Another Ongoing Article On Revolutionary Action

As most articles are here from the Chase camp at Mawlsum,  they change over time,  get updated,  and morph sometimes into completely different revisions of history in the pursuit of ideological truth and advancement of conscious thought towards the future destiny of ideological work.  At some points in Ideological thought one must make questions as to the wants and desires for the community at large and the people’s willingness to engage in work that is ideological in order to societally bring about advancement that is for the peoples of the nation and not for that of imperial powers if one is allowed to use such language as “imperial” in the western world,  I hope we still have free speech enough to say that in canada,  to what priority is the advancement and to what willingness is the peoples to achieve?  Will one be able to sacrifice for the good of the cohorts or will ones willingness to comply with one’s own desires triumph?  We must be willing to take an introspective look at the future of the peoples and their roles in society and their willingness to commit to revolutionary action by any means necessary in order to maintain a standard of living in this society,  if we as a people are not able to do the ladder of our roles and also work to increase our nimbility(or increase the number of roles and positions we will engage in inside the community) then we as a society have no chance at maintaining a workforce that can produce prosperity and luxury for the soon retiring class,  and our supplement with foreign labour seems a good investment while the rates of lower class labour,  but it may not be enough in 20-30 years with even more of our high skilled base being aged.

How should we proceed as one peoples as a nation through such extra-ordinary times,  with such adversity there are few options available,  the easiest way to get out of this situation and is one considered highly in 5 of our provinces would be succession which seems like a viable options but that is abandonment to imperial powers and is considered by most a victory to the americans on the international stage to consolidating power,  alberta and BC(or what is left of it) is losing massive shares in lumber and therefore a further restricting capital available through previously free markets,  though valid and would comparatively reduce debt burden and allow us to have access to american labour markets where there is a shortage of labour to do in america and to much to do up north,  it would be the greatest prosperity that these two countries would ever share together as one nation,  though that hopefully is not what will happen in the future,  hopefully through thoughtful planning we can mitigate the issue of poverty and absolute horror that is befalling the nation even today:

The government of Switzerland tells us that the average caloric intake of a DPRK(north korean) resident of chinese descent not associated with the DPRK government has a higher caloric intake than an aboriginal/native/indian canadian.  Switzerland concluded that the average caloric intake of a chinese villager in DPRK was 2750 in 2016 under the renewed Juche efforts and reduction of songon,  some inklings as to further news in CATO report below,  transversely Toma Hunter concluded that “native canadian participants consumed an average caloric intake of 2079.”  In the same investigation done by switzerland on world poverty,  they also compared Blacks and Latino’s(3 different categories/demographics of the latino categorization) and concluded that “though the african americans and other ethnic groups consumed more fried food,  they often only consumed two meals,  meaning that they are often times well under 1800 calories in a day,”  the same study further went on to say that “in these conditions their health was further deteriorated by an outdated system of water delivery which contained toxic chemicals often not found in other communities in the USA including lead,  mercury,  and sulfur-compounds,”  which assumedly is true of our impoverished communities as well.

Though this would be a bad idea for a number of reasons,  first off would be an imbalance of resources,  as if the USA did not already have all of the resources,  and more importantly,  we as a people give up the right to self determine in any way we see fit even if it is not to the liking of the imperial powers.  The right of self determination should not be something we should take for granted and should be protected at all costs,  even at the threat of conflict.


Well here is a list of things to think about,  and some will be filled out in excruciating detail in further releases:

As per our long term strategic thinking as a Chaebol we will be working very hard to create a long term investment into creating competent workers and employing them by having them automate their current operations,  they will be working on a navigable waterway,  there should be a strong national effort put into the success of it as a capital generating structure,  canada would be an infinitely better place with a navigable waterway.  Our Chaebol as an organization,  “The Northover Foundation” will work to also increase the output of agricultural product of our nation by a 25 to 50 X increase(only in Wheat,  Soy,  And Corn.)  The Northover Foundation as a Chaebol will be using drone systems to automate all agriculture production of the nation.  The Northover Foundation will also be working to mediate the introduction of technology free of charge to as many organizations as it can…

What is needed of a Chaebol to be successful is a large commitment by the society,  government partnership,  and ideological work separate from the scientific achievements being produced.  It needs not only government partnership and support but also inter-governmental cooperation and support,  from the governments like india who are in famine,  and china whose rice crops are yielding less and less and their populations are moving into western styled lifestyles.

That is what Northover as an organization needs to mediate the future of the canadian landscape,  but more on how that relates here:


From this creation of a navigable waterway across the country the government will work with our organizations and many other currently existing Chaebal-Like organizations to create 16 cities of the most advanced variety,  these cities will house 100% of canada’s population,  these new cities will be built in each of the provinces and will be free for anyone in canada to move to,  all people who move to these cities will be given 200,000$/Year Minimum Income and unlimited internet education to increase competence and productivity,  however,  this number is a little misleading,  so let’s explain how we get 200,000$ for everyone in today’s dollars in some variety of services:

First Off We Must Rally Behind Our Revolutionary Leader While Limiting His Power:  The transition of power in the previous election was a ficle one and risked the overall stability of the union,  that transition should not happen in the future,  the continued representation of our country by our revolutionary leader Justin Treadeu is of the utmost importance,  the continued representation of any nation by a stable figure that is quite prominent and is always in a delegation that advances ideological or inter-relational work again as stated,  very important.  This is why we will continue to have the man in charge remain our revolutionary leader for a considerable period of time,  as a policy maker this Treadeaue guy has done a reasonably competent job at advancing the correct path forward with some mistakes which must be corrected.  This leeds us to our premise as it were,  a council,  in addition a computer system and myself Chase:

Revolutionary Leaders Council:  The implementation of a board of directors system is one of the biggest ways we can restrict the power of our revolutionary leader,  though our true revolutionary leader Treadeaao will continue being the figure head and diplomatic representative of the country as mentioned above,  there should be a board of 5 to 10 executive individuals who treat the country as a business and their objective is to minimize risk and maximize/consolidate executive function for the advancement of the people,  under the guiding principle of Juche,  and I’m sure we will have to get back to that one.

Reformation Of Government Structure And Lateralization Of Executive Function:  The reformation of government structure is a powerful symbol,  it will signal the coming of the end for corruption and non-essential ideological advancements.  With the lateralization of executive function there will be an emphasis on cooperation of individuals with power reflecting their merit and performance as measured by the computer,  this system will be meant to resolve partisan gridlock and incentivize merit with access to luxury and power,  as measured by the computer.

The Computer,  The Intellectual,  And You:  With the coming of the singularity by 2020 as a result of almost revolutionary advances in Information Technology,  we are in a position to begin incorporating computers into every single part of the government schema,  in addition to a framework of not allowing government bureaucrats have computers that have internet or any means of generating a signal that can transmit data and a complex system of monitoring and private filtered internet systems,  there will be a system of pairing a politicians with their own personalized scientist and computer system with the flexibility to get the job done,  within their cooperative groups,  the intellectual is a very important part of the society and offers almost infinite advances in large scale complex problem solving abilities.  The intellectual will be at the core of our advance forward,  and further,  you,  you will be the core of our advance forward,  in addition to our political class being retrofitted with the most advanced knowledge base and competence scale we have access to,  you the average system will be incorporated into this function as a part of lateralization,  from the community up,  in addition to your function as a normal citizen in the society,  you will engage in science over the internet and work in collaboration with all systems in the canadian economy to increase the available intelligence we have to deploy at any time to solve any problem,  the core of the system is automation and drones for all sectors,  in mutual cooperation.

Increasing Nimbility And Resiliency In Executive Function:  The importance of Nimbility and Resiliency in any organization is crucial,  the system as we are starting to detail it will have resilience in that it can have access to almost infinite labour for free that works in an open source method,  as we will be detailing later,  and works cooperatively,  with the internet schema for creating a 100% robot workforce,  we will then have access to infinite brain over the internet,  this will give as said infinite brain power,  the government of the federal elites will be taken over by each province,  and further each city,  thereby reducing liability to all people for government failings,  but a refocus on government’s role as a facilitator of success rather than a creator of wealth,  which it is not,  and that will increase resiliency of function,  through stability of region,  restriction of power and over spending / over reaching,  this will promote risk taking by clusters of individuals with more refined and focused responsibility and then further accountability,  and even further increase efficiency,  even 1% increases are almost revolutionary compounded over a long period of time,  but this system in it’s creation of stronger regional dollars and long term cooperative stability and ideological buy-in by the population,  will create a schema for stability and prosperity that can adapt to the market place much faster as a regional force paving the way for innovative trends versus a bloated institution,  if work is to be done,  it should be given to the people in the communities or regions and their responsibility to complete it should be tasked with councils and quotas and long term management of consumption,  further promoting stability and resilience,  again as it may have been said,  it is about the overall transition,  and being reliant on others is not a factor of resiliency:

Reformation Of Dogmatic And Bureaucratic Operations In Favour Of Operations Suiting That Of Science:  In order for an institution to be sound and have great resiliency against all forces that may knock its ideological goal off course one must have absolute mastery of the Texas Two-Step,  the objective is:  Have a plan of action.  ????  Fix Problems.  Profit.  The science is simple.  As and once said,  if a market has access to finances,  even if its existence is created magically through a process known as “voodoo economics” though it was Bush SR who made such a statement,  except he never said it,  except he technically did but context is important,  look it just depends,  as to the action of this voodoo theory it is simple,  if the methods are measured,  calculated,  and designed for the maximum efficiency possible using todays technology,  if given money,  the people with brains will make it happen,  though it is of utmost importance to consider operating parameters,  decreasing of regulations and all Dogmatic systems of past like subsidies to non-critical oil and rich paycheques to political officials for only working 1 day a week,  they had 5 and are now seeking 4…  They should be on call 24/7 as public officials.  The most important thing one could do in creating an environment of science is to remove the political initiative costs and to reduce the Flunkeyism in the government as we will take a look at below:

Elimination Of Formalism,  Dogmatism,  And Flunkeyism:  One of the first things we should engage in as a society is a public accountability in executive action and ideological advancement council,  this council will be ran by a series of computers and some randomly selected citizens paired with professionals,  scientists,  and as we like to refer to it,  “the retard counselor” who will inflect everything in a palette that is palatable to your ears.  One of the most important things I have learnt from looking at the actions of both North Korea and Texas is,  not a thing is wasted,  and opportunity is not a-fraught,  and initiative not a foresight but a hindsight that can be corralled.  From the elimination of formalism,  we as a society will have access to engage in initiative that was before unprecedented in human history,  initiative for man to be the master of his destiny.  Finally in this whole ordeal,  the elimination of Flunkeyism,  the elimination of Flunkeyism is the reduction of power and initiative of the peoples whose ideological values do not meet that of the society or those they represent,  a system of digital engagement from not only constituents but the nation will inform a computer system as to the engagement in flunkeyism to other non-canadian interests and will reduce their access to power and initiative within the government.  With that elimination of Flunkeyism we will then be able to setup a system of independance in our international interactions,  we don’t wish our representatives to be bogged down worrying about how to uphold america’s foreign policy,  we need committed patriots.

Independent Foreign Policy At All Costs To The Society:  The hallmark of a free society is one who can make any independent foreign policy decisions they wish as a society and not be penalized for it,  in the actions of the imperial aggressors to the south as to infringe on long-standing agreements,  why should our allies expect us to remain ideologically committed to that of american exceptionalism when one of its main tenants was the open and free flow of energy,  goods,  capital,  and people freely as the people with and without the interference of government of any variety,  is it for this that we should not begin looking for other partners to share our resources with who are in need and who wish to be producing the goods we wish to be consuming?  Why should we allow other nations to dictate policy for our society,  regaining integrity of our resources inside our border is a requirement of a sovereign nation.

Further On Integrity Of Internal Resources:  Though we as a nation like the idea of getting cheap chinese organs harvested from political prisoners without consent,  that is entirely their choice as a society and that is what they choose,  they also choose to hand-select people to go abroad and tag their families so that in the event of defection their loved ones are executed,  they illegally gather all the resources and setup all the production points in other countries to process goods and send massive amounts of money to the Chinese Communist Party,  this should not be happening,  and especially not here in canada,  and we should not be subsidizing over 100,000 per every million spent in housing and allowing these people to purchase infinite housing,  most of the time rich billionaires,  and then sending people to our already devastated forests and wildlands to harvest resources illegally.



Mandatory Periodic Military Service:  The creation of competent peoples is very important to the society,  and with our requirement to spend more on the military which is a good choice as to create a labour pool for the creation of infrastructure that would not otherwise be available by private means,  in addition the military is a very good system to train both disciplined people but also creating people who are intelligent as we can keep them learning all day about many complex systems as a part of their regular training.  The best military is a military of a million intellectuals capable of carrying a society forward and defending the continuation of the state.

Forced Language And Music Courses:  As a part of creating a competent person,  it is important for people to be able to think about a problem not only in different ways but to use different schema’s interchangeably and on-the-fly to come to multiple conclusions that are contradictory and requires intuitive pattern recognition of minimizing offset,  or the likelihood that a guess or observation is wrong and by how much,  and as to building intuit ability,  music and language build it well,  and greatly improve the abilities of science in the population,  but also the ability of one to do international trades with many different parties on their terms and attempt to by using their language,  music,  customs,  and traditions,  attempt to gain ideological cooperation,  and more importantly in attempts to give priority to the ideological work of the state,  which is preserving the cultures and customs of canada,  which will bring us to french as a primary starting point,  and it’s integration with education and science.

Further Forced French Language Courses:  If one was to pick a statistically “better” language for the engagement of scientific pursuits,  one would be hard pressed to find better than Russian and especially German,  the german language is built for technical understanding and the ability to synthesize concepts intuitively with some familial pairings,  and the russian language with its willingness to undergo regular reforms and transformations,  willingness to diverge with local dialects,  and ease of Russification of other languages over time with its ability to adopt other nations vocabularies to addendum the language,  both would be very flexible and versatile options and would go towards building competence and universal perspective,  and though these languages are multiples better than french is as a language,  as far as languages and sciences go,  french is a very capable language for engagement of scientific pursuit,  all of these language are good,  if it were not for that,  “computers work in english problems,”  though english should be an essential,  defacto,  and universal language for all peoples on earth,  we do have ideological commitment and cultural roots to french as a language within our nation,  and we should harness that for rapid deployment in a cooperative and lateral manner,  as to increase competence of all peoples and improve their chances that later on they will be able to partake in the scientific pursuit.

Forced Science And Automation Classes:  Upon some gains in competence by an individual in many other area’s that can be fostered by continued rigor,  we are capable of preparing people for the engagement of science and automation as their first priority within the society,  and further their distribution of knowledge to all peoples within the society as to then further propagate wealth that can be generated by information and idea’s,  and more importantly,  access of all peoples to not only the science but the knowledge base on how to master its application:

Forced Ideological Training:  In order for one to be of use to the society,  it is certainly good to not be a Flunky and thereby subservient to other powers ideological influence for the gains of ones own individualistic desires,  of course,  at the detriment of even themselves,  it is proven that in societies where corruption does not exist,  even the political and business elites live a higher standard of living,  and it should be in that,  that we look to train people in their ideological commitments,  if they are subservient to special interests or few elites that hold all of the power and sway,  then we are all less secure momentarily,  and then can not make any strives for prosperity,  the training of not only ideological loyalty and societal roles and impacts to political elites but also the training of the common masses in their part in the society and how they can influence and participate in the system with competence and effectiveness,  and thereby getting the maximum out of every worker,  as a result of having the knowledge to participate in higher level bureaucratic operations,  the common folk will then have access to executive power that is to their advantage for improving the conditions of their organization over time,  through a rigorous ability to do inter-bureaucratic operations,  the masses are able to effectively communicate with the government the needs and status of their operations and their desires as to the automation and expansion of their operations,  or even their need for better conditions that they are unable to meet themselves,  which will be on the hands of the community in an open source way,  using further interaction from the military labour pool,  that will engage in the gaps,  to provide services otherwise unattainable for organizations,  through the society,  thereby making it affordable,  and infinitely so every year with the advance of technology,  which further will be at the core of basic ideological training:

Further On Ideological Training,  Subversion Of Western Society,  A Required Class For All Canadians At All Grade Levels:  The ability of a society to advance the ideological narrative of their nation over that of other nations is very important,  it is a required class of all citizens of the soviet union from as young of an age as possible,  for those who wish to look to working with foreigners in their future,  as soon as grades 1 and 2 is preferable to the integrity and competence of the nation and its ability to interact internationally without being subverted as a culture,  the number one thing we could to do mitigate ideological subversion by larger powers is train people in framing,  political narrative,  and ideological work.

Biotechnology And Pre-Emptive Care At The Core Of Delaying The Onset Of Disease Accumulated By Defects In Ideal Operating Parameters Of The Biological Function:  With the aging population of our nation it is a critical determinant as to the viability of our future living standard,  the ability of a work force to be able to complete all tasks required  by the society,  and as for this,  the proactive and preemptive treatment of the causes of the breakdown of the body is critical for the long term survival of the knowledge held within the brains of the citizenry,  the cost of birthing a new worker and raising it until 25 years of age when it becomes useful is a lot more expensive than any treatments we can offer the society,  in the future the role will be engaging in long term life extending therapies and not working to treat symptoms but working to treat the causes,  with the application of information technology to medicine we are greatly able to reduce the likelihood that one would ever come down with any affliction from scanning the genes and biome of the patient and running it all through computer systems,  not only that but further on that,  the addition of medications that improve brain function at all ages irrespective of disfunction with the brain systems,  tailored specifically to the chemistry of your own body,  not a throw a dart at a pinwheel to see if we get anywhere near the effect we want,  plus we get all of these side effects,  these drugs will be side effect free and have massive quality of life an ability to contribute to the society,  that in also,  the long term treatment of brain diseases which will effect anyone who lives long enough,  from as soon as 13 years old,  to add multiple decades to the optimal function of the brain,  and therefore,  a greater length of time you are able to intellectually contribute to the revolution of the society,  and further,  the infinitely expanding and continuously acting disintermediator,  the internet,  and the powers of scale it has the potential to spawn:

Engagement In Internet Economies And Their Continued Infinitem:  All parts of the internet have almost infinite value to humans just as a result of them being there in the first place,  and the leveraging of their innate value is a continuing challenge and one is almost put off by the complexity and almost infinity that eddies in the depths of the internet,  that it is just hard to get people to engage in their uptake,  with some incentive in ideological thought,  and further the creation of a more competent base of peoples through other various methods,  with said ideological thought and skill acquisition ability at hand,  will go forth on to the depths of the internet,  and bring home the infinite value to be earned with the budding services on the internet.

Emphasis On Free Edutainment,  Alternative Sports,  And Kinetic Stimulation,  For Better Happier More Cooperative Peoples:  The internet is not quite the best place to become educated and should be used as a core means of training competence to all peoples unconditionally,  however,  places where people get together to use VR systems and places where people go to study and engage in science as a casual activity,  and its incentivization,  further,  the engagement of unique sports of both the digital kind but also the physical kind is important,  canadians should work to introduce more unique ways of showing off canadian culture through the sports and activities we play,  which always should be Lacrosse,  Hockey,  And Rugby,  however the further addition on top of these existing favorite pastimes,  created as a canadian brand of entertainment,  some accessible casually,  and some accessible professionally,  though will have to be implementable for community use and will have to have always avaliable community use facilities,  though these systems are likely to be subsidized through existing institutions like the YMCA and others,  and will have huge pressures for creating zero employee facilities and operating infinitely more locations with better,  though not by much,  offerings.

The Sixteen New Cities Will Not Have Schools But Instead Science Academies And Activity Centers:  Studies have proven that given the right system of instruction and building of responsibility and personal inquisitiveness is very important in the development of kids,  through allowing them to pursue their fascinations in an unencumbered way,  with an emphasis on acquiring new skills and knowledge,  and improvement in one’s self,  rather than the system of standardized testing we have at the moment.  With not only the commitment of the society to engage on internet education that is personalized to every individual,  the society will have free all-electric transit for all peoples to go to physical locations and use their learning to increase understanding and also contribute to the fabric of society starting them from the very start as a worker in science rather than a student in training for factory work,  further,  with activity centers,  when the kids go to these centers they will have access to infinite quantities of high tech gizmos and programming basics available for them to begin tinkering with,  the studies again,  they show that the younger you are the more mentally fit you are to acquire science and engage in its practices,  and therefore,  when taking ideological work into consideration on the matter,  it will be essential to design these systems for rapid development of pre-science understanding,  further as they age music and art should follow,  these activity centers will emphasize these,  and should be ran by the community or be an already existing institution.

Limit Pay Multipliers:  Now on to the juicy part,  if a city like this is to function,  everyone must suffer with equality,  the thesis that we will be diving into further as we go along will be on this exact refinement,  and bringing to bare its idea’s in our consciousness.  The objective is to reduce the maximum pay of the ladder and incentivize the work to be done horizontally,  this will incentivize employers to also pay their workers more in order to raise their base salary,  also further in this transaction,  with the divid being reduced between employment positions,  which are all beginning to be ratified at 0 cost by infinitely expanding computing power,  energy efficiency,  and logistics management,  however with this limitation also comes a major advantage,  the salaries of the top crust of the society don’t dwarf common peoples,  and they also don’t give to few people access to all of the opportunity,  and further it also increases the value of every dollar in circulation,  thereby making all of the poor people rich and more capable of innovating with even meager inputs and government/inter-communal cooperation.

Zero-Dollar Minimum Wages,  And The Societal Commitment Of Exchange:  For those who wish to go a step further in the extreme I am proposing,  we shall also institute a 0$ an hour minimum wage,  the objective of any organization or institution is to get work done for as little as possible,  then in addition to the willingness to work for free,  further we also must commit to the exchange of essential services for free,  in effort to improve the common good and not the few with wealth,  through both of these practices,  the strength of our dollar will rise and as will the purchasing power,  further our ability to negotiate products / goods / services to be traded on a need and availability basis,  further below:


With Infinite Haste,  Government Should Work For People’s Right To Produce:  With the decentralization of information technology and bureaucratic execution,  the people should have access to a very rigorous system of support to decrease their reliance on international systems,  this will start immediately with an infinitely available seed bank of marijuana,  potatoes,  carrots,  and all other seed varieties,  genetically modified to be the best available,  and everyone should produce,  process,  and store,  locally,  as to reduce inefficiencies and increase resilience.

Consolidation Of Communities:  Communities are far to disparate in canada,  and all people living very far apart contributes to a massive burden in provision of basic services,  in addition to the sixteen or so mega cities that will be constructed,  we will be looking to merge as many communities into as dense of a city as that space will provide,  preferably at the location best to access the navigable waterway,  most of canada’s cities must be rebuilt from scratch just to net even let alone be profitable,  without being close to water,  and with further restrictions on available capital,  it will be hard to maintain a functioning system,  so the choosing of the cities to rebuild or repair is critical for the future of our nation,  it’s viability,  and our living standard.  Further the logistics will be consolidated into a dense distribution point,  and therefore would cause abundance naturally from the ease of distribution from production to consumption.

Ban Debt And Negative Betting:  In addition to many other radical arguments for the future,  one of the most important is the banning of debt,  if we want all members of the society to participate for the advancement of the society as a whole and not for the profits of one or the other,  we must make debt illegal,  even muslims as sick as some can be,  knows,  the biggest sin one can commit is launder of market tender,  or,  the misfortune of someone else’s exchange of asset or investment.  Further on investment there should be no profiting off of others failures in the society,  so banks in the canadian system will engage in the success of organizations instead of hedging them to fail,  and as the controller of the capital of the typical market,  this is a practice that is downright dubious at best.

The Ability Of The Market Given Infinite Resources,  Efficient Allocation,  And Cooperation,  To Have Limitless Potential:  If there is anything the market is good at with clear objectives and infinite cooperation to help them reach those goals,  and more importantly the priority of people to be mindful ideologically as to the “value” in allocating any given resource in any given area,  further,  with a cooperation mindset,  and sights on infinite lifespan and infinite prosperity,  and further with willingness to openly share and exchange what is normally considered trade secret information,  almost limitless advances can be made,  further there should be a system of allocating capital in non-traditional,  fluid,  dynamic,  and revolutionary way.

Open Source Inter-Communal Development And Sharing Of Resources Through Pools And Workers Councils:  Through the adoption of community equipment available for use at any time,  and micro production environments,  a system over the internet is going to not only create a community resource sharing system for allocating labour in their own communities,  but inter-communal development that is outside of federal systems though managed and instituted by federalism/institutionalism,  this system allows for communities to,  with all of the other systems help,  create an environment where all of the demands of the people in an area are mapped and the resources they need are produced locally.  Emphasis on 3D-Printing and Home-Fabrication to produce final goods without reliance on international systems.

Carbon My Friend There Is A Better Way:  The government should not be looking to impose carbon restrictions on businesses,  it is the objective of the business to make products in the best way possible,  and if we really wanted to help the environment we would ban the import of raw material in which mercury is the primary agent of its refinement,  as for carbon and other pollutants,  the government should create artificial carbon pumps that turn carbon and other atmospheric compounds into usable raw materials for the production of prosperity.

Authority Of Dollar Integrity And Localization/Lateralization Of Work Procedures:  With one community or one region risking their living standard on a project there are very few people who bare the brunt of the responsibility,  if a whole country risks the dollar on a project that does not succeed the whole society risks complete collapse,  if the government wishes to take on projects in the future they must have more public-private partnerships,  wealth distribution,  production of local products,  and making workers able to interoperate independently with the task at many levels of the work process,  meaning all members of all workforces are problem solvers instead of relays to authority,  and therefore allows them to seek innovative solutions individually and do so with nimbility within the system.  Further on that,  communities will be able to redevelop their local economies with dollars only redeemable by participating economies and companies,  there will be a government version of this dollar that will be available that will go towards import items on open source work initiated for the minimal continued operation of the society in the most efficient way possible,  these dollars will be redeemable at any community for canadian/indian/dutch/french/UK/AUS made product.

Further On Ideological Work And Why One Must Suffer To Be Equal,  If You Want Equality,  You Have To Earn Equality:  In order to engage in the process of equality,  some people at the top will have less resources,  we will attempt to mitigate that,  but if we do not engage in swift actions to put into place a plan of action to save the country and to engage in the process of building a state for everyone,  the needs of the upper crust must be temporarily suspended,  this will have the outcome of bringing the standard of living of the poor up but may have some consequences in regards to retention of our billionaire class which has been taxed to death in our nation,  but some struggles for prosperity must be made in solidarity with the peoples under you,  and sacrifice must happen,  assured your lifestyle will maintain the same,  but your account may say frozen,  but more on that in our discussion on the million dollar work incentive,  through giving priority to ideological work,  and through self sacrifice of the few who have probably worked very hard in most cases,  with their resources at our disposal,  we will be able to offer everyone the equipment to engage in science and automation,  and hopefully with equal and cooperative exchanges of labour from both the lower and upper crusts of the society.

Brain Drain,  Unlike Most Locations,  Will Never Be An Issue Here:  Brain drain is clearly not an issue here in canada,  with our industry tooled to extracting raw materials and creating some media content,  which for such a small population,  accounts majorly in wealth accumulated in the economy,  with our economy tooled for bringing raw materials we are no better off to the demands of price points of other than an african country because we offer no value to the raw product we are producing,  so any transactions though seem good,  don’t add up to much that will help long term the living standard of canada,  like we had in the 70’s and 80’s,  though that time has not quite passed,  anything worth salvaging is far out of date.

Increasing Ideological Preface To Consume Less,  preserve,  and Innovate More:  One of the major concern in the soviet union was an increase in debts and obligations,  and further the pressure on the society was to consume less given their geographic conditions,  as in,  limited access to capital,  if we as canadians wish to do infinitely more productive things instead of leading lavished luxurious lifestyles,  which there is no saying that under our geographic constraints,  with some extra work and reform,  that we are not incapable of doing such,  but some preface to consume less in a period of economic construction and resurrection of industries that could not operate,  to continue their operation under the premise that with automation,  their industries will flourish without workers and we as a nation will only be reliant on ourselves for our own products.

Energy As A Right:  Access to cheap and abundant energy was one of the hallmark selling points of bretton woods and other international agreements that canada has hedged its economy and future on,  in exchange for control of our own currency,  with the price of labour and energy being so expensive and supplies in most area’s being cut and rationed,  unless you are the golf,  and further will the sell off of hydro one which was for sure a bad idea,  and with hikes in prices in all energy sectors,  irrespective of government decision,  but as a direct result of the quality of oil we are producing,  how is energy a right?

Energy Partnerships From Now To Infinity:  The plan in addition to micro generation and home fabrication in which we touched on previous and will do in full below,  the partnerships of large Chaebols for the creation of a city plan similar to the following will occur:


All electric transport underground:

Waterfront property for everyone:

Underground TRAM and other services:

Green space integrated into buildings:

Narrow walkable scenic cityscapes that allow for efficient pedestrian travel to all points:

Unique ways of generating electricity:

Infrastructure designs with 500 year lifespans and modularity / upgradability:

Enforced city foundation to withstand 2500 years without geological catastrophe:


Further On Inter-Communal Development,  Micro-Generation And Home Fabrication / Micro-Factories:  The importance of having the production points as close to points of production as possible can not be understated,  and especially that of power delivery.  There should be large scale specialization and inter-community development of such production points,  having robust and independent smart grids,  and having factories that are as high tech as they have in japan,  the investment in generating electricity directly at the source is also of utmost importance for independence,  if people tell us we need solar to save the environment they are completely insane,  if they say we need solar for energy independence and for redundancy,  then we have a billion dollar investment.  In addition to this,  the investment in international projects in fission/fusion,  as well as non-radioactive micro-nuclear plant,  that can be deployed in a home for 100 years with no fuss or muss or fear of a melt down.

Infinitely Scalable Community Science Creation Facilities:  Further with access to home fabrication and micro-factories for the basics of the society and its operation,  and hopefully these micro’s will be run by robots,  we also have one other important factor,  we must have community access to large-scale scientific creation tools,  community prefabs,  community technology development,  technology medicine creation,  and all other ventures that can be done cooperatively outside of the markets and outside of the dollar value of the projects.  Here is one easy example,  someone uses a community computer that runs simulations and uses medical/scientific facilities to create a way of defeating X,  in this case HIV,  and saves 300 million peoples lives,  as there is little incentive to engage in curing such a large and lucrative market,  and further on limited use drugs like anti fungals and our good friend the antibiotic,  one great man said,  the more monkeys on typewrites with giant computers,  the more likely you will come out with something good.

Foreign Wealth Buy-In Incentives:  Though individuals will be hurt in this transition to a new system,  they are allowed to reap all of the benefits of the society,  you will be prized individuals,  the wealthy will organize the system,  they will also have their needs catered and have an even more lavish lifestyle,  instead of a civilization collapse,  only if they are willing to ideologically commit,  and buy-in to the society,  and to do that when we freeze the assets in dollars(perhaps also ration purchase of gold,)  you will be given all money you need for operations and will apply for any unaccounted by government assumptions to be released,  but your money will earn 12% interest rate,  but further,  your salaries and ability to accumulate wealth will be cut dramatically after the inevitable transition of the country into a utopia.

Limited House Purchases:  The government gives 100,000 in grants,  as in free money,  for every million spent in the country,  to rich chinese people buying dozens of houses trying to maintain their wealth while they think their country could collapse,  further it gives millions of people advantage to get into our country with ease owning property and being refugee’s of the soon to collapse or not,  chinese state.  As far as the government should see it,  if north korea is homeless free,  then we should be homeless free,  and we should reduce foreign home ownership and try and get investments into development for creating wealth,  instead of a place to hide it,  which is causing suffering,  though it is not of the chinese culture to play the game of fair trade with 2 billion mouths to feed.  Though in china,  there is a much lower rate of homelessness,  and that should be something we should all strive for,  235,000 canadians are homeless every single year,  and the government and bankers have tonnes of homes they are selling at inflated prices to people who don’t even contribute to the society but suck the property value off the top in short sighted trades,  or as said,  a way to hide their money,  we have the place to put the people almost,  and until we commit to reform we should do everything including a complete ban on house purchasing by foreigners until 100% of homelessness is solved,  that is a quarter of a million people we have to take care of,  in addition to everyone getting older and unable to work.

Million Dollar Work Incentive:  Instead of engaging in house subsidization,  we will set up the same incentive structure in large Chaebols that will act as financiers to larger and more revolutionary projects,  this will be an incentive for wealthy people to not only invest but live here in canada with other wealthy people in the most innovative cities on the planet.

Domestic And Foreign Wealth Accumulator Project:  With the project expected to be making 18% increases in wealth generated,  12% of the 18% will go to the people’s willing to invest in the project,  1 million domestic market partner,  100 million foreign market partner,  this will give people more wealth for their initial investment to the project,  but there is a tradeoff,  the money is only able to leave the country over time to prevent devaluation of the currency,  and the currency will be reintroduced into the markets for continued circulation and investment in innovation,  the wealth accumulator will be a way of circumventing a restrictive wealth creation system for people looking to be in the upper income brackets.

Forced Organizational Opt-In Governed By Fair Market Values:  Like what the united kingdom,  any business whose workers at a rate of 65% wish to opt-in to the preliminary work early,  there will be payouts to wealth individuals to either retire with or just keep their job as usual,  however,  for the government.

Freeze Capital As An Inflation Mitigator:  As time progresses and the projects move forward,  the requirement of the government to freeze wealthy people’s ability to gobble up resources in our society will be reduced,  and thereby the common folk will be given a chance to afford the luxuries in which the society produces.

Duplicate Capital As A Way Of Circulating Existing Dollars:  Any large businesses that have existed for extended periods of time like bell,  rogers,  and telus,  will be conglomerated into a single state run company that will offer all canadians blackberries and unlimited internet free of charge,  in addition their dollars will be spent expanding their services to other nations and competing globally,  as well as putting their capital to work at large in the economy,  though large companies will not lose a penny,  and though they wont get big rates like foreigners who opt in to a slightly different scheme to fuck over the poor,  they will be able to engage in the spending of the money at infinity with government targets and backing,  as well as the most important part of this plan,  those dollars immediately go to work with little risk to the business,  and the business handles it.

Distribute Capital Into Pools:  Capital from a variety of sources,  most of which will be printed,  there is an underwrite of capital in the market,  and increasing availability of capital into pools that are controlled by computers and distributed to those in the society who have more merit for their projects are given authority to control capital,  instead of people who simply have connections and embezzle money.

Guaranteed Sale Points For Quota / Budgeted / Required Agriculture And Scientific Production:  The government will engage in setting quotas and targets for all large organizations that are not already on a quota system,  and the encouraging of these soon to be efficiently produced sectors to produce abundance of absolute necessities,  and their distribution will be free.

Open Source AI Based Capital Allocation:  A new market for capital investment will be created,  it is a special investment fund where the intent is to have AI generate financial services that will grow only a singe % above market rate and will be a small experiment for creating a large scale system to not only manage canada’s money allocation based off infinite factors,  but managing labour allocation,  controlling large segments of the economy and directing work flows universally,  the AI and the world irrespective of origin,  should rule the dollars.

Open Source Community Projects:  In order to effectively fill the production cycle and deliver basic deliverables to the people,  there must be a new system to operate in these new cities,  well,  here it is,  all work is open source and all people in the society contribute to its success,  including space exploration,  biotechnology,  medical,  physics,  chemistry,  everything.

Open Source,  The Final Frontier:  The Final Frontier project is a project that will be available to the open market to create 24 carbon capture pumps that can be deployable by 2025 that will capture 100-500 % of canada’s pollution,  and generate the most useful substance,  in which we will use to create the space elevator,  along with other ultra-advanced chemical creation processes.

Allow Community Currencies:  The engagement of the community to use all of this free labour thanks to the miracle of science and automation,  means,  the community is able to use infinite labourers within its own workforce for the advancement of their own projects,  the exchange of dollars within a community for services and food and is a very important structure of the system of commerce,  and we should do everything we can to facilitate its optimal flow.

Allow Internet Currencies:  Internet currencies and other internet systems of transaction between peoples should be adopted and backed by the government,  if these systems accept the engagement of canadian dollars,  and use them effectively or get them into the physical hands of people internationally like america does,  then we are better off,  it is not the resistance of new technology,  it is its unconditional embrace with the aftermath being cleaned up after prosperity has been created in the system.

Decriminalize Free Labour And Encourage Its Use For The Benefit Of Society:  The use of free labour throughout time has been an essential part of the labour force,  if one is looking to participate in the rebuilding and reconstruction of the nation for free with the expectation that their retirement funds or even the ability of us to put food on the table will exist,  will be greatly recognized by all members of the society who wish to sacrifice for progress.

Reformation Of Labour Laws And General Regulation:  The codes on the starting and running of a business are to burdensome and the people in the society are ignorant as to their wording and phrasing,  and this has created a system of incentive for a class in the society to exploit this and make tax / fine revenue from small businesses doing nothing wrong while large corporations get away with the long term destruction of the environment,  not happening,  like donald trump,  we are deregulating the shit out of small and medium business,  and fixing regulation and labour laws to further increase wages to workers,  while hopefully maintaining the same working day,  if not more.

Unlimited Incentives To Automation And Science:  The importance of science in the society is critical,  without science the society will not develop innovations that improve the living standard of all people,  science needs infinitely more people with infinitely more resources to be infinitely more interconnected in order to conduct advancements in living standards to all,  including these rich billionaires in which we will be taxing to death,  they will be blessed with medical breakthroughs the world has never seen before,  medicine is the gift from god,  the only thing that has the power to keep us on this earth a single day more,  we must have unlimited and unconditional funding of things that advance the lifespan and further the productivity of the masses,  hopefully before the workforce deteriorates any further.

One Child:  As a result of human drive,  if we triple the life span of people,  we will have far to many mouths to feed,  china was an absolute fool to remove one child,  and we are fools not to be implementing it,  we want highly trained and wise workers,  who have lots of experience,  we also want these people to be as healthy as possible,  increasing our population is unwise if not downright catastrophic,  this includes immigration.

Demolishing Federal Power And Lateralize Local / Inter-communal Power:  Again,  to the importance of being able to guide ones own local community without interference from behemoth institutions that use sledgehammers to fix problems,  communities will be encouraged to act as their own nations and trade as they wish,  and will be able to trade in internal dollars to stimulate inter-canadian participation therefore creating the self sufficiency we need,  and also not deflating our dollar,  which we wish to be strong so we can import as much as we need when we need it.  Unlimited and Unconditional funding of local farms and systems of self-sufficiency(power,  utilities,  and others.)

Currency Strength Over Other Economic Concerns:  The most important thing to consider when planing a large scale transition of the economy is currency strength,  if you get gung ho and take the fast approach to changing everything the easy way with strong dollars,  you risk weakening the dollar and our ability to maintain higher living standards as a people,  the objective would be to slowly transition those other currencies,  and setup some parts of the labour force to work on some parts of the projects in some modular stages that can scale with the continued opt-in of the community at large,  doing it with internal dollars between canadians slowly gives us two advantages as well:  We remain on excellent terms internationally for maintaining stability with risky endeavours,  and saves the value and strength of the currency for a rainy day when we need the purchasing power,  never in such luxury should we continue to consume infinitely,  we should always be looking for ways to advance the bar forward even if it costs a little extra ideological commitment.

Artificial Intelligence And Infinite Technology expansion Assumption Planning:

Creation Of Long Term Nuclear Power And Coal/Natural-Gas in the near-term:

Cut Ties With All Non-India,  Non-Dutch,  And Non-Australian Nations,  This Will Include The Reduction In Imperial Power From The Monarchy And Other Imperialist Powers:

India,  A Bright Fledgeling State:

Integration With The Commonwealth As A Long Term Strategy Of Cooperation Without Inter-Governmental Affairs Meddling:

Reduce Reliance On International Resources That Are Quickly Becoming Scarce And Resolve Manipulation And Exploitation Of Our National Resources By Other Nations:

International Telecommuting For Infinite Science And Automation Engagement:

Rail For Everyone:

Rail To Europe Without Alaska:

The Requirement Of Religion In The State As A Foundation Of Values And The Failings Of Protestant Consumption,  Further Then The Pitfalls Of Markets Forces In Capitalism:



























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