Batman: The Peaceful Warrior

Dedicated to my grandfather Terry


Killing is easy it’s what cowardice people do to get what they want out of life. More often then not they come from a place where they weren’t given a running push on the bicycle. In desperate times they turn to crime, a gang or criminal organization for a family. Not always the case, but more likely then not. Throughout the last century men and women have stood the fine line between law and the criminal underbelly. Police officers have dedicated and even sacrificed their lives to protect our rights city, state and Countrywide.

The peaceful warrior, a warrior of divinity truth and justice; Have you ever heard the expression eye for and eye and the whole world goes’ blind. Well here’s another way to look at it, if you poke your own eye out. Then by eye for eye standards, you would go blind poking both your eyes out. Justice works this vary way. In the land of the blind the one eyed man would be king.

A great lesson for comic book reader’s child and adult alike is the story of “The Batman.” At the tender age of eight years old young Bruce Wayne is taken to a local theatre. Accompanied by his mother and father they leave down a back alley and are confronted by a thug who guns both his mother and father down in front of his very eyes. Young Bruce becomes enraged, and vengeful.

“And why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
Batman Begins 2005

Gargoyles were designed by architects to help with water flow from a roof and away from the side of a building, mainly churches. They were also said to ward off evils demons, and spirits from the church. It was believed that they even came to life at night to help kings win wars. Batman is a representation of a Gargoyle. He protects the citizens of Gotham and he stands on the side buildings, ready to glide down and save innocents.

Gothic belonging to or redolent of the Dark Ages; portentously gloomy or horrifying. Batman uses his appearance, that of a bat to intimidate those who pray on the fearful. Taking a terrifying image and from his childhood and turning it into a symbol to inspire broken souls.

When people ask who was the greatest warrior to ever walk the earth, most would say Bruce Lee. To be honest he was a good father and martial artist. A wonderful and cheerful man, he learned the art of self defense and taught others how to protect themselves. However Jesus was the greatest warrior. Here is a man who never raised a fist in anger or slandered his father. He defended his mother and lived for 3 days and nights on a cross before dying. He taught those of us who believe in him that pain is only of the flesh and men can stand against there tyrants for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

Batman is not Jesus, however he shares the laws of god as the savior does. He does not break the commandments handed down from God to Moses. Thou shalt have no other gods before me; Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a very young age. He fights injustice not only to honor they father and thy mother even in death, but to once again be reunited with them, in the after life. He understands he is a man. Some would even say at eight years old he grew up in an instance. Thou shalt not murder; Batman does not murder because he understands the loss of a loved one by those means. Here is a guy who took all his anger and aggression and focused it into a positive outcome.

Most Westerners misunderstand that fighting is only necessary when you have no physical enemy. Fight for your survival, fight cancer, fight the devil. Martial arts are the self-discipline of learning to defend your self. Bruce Wayne travelled all around the world to study techniques to learn not to fight a physical enemy but to defend the weak and oppressed, to fight injustice.

They say that Bruce Wayne created every one of his villains by creating his alter ego “The Batman.” However I disagree with this analysis. He did not create the murderer or the serial killer. Murder has been around since Kane and Abel. Mentally disturbed criminals use the law to there benefit and manipulate it to get what they want out of this world. The classic example from this tale is the story of Arkham Asylum, The Joker is constantly sent to the insane asylum instead of prison. He continues to break out and go on murderous rampages throughout the cities. Again and again, because the law of the criminally insane mandates that these criminals are not mentally responsible for their actions due to the fact that they are not mentally competent.

Here’s the interesting fact about vigilantism, it is illegal. You will go to jail for it. However it is your civic duty as a citizen to prevent crime from happening if at all possible. This doesn’t mean dress up like batman and take the law into your own hands. You will more likely then not get killed or whined up getting someone else killed. This means use your power as an acting citizen of your state. The best solution is to not commit crime because it breeds and spreads like cancer. In closing these laws have been instated to protect the people. There are a lot of good Police Officers in service that do there job, however if you commit a crime and are guilty of that crime and refuse to pay the punishment; Justice will be served to you.


-Johnny Ryan-