Criminology: A look into the criminal mind

What makes a criminal? To be honest there are many factors that make criminals but most of all it is lack of discipline and ill advised guidance. Everyone should understand that criminals are complex and need help before they cross lines that give them to Lucifer. Most people have stolen because if we are hungry, we need to survive. Our morals are such as a butterfly and can be fragile, nessacary to our laws that each country and province or state implement to keep civility at the forefront of our society.

Why then do some people fall into a life of crime? It starts off with that first wrong decision that you make. Then it snowballs into greater crimes, until you have no choice left. Once people loose that choice it becomes impossible to recover from your first initial wrong step. For example trusting someone that isn’t good for your health or development. I’m under the belief that I have been saved by God through his son Jesus. The reason I’m not a criminal anymore is because I didn’t cross the line that divides holy law from the work of the devil. My life is valuable to society because I chose my side, with Christ.

Why is religion so important when speaking of criminology? It’s because they co-exsit together and without spiritual guidance from the king Jesus Christ (In my case), one could lend himself to satan’s hand. Killing is not only against the law, it is a sin. One that on your judgement day could cost you eternal life, or worse give you to eternal hell fire from God. That is a line once a criminal crosses; it is to late for salvation. They might be able to be forgiven however God is all powerful and all knowing therefore once you betray him by breaking his rules you are going to burn in hell for eternity. Life is a test, it always will be. If you fail the test you won’t graduate to a higher power of knowledge or receive eternal life from Jesus Christ. I’m applying this article so much to religion: my religion because these are where laws come from. It’s important to understand laws in order to understand why people break them. When we are born we are given most of what we need in life to be able to survive, there are 3 basic necessities of life Water, Food and Shelter. When one of these essential necessities are taken from us we become uncomfortable and in the long run it can lead to our demise: Death. Therefor every human being is equipped with basic survival instinct. An instinct is something we have within us that governs our pathological thoughts. Our first response when key necessities for survival are taken away from us is to find a way to meet our requirements. This could involve stealing, we see even in the animal kingdom theft as a way of survival.

In Africa tribesmen will scare lions away from their fresh kills to steal a leg for survival. How economics works is whats called the trickle down effect. In order for the tribesmen to eat they need the lion to keep them in a position where they can be able to survive from eating what the lion eats. The trickle down effect works like a rain drop hitting the ground, as the raindrop hits the ground it splashes and parts of it go to different areas, or it collects in a pool (savings). God is the trickle down effect. Everything trickles down from the kingdom of heaven, and he is the answer to the question of life and why we are instilled with the human instinct to survive. He wants us to survive, however not at the cost of stealing. Thou shalt not steal is clearly stated in the bible as a commandment. If the economy becomes slow or halts then people may become desperate in times of depression and turn to crime as an option for basic human survival. This is why there were so many bank robbers in the 1920’s. It’s because the banks were unable to supply people with the money needed to live, and the mobs and gangsters were so powerful at this time because they were able to supply work and money for people just trying to survive. You see what I mean? Ill advised guidance.

Continuing the conversation, our problems with what creates a criminal mind is based a lot on upbringing. How we raise our children, if they are raised by there parents. That is why Batman is so important to the young readers, it’s because it instills the moral understanding that we are not victims of our circumstance. Rising above circumstance is absolutely possible. It is how heroes are born in some cases. However lets shine a light on the situation of parental authority and how it plays a role in the development of children and ultimately adults. Without a strong adult father or mother figure in a childs life, they can resort to biezlebub to guide them. The internal devil. Attempting to fulfill that vacant spot where they could turn to a parent to help guide them to the right choices. That’s why children are so important to teach and guide, because they become adults that either can be like Batman or like The Joker.

Now I’m going to speak about the vigilante and why this is a special case of law. Sometimes people literally have no choice but to act out as a caped crusader in order to save the ones they love. This is more of a romantic ideal when it comes to the consideration of breaking laws and being considered a criminal. However this is very rare due to the fact that it is always best left the the professionals in handling situations of extreme danger.

In conclusion: what makes a criminal? Society does. Society is the reason they don’t have all of the basic human necessities in place for survival. That being said some people will also be greedy even if they have more then they need to survive. This relates back to the trickle down effect and how without the raindrop splashing into other areas on the ground parts of the grass won’t grow.   So how do we prevent crime? Donate, share help others and contribute to the trickle down effect. This is so important because everyone needs to eat, everyone needs to drink and everyone needs a home. Thank you for reading I hope this has been enlightening.

Written by,

Ryan, and Michelle

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