Why Canada’s Economy is Failing

The reason why Canada’s economy is failing dates back to the conservative government abolishing the penny. We lost over a trillion dollars that the conservatives cannot answer for. It was a trick, we were duped by our members of parliament. Let’s admit it Steven Harper was one of the worst political leaders of the 21century. We as a nation are still cleaning up the mess him and his “conservatives” created. Conservative party is a hypocritical name they abolished so many laws and acts within the country that we are not the nation we once were. It’s basic people what’s important? It’s our conservation. This political sham known as the Conservative party destroyed our conservative nature. You are poor because you didn’t squeeze every penny.

It’s more sad then anything because we voted in a political system which became a majority government that shaped our country in the way it is today. It’s not terrible if your a hunter or a farmer who could supply his own meat and harvest however if you lived your life by the groceries and fast food places you are about to take a huge loss in your finances. Thank the conservatives for that.

I’m going to repeat over 3 trillion dollars is missing from the Canadian treasury in pennies. You traded them in for cash and the material they printed them on was worth more then face value. I was just at the local grocery and made a purchase they owed me a penny and they couldn’t give it to me. I lost money because my government traded copper for face value. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be upset, no one likes to starve while former politicians are waiting for their kickbacks.

The liberals are cleaning up a mess we made. Whether by casting our vote in the wrong direction or negligence (not voting at all). The reason we are suffering backlash is because we were let down by our government.

In order for us to bounce back I suggest being very careful with how you spend your money. Buy things you need or products from companies you have shares in or work for. It’s as simple as that, and once and for all let’s fix the cash machines so we aren’t missing something or owe something after our purchases. We are gambling and the lucky ones get five cents. I’m tired of this fix your prices or machines Canada!

~ Johnny Ryan ~