A Thought Cloud For Cultural Hegemony, The Media, And Education:

Instruments and Language are the best builders of competent students / peoples,  perhaps even more so then science.

It seems here in canada people are getting their news not from the “revolutionary” arm of the government(at least revolutionary in spirit,) but from sources like Russia today and places like Breitbart/RebelMedia, and independent sources like ours(*1,) the peoples of canada are quickly loosing cultural homogeny of the days old, meaning people under 28 are unwilling to trust central government forces here in Soviet Canukistan, the people in the coming generation are interested in media that is from russia, and the new up and coming concern for challenging the international system outside gadafi, being north korea, the DPRK has become one of the most intricate sources for news regarding the operations and details of the governance of a government, the surprising detail on offer by the DPRK compared to Canadian media is impressive, the competency of the people of the DPRK to produce well balanced arguments on the absolute extreme defensive is without compare, and even their descriptions of technical documents and infographics are amazing, bringing to light the operations of the supreme leader with an accurate manner and operations of the government in a more open fashion then I can get access to here in canada, the canadian people are not getting the most out of our media establishment and therefore are not engaged, if people only had more choice in the matter of content produced from a splintered CBC that operated 100’s of smaller divisions all independently operating towards the creation of proud Soviet Canukistanees and Pro Native narrative, that would operate as effectively for the needs of the state at independently creating content as 100’s of sources from the DPRK that are overwhelming the scientific community world wide.

The issue further is also not to be withheld, the lack of correct educations systems for the masses here in Soviet Canukistan is incorrect to maintain long term hegemony and more over the training of “general competence”(*3) of general competence, people are not able to acquire advanced skills that maintain with the skills of the people of Finland or DPR-Korea(Remember, that is the North one,) the ability of peoples to not only have many choices in the content and voices they watch from government sources being a value of the peoples of Soviet Canukistan, but also the engagements with the content in the education system and the heavy involvement in the “hard sciences” is an absolute requirement that the peoples of North Korea have mastered, and we have trailed far behind in,(something to do with a war somewhere in a desert,) further more the development of the personal initiative of peoples to participate openly in engaging the Soviet Canukistan narrative and their own personal canadian thoughts and feeling, and the giving of resources to create, will engage the peoples in the country to create for the nation all the home grown content we as canadians wish to be producing, why is our canadian voice in the international community being squelched, it is because we are not training people in a landscape where it would not happen naturally, the in’s and out’s of promoting canada around the world in their personal activities and endevours, or moreover, teaching them the absolute basics of life like sewing a button(*3.)

Some things we could do about the situation:

For everything we put into guaranteed minimum income we could do something good like:

Parents/Kids who wish to have “their kids” enrol in “hard sciences” at college/university levels, or canadian studies, or “disinformation” studies(Like the russians do and china, and everyone else, but they do it more effectively.)

Offer at the age of 3 free music devices(instrument) to all citizens to begin the learning of an instrument.

Offer free language courses and require during the education process that by grade 8 people are fluent in 5 languages.

Minimum teachers salary 400,000 USD, teachers are required to have a 6 year university degree plus 4 years in teaching college. Teachers that exist will be retrained, every year the bottom 5 % of the teaching force goes for retaining as a part of “continued modernization” practices.

Two day school week at 5 hours study with 2 hour lunch and 3 X 5 min breaks.

Teachers are dedicated to teaching, who do not concern with grading and reviews.

Independent teachers that do aptitude tests and independent evaluations for grading to identify student weakness.

Offering of incentives for internships of peoples between the ages of 13 and 18 to a government labour pool or with a company that will do specialization training for high tech or innovation based sectors, 1 day in school and 1 day in training for specialization.

Students are required to do 14 hours in school, but are required to do 50 hours at home and have 24/7 access to online teachers.

Students will receive large incentives for scoring 2 years ahead on every year they complete, including family leisure activities, camps, trips, movies, and other activities.

The expansion of home education options and evaluations personalized to the aspirations of all individuals, within the framework of “Juche” or “hard sciences!”

The creation of scientific innovation centres more expansive and more accessible then we have currently, that offer true science assistance.

The education of individuals in government affairs, government operations, other governments operations and affairs, and the working of your own will within governments is of the utmost importance, and something that china, Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands all pride themselves in very deeply.

The knowledge of cyber operations and basic computer literacy, including: Securing the computer, Preventing Routing or Zombieing, preventing back doors, mitigating 0-day exploits, general counter security operations, counter “disinformation” knowledge, anti-phishing, and so many other important computer requirements.

The study of the “meme economy” and memeology, and how it can be used for the Canadian benefit in mindshare.

~Chase Johns~


(*3 Though this is in the UK, this is a trend in the USA and Canada as well and the largest blight on the economy,)http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2213723/Young-adults-useless-basic-tasks.html



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