carring capasity of well over 70 million people,  allowing us to take another 40 million people into our country,  which sounds amazing,  until the dream runs out,  but enough about that issue,  that is pennies in the bucket.

Nitrification:  The nitrification of the mississippi river basin system is causing even invasive and traditionally overbearing/hearty species of filter feeders,  specifically the asian carp families,  not able to breed,  and not able to survive,  this is quickly spreading similar to how phosphorus did down stream,  to the golf,  and out or lines,  further destroying the environment.

Calcification:  Another concern is not only the in-ability for even calcium-acclimatized coals to adapt to the large buildup of calcium in the water(limestone concrete and dairy excesses/other productions of products like iguana calcium supplements,)  that is causing most species to be able to operate not only the water interchange system that they have to get air/water from is blocked as a result of its primary sodium pump mechanism,  further,  in the case of salt-water fish,  the gradient between salty and non-salty is further reduced,  but also the calcium is causing a massive issue as it is not a calcium that is found in nature,  and therefore causes defects in the traditional operation of metabolic functions and auto-exibatory/repair mechanisms,  or,  cancer.

Calcium as far as scientists are concerned,  will take approximately 80-130 years to kill every salt-water fish on the planet,  at current rates.


The number of people with clean water in 1999 was about 4 billion people,  it spiked in 2012 at 4.3,  and has dropped to below 4 billion this year,  the number of people who will have access to water on a daily basis worldwide will be under 3.5 billion by 2030,  and below 3 billion in another two decades,  this will level off at less than 2.75 billion people,  mostly in rich northern countries,  while at the same time,  there is no downturn in population,  and food will at minimum be able to keep up if not barely,  that means,  10 billion people,  and 2.75 billion of them have water on a daily basis by 2050,  if not less because food production reduces consumer water supply.

Bioavailability of “novel” compounds and pressured environments are currently in the process of creating the most deadly plague humanity has ever seen:  First off,  organisms that generationally evolve in time scales of minutes are the most scary for humans,  and currently these organisms are the most pressured as a result of lots of byproducts of our existence both good and bad,  but what is most concerning is that weaker strains are dying out and stronger strains have exposure to our antibiotics,  further,  in addition to the increase in resistance there is increased contact unilaterally around the planet,  further,  novel compounds,  as a result of human activity,  creatures that are able to evolve not over 100,000 but over hours have access to not only the evolutionary pressures that cause amazing and unprecedented changes in structures and compositions of life,  but also getting access to novel compounds these organisms would never have dreamed of before,  they are able to incorporate new compounds into the makeup of their structure and offering them more flexibility than any speciation pattern has seen before,  and as a result,  we are seeing what we refer to as “super-evolution” in the biosphere,  which is further sped up by the process of warming,  causing their metabolisms to act faster,  further,  the cold season does not kill the stock,  and there is more chances of advancement to be made genetically and therefore a higher likelihood of becoming more successful,  at least successful to them,  to us,  a plague.

































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