Matrioshka, A Civilization Of 2100:

After watching a video from the great Joe Scott,  we here at mawlsum find this concept absolutely spectacular,  and we think a future where this happens is not only possible but is probable:

Using of existing technology to engage in the computing of what “futures”(places on this timeline that may exist at one point) will look like is very important towards the planning of what the future we exist will be like.  If we decide to be a faring civilization and give up our solar system then we must have a plan of action computed for how we are to accomplish this,  if we think that the marginal benefit of trying to colonize other planets and star systems is beneficial,  then we must prepare for that,  and if we find that there is no life in the universe,  then we must prepare for that reality and do everything we can towards making sure the only haven of life,  and its unique anomaly,  is preserved.

The question we must ask ourselves before making such a proposal is:  Is it worth our time to be pursuing contact with other civilizations or expanding into other solar systems?

If we think it is worth our time,  we should put unlimited effort into finding a civilization that exists and is detectable.  The problem is medium,  if this civilization is using a medium that we have no way of detecting,  then we are doomed to find nothing.



However,  if we think they are using a medium we can detect,  we should all be putting in effort on all of the computers of the planet towards finding the “aliens,”  that is,  if we want to sent ourselves up as a futuristic civilization that will strive to colonize the galaxy and make contact with strange new worlds,  to go where,  blah blah blah.

Scientists Report Finding Reliable Way to Teleport Data – The New …

There is however,  another way forward without being reliant on risk,  as seen in the first video in the article,  the building of robots and automated systems that will exploit all possible resources from not only this star system but the 25 or so star systems around us,  of which you can find a semi-active list of the 26 nearest stars,  now I say semi-active even though the website has not been updated since ~2003,  but,  in star scales,  the next time that list updates is in ~150,000 years.

The 26 Nearest Stars

If we are determined to make paradise for few,  then we must,  again,  first video,  go forward with creating a container around our star system.

This will solve global warming and further we might even have to move our rock closer to the star system.  Further there will be unlimited energy for harvesting for things like matter replicators:

Real-life Star Trek ‘replicator’ prepares meal in 30 seconds | Reuters

We are as far as we know it,  very close to such a future.

However,  if we want to make a future paradise here in SOL,  we must have all computers working all the time on solving complex problems like SETI@home and other platforms,  including that of creating a dyson sphere like system here in our own SOLar system.


Further,  with so many people talking about such outlandish things that we are looking to invest resources in for 2100,  there are far better things we could be thinking about that could solve all of the problems of life:


As we may have illuded to in our previous article:

There are far worse things that we as a species should be concerning ourselves with,  including the creation of Chemical-Pumps all over our planet,  and especially here in canada,  so our ecosystems can be protected from foreign nations creating problems:



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