Album review: Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd

The award winning album Beauty Behind the Madness produced by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, Jason “Daheala” Quenville & Carlo “Illangelo” Montagnese. The album begins with track 1. Real Life in which Abel compares the happenings within what is a Real Life. Sort of a wake up start to the music of Beauty Behind the Madness which plays as a testimonial of The weeknd Abel Tesfaye. The truth behind the madness that must be his life. Clearly there is some truths that Abel wants to make evident and it seems like a beautiful conversation that in the best way possible the weekend is trying to communicate. That being said there is a parental advisory rating due to Explicit Content.

The second track is Losers featuring Labrinth the third track much more controversial talking about popping pills, F-ing bitches living life so free. This is an album for adults, and for young couples. A lot of the theme of love and making love. This album recently won a Grammy for Urban Artist of the year. 4th song “Often” is a very catchy song wouldn’t make it to the radio but good song that is very hip hop inspired, as well as track 5. The Hills that did make it to the radio and got tons of play this year, a very eerie and melodic The Hills have Eyes break down that loops back into the bass line and Jason singing. Very well produced.

The lyrics are rhythm and blues very blues inspired music with a mix of hip-hop. “To say we’re in love is dangerous, but girl I’m so glad we’re acquainted.” From track 6. Acquainted. And another giant billboard hit next with number 7 on the album “Can’t Feel My Face.” “She told me don’t worry about it, She told me you’ll never be alone.”

then track 8. Shameless is a more slow melodic piece and then the masterpiece track 9. Earned it, featured in “Fifty Shades of Grey” From what I saw at the Grammys warm up show Jason knocked it out of the park. Track 10. In the Night which was performed by Abel “the weekend” Tesfaye at the Victoria Secret fashion show this year. #11. As you are. In which is another ballad towards a love, confessing he needs this person in his life as they are. Then a wonderful breakdown of instruments matched by the slow smooth vocal styling of “tesfaye” ” As I am baby, will you take me as I am?”

Track number 12. Dark Times featuring Ed Sheeran brings the album back to the blues. A very sad song actually, speaking about the dark times of life. “In my dark times this is all I could be, only my mother could love me for me. In my dark times!”

the next song on the album #13. Prisoner featuring Lana Del Rey is a personal favourite of mine. In it he serenades us with the things we all fall prisoner to addiction, decisions. Song 14. Angel which is the conclusion to the album is about an angel in Abels life that helps him live a happy fulfilled one. Very beautiful piano and vocals. Seems like a thank you to his beloved angel.

~ Johnny Ryan ~