Cystic Fibrosis

In this uncommon hereditary disease, the pancreas, a gland below the stomach, fails to produce enzymes, or digestive juices that are necessary to break down and food. The result is that the child’s food is only minimally broken down, by a small number of enzymes theatre produced by the stomach , the intestinal wall and the salivary glands. As a result of this, the food retains its fats and most of its nutrients as it passes through the body.

In cystic fibrosis, the glands in the lining of the bronchial tubes in the lungs also malfunction. Instead of producing the normal thin mucus that traps germs and is then coughed up, It clumps into a viscous mucus and becomes lodged in the lungs; difficult to cough up. Germs multiply in the mucus, and cause respiratory infections, including pneumonia.

What are the symptoms? 

Symptoms sometimes occur immediately after birth. Mucus secretions in the baby’s intestines make the first bowel movement too thick and sticky for the baby to pass, which can cause intestinal obstruction. In  all cases, the child gains little weight right from birth , because failure of the pancreas to produce enzymes means that hardly any nutrients are absorbed. The food the child eats passes out of the body as large, pale. greasy-looking bowel movements that float in water and have foul smell.

A child with cystic fibrosis may have recurrent respiratory infections, accompanied by a cough and fever.

The answer to this disease as an issue amongst new born children is a combination of fructis shampoo for over 1 month old. After giving the children orange peels, accompanied with THC and CDB.

The combination of THC and CBD oil with ease the pain suffered from the disease. As well as the orange peels that will needed to be ground into a paste for the children and eaten.

1 full orange peel volume 133.3389721478699 volume

water 500ml

THC (Indaca) and CDB 1.123876712367586 molecules, each.


By adding crab apples to your diet whilst they are sour, it can help to produce this enzyme or by drinking Kambucha. The Orange peel mushed into paste supplies the bacteria required to produce these enzymes for breaking down organic materials as well as DNA structures (Fish, Red Meat, White Meat) also known as animal bi-products. With this boost in the systems enzyme production; the breaking down of these molecular structures that are information telling our bodies to heal, it gives a boost in the production of insulin and the body will not become diabetic. Which most people that suffer from cystic fibrosis become (diabetic).

If you have this disease it is important that you do not smoke!

Written by: Dr. Poesidon, Crow m.d.

approved by: Dr. Bowie, Margloc m.d.

Theorized by:

Dr. Pitt, Spence m.d.

Dr. Patterson m.d.

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