What’s wrong with Radio?!?

What is wrong with Radio, my lord? This is the question I have for all you readers out there. Honestly and truthfully it starts with perspective. We all need to be able to focus yet at the same time be individuals. That’s why you have such an array of artists displaying their talents to the public. When I say perspective I’m implying that it’s determinate of the broadcaster. The public chooses who they want to listen to, and the broadcaster plays back what you voted to listen too.

So what’s wrong with radio? In order to find the answer we need to ask what’s wrong with me? Why do I enjoy a certain artist over the other. The answer is cast and receive. We all throw our opinion in and from the wall of the public critic, we get a response. People like The Weekend, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Jay-Z all cast an idea into our minds and from our imaginations we receive insight into ourselves from either their experience or mode of storytelling.

Its a question that I hope we all keep asking, the problem with radio is that their are bullies who want to suppress the truth or hide it completely. We are live right now. No excuses no ifs, ands, or buts. This is happening right now. That’s an exciting feeling embrase the now. Live in the moment you’ll never have another like it in your lifetime.

So what is wrong with the radio? The answer be a star… Don’t burn out or burn up for attention tell the truth and it will set you free. Love is the answer isn’t that what the radio has been telling us for years?

~ Johnny Ryan ~