Ryan’s Tail: Chapter 3

We wandered through the wood. I heard black birds speaking. The white native walked and spoke crow. Pezo followed with her see-n-ha (little) tricksters closely behind. I began to howl.

Ryan: awoooooo!

the white native: Ryan quite, hunters. I wish you could understand.

He put his finger to his mouth.

the white native: shhh.

Ryan: awoowowow.

the white native: I know little guy you miss your family… I miss mine to…I’m scared, and I’m lost. I don’t know what to do.

More rain fell from his eyes. I barked.

Ryan: Bark!

Then I began to play, Pezo’s little ones started playing to. It made me happy. The white native began to be happy, and he wiped away the water from his eyes.

the white native: aha you guys are pretty funny. I feel better now.

I put my front paws on him and he began acting like my father would, he was good at playing. Then thunder again. I became afraid.

the white native: Why are they still shooting? Hunting season ended 2 days ago.

We began to run. The white native carried the little tricksters in his hands. Pezo followed closley behind. Morning Star peaked through the branches and gave life to the place where we ran. The trees stopped and yellow filled a field and in front of it was a red giant that had smoke coming out of the top of it. There were more ones like the white native and he spoke with his hands to Pezo.

the white native: S-T-A-Y, H-I-D-E.

the white native left the golden yellow field and walked up to the one with red curly hair. He tried to speak but the spirit had left his tongue, and he stumbled. His face grew red.

the white native: Hi… uh, how are ya?

curly red-haired girl: hello… wait why are you naked?

I barked.

Ryan: Woof!

Another curly haired girl stepped into the golden yellow field and grabbed me as my mother would.

marked faced one: Your our doggy now.

She put something around my neck and I couldn’t move, I barked again for the white native but he ran back into the golden yellow field. The one with red curly hair laughed, she walked up to me and spoke.

curly red-haired girl: Where did you come from? I’m going to my room that boy from school is here. Where did she go? This is that last time I babysit for my parents!

marked faced one: I found a doggy, he’s mine.

curly red-haired girl: You can’t keep him, he probably belongs to someone. Maybe he’s that boys with the blue hair.

Then I heard another one like my father speak, he was barking and scared. He then whimpered and made no more noise. The curly red-haired girl ran to the back of the green and peaked into the golden yellow field. A boy with straight blonde hair stepped out with a rock in his hand. There was red on it.

blonde straight haired boy with wicked eyes: Do you want to play children of the corn?

curly red haired girl: Oh my god! I’m so angry I could scream!

The curly red haired girl began waving her arms back and forth water ran from her eyes and she went back into the red giant with smoke coming from it. I did not know where the white native was, he crowed but I could not see him. There was something else moving in the golden yellow field, the leaves shook but there was no wind. A thunder maker poked out.