Ryan’s Tail: Chapter 5


Ryan’s Tail: Chapter 5

“After the scorpion bit me I felt dizzy, I did not attempt to eat it because it had no horns or no tusks.”

Ryan: Awoowoow… Awoowoow!

Pezo began to act like me, pretending to howl. Her little ones joined in on the fun. We all played and laughed. The white native spoke to Pezo with his hands again.






Pezo shook her head.


Well at least there is bear to eat, I have to cook this. The white native tore another piece from keomosobe, and the gathered wood and made warmth again. He then put pieces of kemosobe in the flame and made him taste better.

The White Native: mmm that was good, I’m not hungry anymore.

Pezo and her young ate more as well.

The White Native: I just have to find a way out of here, it has almost been 2 days.

Ryan: Woof! Awoowoow!

The White Native: What are you trying to tell me little guy?

Ryan: Hi

The White Native: Holy B-Jesus you can talk!

Ryan: B- Jesus.

The White Native: Woah, your not the devil are you?

Ryan: De-il, deil, arf!

The White Native: Those berries I ate must have been poisonous. I better sit down.

I sat with him. I had spoke for the first time. I was learning. The day was becoming very warm from morning star. Now that the hunger had left me I was growing curious. I did not turn my head though. I searched for something to do and I sniffed.