Creatures of Folklore Part 2: Vampires, Psychology and Cancer

The undead, neither living nor dead.

Vampires throughout popular culture have remained a much-talked about and glorified species. The first count of it being portrayed in literature is “Carmilla” a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It was first published in 1871 as a serial narrative in “The Dark Blue.” It tells the story of a young woman’s susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. It predates Bram Stoker‘s Dracula by 26 years.

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Believing you’re a vampire is not a mental illness. Nor should it excuse anyone from the actions they commit onto human beings, or animals for that matter. The associations of vampires and the occult have dated back to Jesus of Nazareth. Within this religion eternal life is promised to those who drink the blood and eat the body of their savior Jesus Christ. That being said Christianity does not advocate Vampirism. In present day utopia all the diseases of the world would not exist. Therefore to claim that vampirism is a mental disorder is completely false. You can practice vampirism, many cultures and humans do all around the world. However drinking blood increases the white blood cell count in humans. Therefore it is a physical deterrent. You will not have eternal life; in fact it will slowly but surely kill your immune system.

Within folklore vampires have many allergies that humans do not. Sunlight, silver, and garlic. This can be biologically linked to many allergies of humans for example an allergy to sunlight: photosensitivity: most likely where the inability to capture a vampire’s image stems from. They also do not have a reflection. More Psychological due to the fact that they do not want to face there own reflection in the mirror, vanity is a sin however if you can look into your own eyes without shame there is no vane in that. Silver melts and displays heat differently then metal would, therefore it makes sense that when fired from a pistol a silver bullet would reach a much higher temperature then a metal bullet. Cutting through whatever it meats much more easily and cauterizing the wound. Silver weapons such as a sword would heat and cool faster then bronze or metal, silver is also less malleable then these alternatives. During different periods of time currency was either valuable in weapons for war or money. So Kings would either produce coin or weapons. Garlic increases heart rate and helps with blood flow. It is a very healthy natural heart healing and maintenance tool. Garlic allergy or allergic contact dermatitis to garlic is a common inflammatory skin condition caused by contact with garlic oil or dust. It mostly affects people who cut and handle fresh garlic, like chefs.

So why do vampires hiss and deter from the sight of a cross, simply because Christianity is the religion of self-sacrifice and love. The occult is about self-indulgence and believing that you are greater then god/ or that there is no god. In fact most people who join this group of self-worshipers wind up believing they are gods. There is nothing wrong with being an atheist; there is something wrong with hurting others for your own enjoyment.

What is the devils greatest trick?

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Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia

The story of Dracula was based off of Vlad the Impaler; Prince of Wallachia “The Impaler” suggests, his practice of impaling his enemies; part of his historical reputation. His father Vlad II, who in 1431 was inducted as a member of the “Order of the Dragon” a chivalric order founded by Emperor Sigismund in 1408. The noun drac “dragon” itself continues Latin Draco. Hence Dracula.

The fact of the matter is we all need to understand that we are mortal, we have been given a certain amount of time here on this earth and we cannot outrun the reaper. On the subject of cancer, I’m only using this as an example because it is the most common in North America. Medical scientists have identified many of the causes of cancer; smoking is associated with cancers of the lung, bladder, and cervix, for example. They believe that most of the remaining cancers are due to contamination of the environment, food and drink by substances called carcinogens, and to the effects of sunlight. Different cancers are more or less common in different countries. For example, there are more cases of stomach cancer and fewer of breast cancer in Japan than in the United States (but Japanese who live in the United States are susceptible to the same kinds of cancer as Americans). Scientists now believe that certain (unidentified) constituents of food are an important cause of cancer: industrial radioactivity, chemicals, and substances such as asbestos account for only about one to two per cent of all cancers. There is increasing evidence that some cancers may be caused by viruses.

I’m not comparing Vampirism to Cancer, in the above paragraph it was stated that those are the most common causes. However that being said drinking animal blood whether it mammal, amphibian or bird; will weaken the immune system by creating unhealthy levels of white blood cells counts. Making you more susceptible to diseases. Cook your meat! Humans can digest snake blood, due to the fact that they belong to the reptile family. It can even prove beneficial: if you do it once. A shot of snake blood can strengthen the heart from the damage of a heart attack.

There are many cultures that practice cannibalism, Do Not Confuse this with Vampirism. Cannibals still cook their food, and they have been eating human flesh for centuries. They can digest it. I am not condoning cannibalism in North America it is illegal, and very well should be. In closing there are such things as Vampires (Vampire bats), vampirism is very real and if you practice it you deserve not a straight jacket, but a prison cell.

Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler

The devils greatest trick; it’s convincing us he isn’t real.

-Johnny Ryan-