On the elimination of dogmatism in relation to homogeny.

First thing I would like to note is that the experience I had while going to school was that of learning a few songs about “this land being made for you and me,” and assured,  a lot of other songs that were taken from american sources and jingled up with a lot of rebranded canadian lyrics that were very off-putting compared to the originals, this is truly a cultural issue,  this cultural issue would be best dealt with at a local level and should be a class uprising to inspire the masses towards action of rebuilding of the national identity.




“Thus, patriotism and internationalism are inseparable. He who does not love his own country cannot be loyal to internationalism, and he who is unfaithful to internationalism cannot be faithful to his own country and people. A true patriot is precisely an internationalist and vice versa.”




The peoples here in Canada have become very distant from the elderly peoples of our nation,  the elderly peoples of the nation are discarded into a home and not given the absolute advantage of bringing their vast knowledge to the community and further invigorating the “canadian cultural revolution” towards an identity that will differ from that of the wolf that lives among us.  The liberals here in Canada are regressive and disconnected from reality always constantly obsessed with their phones and gadgets and are so deeply disengaged with society and this detriment is harmful towards the homogony building of the society.


“I am so less free today then I was when I was a kid” – Dennis Prager


“Today our functionaries have become so insolent that they show no respect for their seniors. They have been allowed to fall into such a habit, whereas Communists naturally have a higher moral sense than any other people, and hold their revolutionary seniors in high esteem.”


The unfortunate case as said earlier in our earlier article that is spurring this writing here,  the media that most canadians get at the end of the day is not produced here in canada and is not competent material that a “reasonable” person would choose to consume.  The majority of people my age or younger than myself watch Al Jazeera,  Rodong Media,  and Russia Today.  This is something that would be greatly helped by the elimination of Dogmatism and Formalism in the structure of the CBC and other government organizations associated with providing canadians and the peoples of the world,  their content.


Further as stated in our “If We Were A Political Party” article the clothing industry that was once the powerhouse of the canadian economy is unable to compete globally,  and the one major advantage we had was a domestic consumption of uniquely canadian textiles that the revenue at higher rates could go towards subsidizing the international exports of our textile goods.  The production and consumption of canadian textile products that show off the pride of the canadian spirit similar to the spirit and pride of the people of Bavaria,  would be one of the number one things canadians could do together in solidarity for the economy and long term interests of the nation as a whole.  The halting of buying cheaper clothing for a start but moreover, the increasing of repairs and maintenance of existing clothing would be a major benefit to the pockets of the nation long term.  The increase as said in our earlier article,  of basic literacy of the up and coming generation in regards to:  Sewing,  hemming,  cooking,  government affairs,  media creation,  dis-information,  computer literacy,  and a number of other things the government could be doing to make a more competent base that would then further have canadian interests to buy canadian,  with the correct knowledge of how to do so.









“In learning from the experience of the Soviet Union there is a marked tendency just to model after the external forms. Once Pravda puts out a headline “A Day in Our Country,” our Rodong Sinmun carries the same title: “A Day in Our Country.” What of the use of copying even this sort of thing? The same is true of clothing. When there are very graceful Korean costumes for our women, what is the use of discarding them and putting on dresses which are unbecoming of them? There is no need to do this. I suggested to Comrade Pak Jon Ae to see that our women dress in Korean costumes as far as possible.”


As said earlier in this article,  the skimming over of canadian history in favour of a more world view has completely dejected the base of canadian affairs and canadian mindsets.  The peoples know nothing of the many great canadian figures and the struggles in which our peoples had to go through as a nation in order to become the great peoples we are and the times that we do stand upon in the land of looming debt and prosperity that seems like it will never go away.  Truly the teachings of the massive effort each person had to put into construction of our great nation and the massive task that it is to maintain such a giant system and the future needs of the system in order to advance forward,  that must be done for the peoples to understand the task that will come in the future as our nation is falling apart before our eyes and perhaps give perspective on what peoples of canada did before when times got tough,  or things needed to get built that seemed impossible.


“What assets do we have for carrying on the revolution if the history of our people’s struggle is denied? If we cast aside all these things, it would mean that our people did nothing. There are many things to be proud of in our country’s peasant movements of the past. In recent years, however, no articles dealing with them have appeared in our newspapers.”


ee  Here in canada even the peoples who are in our government are inept at the great history of our nation,  truly more incompetent people in history have never been elected to office as we have here in the USA and canada,  the party officials have not taken correct deliberation towards the bringing of canadian information to peoples for so long the whole of the political and corporate base is inept and does not know the values and spirit of the canadians.  The training of the peoples in canadian revolutionary thought,  science,  and all of those other things mentioned would greatly increase even the basics of competency.


“In schools, too, there is a tendency to neglect lectures on Korean history. During the war the curricula of the Central Party School allotted 160 hours a year to the study of world history, but very few hours were given to Korean history. This is how things were done in the Party school, and so it quite natural that our functionaries are ignorant of their own country’s history.”


“Moreover, there were pictures of huge factories in foreign countries, but there was not a single one of the factories we were rehabilitating or building. They do not even put up any diagrams and pictures of our economic construction, let alone study the history of our country.”


Why are the books that we are making people read coming from places that are not canadian?  Is there any real or necessary reason why we are declining our nations peoples the ability to hear from their own voice by mandating that information materials be produced for the market of canada by canadians?  The peoples of canada should have our own way of trying to bring education to the peoples.  The bringing of digital teaching system that are in book format,  LCD paper systems,  for bringing the world’s most advanced teaching aids to the peoples,  in which DPRK has begun working on over distribution of computers.  With such a prosperous society we should be at minimum keeping up with North Korea in offering augmented books to students.  The production of books in house further goes to reducing the prices that peoples will pay for books by having a digital book that can have access to every single book ever created on a government distribution server.  The bringing of free books and technical documentation is carried out in North Korea and should also be a right here in canada.  The central technical book authority will work towards ensuring that all canadians have access to all literature and not only,  but will be able to request any “technical document” or “legal document” even if there was a “pay-wall” for that information,  the government of canada believes that all information is a human right,  similar to North Korea,  and will assure that canadians are not charged more than a single penny for technical,  legal,  or other documents or books.  The setting up of a private writers fund for the funding of books will also be a priority within this programme.  The bringing of information to all of the peoples free of charge would also improve the standard of every single worker in the nation,  improve the morale and literacy,  and most importantly educate the peoples and give them the knowledge to fix our “third world country!”


“Here is a ridiculous example. Even in attaching a table of contents to a booklet, foreign ways are aped and it is put in the back. We should learn, as a matter of course, from the good experience of socialist construction, but what on earth is the need of putting the table of contents in the back of a booklet in foreign style? This does not suit the taste of Koreans. As a matter of course, we should put it in the front of a book, shouldn’t we?”


The restorations of canadian morals and morals is the number one thing we could do as a society,  but we must completely realize the situation of canada,  we are doomed to forever economically integrate with the USA.  If we choose not to,  there is no good that will ever come of anything but.  However the option of keeping our “unique” culture,  as “unique” as it could be,  is a very enticing thing for the peoples of our nation,  but this will require effort,  sacrifice,  as the british call it “solidarity,”  and as it should be called,  Juche!  The use of Juche could give the elite class a guiding compass towards the building of a canadian civilization free from the influences culturally of other nations,  or the edge of those nations would be eroded and perhaps a more canadian identity could become of the medien.


“As a matter of fact, the form of our government should also be fitted to the specific conditions of our country. Does our people’s power have exactly the same form as in other socialist countries? No, it does not. They are alike in that they are based on Marxist-Leninist principles, but their forms are different. No doubt, our platform, too, is in keeping with the realities of our country. Our 20-Point Platform is the development of the Programme of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland. As you all know, the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland existed before our country was liberated.”


The peoples of this country and other countries further have been completely mislead regarding whole series of events throughout history that greatly reduces the ability of the nation to make well informed decisions,  that even if well intended by the political and media elites,  prevent the peoples from fully realizing the true narratives and threads and making an accurate conclusion of an event.  This creates the ability for anyone to introduce doubt and leverage a narrative that is less efficient than the tactic one should be doing at the time.  It is exactly that,  the build up of dogmatism and further the inefficiencies of following the dogmatism,  in formalism,  that creates an environment where “juche” is not realized,  and by Juche in this case we mean a “subjective” view of the systems that would cause this event rather than the reactionary method in which we are lead to in this dogmatic system we find ourselves struggling with here in canada.


“When propaganda work is conducted with such exaggeration without any substance to it, it will lead people to be carried away by victory and to become easy-going. This bad practice is also responsible for the false reports handed in by junior officials.”


The peoples of china for the DPRK is also the same issue us canadians have here with the united states in our coming times.  If we wish to follow our own independent road down the common wealth then we are sacrificing the unfettered open door to the american markets,  whereas our options are more flexible with the internationalists,  the security is just not there,  the only future production zone is the united states of america,  any other country that will exist is going to exist in a shell of its former self with the insecurity of shipping in the coming future,  and the access to technology of pirates.  Having some sacrifice of economic growth in exporting to other countries and working on national reconstruction efforts would be one of the best things we could de,  and reformulating an interoperation agreement with the americans for consumption unconditionally of our market in revolutionary science or high-end technical goods and processes.  Through cooperation with the south there is a harder road with economic turbulence and uncertainty,  but is always the better choice.


The external factor conducive to the country’s peaceful reunification should likewise be taken into consideration. If we succeed in maintaining peace for a five to ten years period, China, with her more than 600 million population, will grow incomparably in might, not to mention the Soviet Union, and the power of the whole socialist camp will be further strengthened.


Will people even read 10 pages?


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