Ryan’s Tail: The resurrection of Orion

A flame lit from above. I walked towards the light, stepping. My head surfaced and I regained my sight. There was an Egyptian woman, to my right.

Egyptian: He lives!

I continued out of the pool of pig blood. A king sat upon his throne with Giants, guarding him. To his left and right.

King: Orion would you fight in my army. For the children?

I am hungry, I said.

To my left was a beautiful white haired women with eyes blue like the sky.

“So you are a rapist, back to do wicked and evil deed?”
She raised a knife in her hand.

“No” I exclaimed

The Kings guard restrained her and she fought to be free.

Execute her! Proclaimed the king

No! I replied
” I am hungry good King.”

Help yourself to the grapes Orion, not to many. You mustn’t have pork.

“Yes good King.” I bowed

Are you here to rape our daughters Orion?

No! I am so hungry! I belted

“Have a chicken Orion, be sure not to eat snake as well.”

I grabbed the chicken and was so hungry I bit its head off.

” Oh I must cook this.” I realized.

He lauged then spoke; “My name is Tut Orion, it is my pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my Kingdom.”

The good King clapped and they took the chicken to be feathered and cooked. A large god stood tall and had the head of a bird. Another with the head of a dog.

“We pray to them, and from our prayer they have grown large and powerful. Explained the King. “Alright we have waited long enough, drink and laugh let the party begin. Orion I would like to have some private words with you. Come.”

He clapped again and they began to drink and dance. I followed the King and his servant handed me a chicken leg. It was delicious.

We stepped outside and there were large monuments being built. The King ushered me to the steps and pillar of one, he spoke;

“Orion I found you floating in the River Nile. An arrow threw your head. Is it true what I heard about you Orion?

“What is that? I questioned.

“That you raped Oenopions daughter, drunk with wine?”

“I do not know. He did not love his daughter as I did.”

“Did you appear outside my window Orion? I cried to the gods to help me, I am only a boy and I saw your face outside my window, with a smile on it.”

“Perhaps it was my father?”

“Who is your father?”

“Poesidon, King of the Sea.”

“Will you fight for my army Poesidons son? A tyrantical King wishes to over throw my rule and make new laws, acts we now consider barbaric. I need brave men, and any man that has faced death must be brave.”

“To be honest I know nothing of death, I was pearced by a scorpion and I dove into the sea to escape. I felt a sharp pain in my head. I awoke next in your presence.”

“I do not know a guilty man who could have floated so far, down the Nile and survived. The water was undrinkable that is how I knew these were unfortunate circumstances. Orion let’s join the party, come.”

The King then clapped and smiled.

” I don’t feel like celebrating I’m going to sit under the stars, try and understand where I am?”

“Egypt sir, you are in Egypt.”

“Egypt I’ve never been here before.” I responded

“Those monuments house the tombs of the Dead” said the King. “Goodbye Orion, please take into consideration what path I have offered you. Please.”

The King left and I was now alone… Time passed and I heard the party from a distance. I remember next sneaking into a temple. Where I saw a large Dog like creature standing on two legs. He was speaking with Isis. She was kissing him and they spoke of death and being gods.

“Let’s reincarnate.” Said Isis.

“No Im perfect,” responded the dogman.

They continued rubbing and kissing one another, neaking. I knocked over a flame.

“Someone’s coming.” Hushed Isis.

“Maybe it’s them.” said the dogman.

“Maybe hahaha” laughed Isis.

They blew out the light and hid, to the shadows.