Donald Trumps Failure To Relish Realities Of Deep State Setup:

As we may have seen recently,  a large gathering in poland appeared to engage with increasing ties with the polish state,  and this is absolutely great as trump should be engaging in long term diplomacy and speech making,  and perhaps more access to the american markets might help resolve some issues in the EU or issues that are systemic:

Though it may be news to many peoples,  the polish people have always been a system manipulator for absolute gain,  and for donald trump to engage with them:

As,  is it?

Is it really in our best interests to be dealing with a state that killed millions before WW1 and WW2 and further engaged in military planning against other nations pre-emptively(Moltke’s Assessment Of Preemptive Strike On Germany By Poland, Chapter 12, pg. 112 )?  Though I’m sure as some know,  though few,  there were many encounters on german land and atrocities committed against german people,  the liberation of german people was at the root cause,  and the terrible treating of people by poles,  if we look further down the chain towards historical reasons,  as,  no country finds its advantage in war,  and everyone is sure that war for liberation of peoples comes last,  and if we look,  it was so,  germany asked repeatedly for germans to be sent home,  but they were sent out,  as in,  anywhere out of the nation,  or committed to forced labour,  as most were back in the day as a counter response(all the info about the polish atrocities is here:)

Then further,  after the war then forcibly moved,  killed,  or commit to labour millions of germans,  far more than the few sent to their fate as “jets” in ww2,  even worse,  normal third generation poles of german descent were included in this roster as to “clean the land for poles,”  a major post-war excuse in the name of refugees and resettlement,  it also committed millions of jews to be move out of poland after WW2 or worse,  sent to death labour making american product.

For america to be engaging with such a terrible state that has continued to engage in such atrocities is unprecedented,  further,  knowing what hey are doing now,  they are as we have covered earlier in a mawlsum article,  engaging in forced labour in poland of north korean citizens to repair american warships and steal our technology and put it on their craft,  unacceptable and we will fight this:



Weather trump wishes to support such a terrible state or not,  the government clearly does and there is nothing this president is doing to try and take back the reigns of the country from back rooms,  even if we support him and most of his efforts,  there is a massive failure in the engaging of all required speakings and diplomatic services initiated by the system,  and if he did independently choose this,  it is a sign that he is really becoming a dictator worse than hitler,  and with the most military bases on the planet,  the USA could pose a serious threat to the world,  or a massive tax!



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