Life on Mars

imageI am under the whole hearted understanding that life once existed on the planet within our solar system Mars. The red planet between Earth and Jupiter that was home to Martian life. Frozen and held motionless in time, we often forget the worlds beyond our ozone. I believe Martians are alive and well on our planet including crustations such as crabs, and lobsters. Only able to survive in low oxygen conditions like the seas and oceans here on our planet. Speaking of life known to ourselves as crustations,  as well life much like our own homosapeian design did and does exist. That’s  right folks Martians much like famous characters respresented in popular media; J’onn Jones the Martian ManHunter and even Marvin the Martian.

How is this possible one might ask? Simple, Alien life is very real. Not only beyond this planet but beyond our solar system and universe. Lets begin with mars. Martians although physically more advanced then human species as well possess the ability to shape shift most likely a defense mechanism to evade and hide from potential predators. Much like a lizard changes colours to escape capture. As well Martians possess elongated occipital and parietal lobes giving them the ability to see into the future; visual foresight. However not the ability to predict the future, due to the fact that circumstances can always change; the butterfly effect.

Abilities such as shape shifting, and visual foresight are gifts any Martian would possess upon birth. However the ability to walk through walls is something only an Earth born Martian would possess as well as a Martian travelled from Mars through a teleporter (teleportation device). The science behind this is understanding how particles and matter work. If I had a ball in my hand and I threw it against a wall, the ball would bounce off the wall and onto the ground in front of it. Matter meeting matter, particles bouncing off one another. Now imagine a lamp being placed beside the wall casting light against it, the light from the lamp would hit the wall and bounce back into the room. Light hitting matter reflecting then dispersing. Think of it this way if there was no wall the light would not bounce/reflect off the wall it would continue and disperse until it is cast onto something. If you were to replace the wall with curtains small amounts of light would transmit through the curtains, some would be absorbed and the rest reflected. For example when the sun rises in the morning and small amounts of light make it into your home. Much like how a radio single works. Electricity has the ability to pass through matter at low levels. A Martian is a conductor, because the brain requires and harnesses electricity, therefore Martians could transmit themselves through matter like a song on the radio.

That being said only a Martian could complete this task due to the following criteria: elongated parietal and occipital lobes, which gives them larger amounts of electricity within their brains. As well as physical design; denser higher quantity muscles. Also the reason why the average Martian would be much taller then the average human. Lastly the size and gravitational pull of the planet Mars compared to Earth. Smaller with a larger gravitational pull. All these factors contribute to why a Martian such as J’onn Jones doesn’t have to use the door.

Mars froze, the planet for some reason became covered in ice and stopped being able to support life,  inhabitable. In relation to Earth, Mars would have froze in the republican era. A time when one could own and train gladiators, or lease them from a lanista.  It is known that on Mars coliseums have been built and spotted, It was in the year 2015 when the age of Aquarius came into forition that the ice thawed and Mars has once again become habitable. Who knows maybe in the next few years we’ll all be vacationing to the red planet.

~Johnny Ryan~